15 Fiverr gig to do without any skill

15 Fiverr gigs that requires no skill to make money online today

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Over the years, the popularity of freelancing as a means of working and earning money online has increased tremendously. Individuals now look at this industry to supplement their earnings, and many even take it as a full-time paying job. Freelancers are dedicated, independent, and remote workers who are not necessarily committed to an employer on a long-term basis. One popular freelance platform is Fiverr, which is owned by an Israeli. It allows skilled persons to market their skills in return for a cash reward. Freelancers use this platform to offer services to clients from all around the world.

Launched in 2010 by the duo of Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, the platform has become a mainstay for freelancers willing to work. Businesses also enjoy using the platform since it considerably reduces full-time hiring workers. The least of Fiverr’s services start at $5 and can be as high as thousands of dollars depending on the gig, agreement, and freelancer skill. This article will give a rundown of 15 Fiverr gigs you can do without any skill or technical know-how to make money from the platform. 

15 Fiverr gigs you can do without any skill in 2022

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You might think you need to be a pro in other to utilize the Fiverr platform, but the truth is some gigs don’t require any technical expertise. Just anyone can do these gigs with the will and patience to see it through. Also, most gigs will involve you outsourcing the task of simply relying on third-party platforms to get the jobs done. Without further ado, below are 15 of such gigs:

1. Blog commenting

If you don’t know, you can comment on blogs and get paid for your effort on Twitter. Many blogs are constantly in search of individuals that can engage their content through comments, and they turn to everyone’s favorite freelancing site to get this done. As a new user on fiver, this can be profitable for you.

As simple as this sounds, to make money on Fiverr via commenting on blogs will require you to post an appreciable number of comments. Thankfully, there’s a hack to this, and I will share it below:

  • Head to coworkers.
  • Sign up on the platform and create a task
  • Select blog commenting as well as your desired number of workers
  • Create necessary proofs and add a link to the site for commenting.

Most certainly, you will have to pay for the services rendered by the workers. But this is considerably less than what you will charge clients on Fiverr, ensuring you still turn in a tidy profit.

2. Background removal

This is another gig on fiver that you can perform without skill or knowledge. Thanks to platforms like Canva, you can now create gigs around this type of work and earn from it. Here is how to get it done

  • Navigate to Canva and create an account. You can use the free version, but the subscription plan gives you more tools to work.
  • Upload the client image from Fiverr to Canva and click on the edit
  • Select remove background from the dropdown menu.

3. SEO backlinks

Websites rely on SEO to get in front of the right audiences, and with the advancement in mobile phone technologies, blogs are always searching for credible SEO backlinks to improve their rankings. While this gig might sound technical, the truth is you can make money from it on Fiverr. Head to Seoclerk and sign up with this platform as it allows you to resell SEO-related gigs for a cheap rate. This means you can get jobs from a client on Fiverr and use seoclerks to get results which you then submit to your Fiverr client.

4. Website HTML ads

Learning programming languages can be difficult, although it provides better opportunities to make money. That doesn’t mean you can make money even without knowing anything about programming. Also, this gig on Fiverr is unsaturated, ensuring you have minimal competitors to deal with, and the pay is pretty much handsome:

  • Navigate to the creatopy platform, sign up and select a subscription plan.
  • After subscribing, choose s template for your ads and edit to your taste and save.
  • Then proceed to download. Take care to download as HTML and not in another format since this is what your clients need.

5. Hold your sign gig

Similar to holding placards, this type of gig on Fiverr requires arguably no skill to perform and the pay enough if you can compound earnings. All you have to do is write what your clients want on sizeable paper and take photos of you holding the inscription. Submit photographs to your clients and get paid; it’s that simple!

6. Business name generation

Not everyone has the time to create names for their new businesses, and as such, they rely on freelancers from a different platform to help them come up with concise names. You don’t need any skill to do this on Fiverr as well, and I’ll show you how: 

  • Head to the Shopify platform
  • Navigate to tools and select the business name generator tool
  • Enter a description for your client’s business and pick from the numerous results.
  • Depending on your chosen clients’ gig plan, you can send anywhere between 10 to a thousand generated names. 

7. Video captions

Providing captions and subtitles to videos is another Fiverr gig that doesn’t require any technical skill on your end before you can make money from it. And since most video creators are always looking to create captions, you can earn from your effort. Also, videos are becoming popular as a means of passing information, and as such, you are sure there won’t be shortages of tasks to perform with this gig. Here is how to go about it:

  • Go to the subtitle platform.
  • Upload the video from your client
  • The platform automatically generates captions and subtitles, and you can download this to submit to your client and get paid.
  • On subtitle, you can choose to use the free plan (although limited), as well as paid subscriptions (which unlocks the site’s full potential).

8. Slogan and taglines generation

This is very similar to business name generation, only that this time, you are creating catchy slogans for businesses. It follows the same procedure, and you can rely on the Shopify platform to help you do this easily. Select the free slogan maker tool and enter relevant words about the business on the forum. Shopify’s free slogan maker will automatically generate appropriate slogans and taglines in accordance with the term you entered describing the company.

9. Logo design

This might sound unclear since I said the gigs I’ll be sharing don’t require any skill. And you will most likely attribute logo design or creation to graphic designs. It isn’t always true, as today, there are plenty of third-party platforms that can help you create logos with a few clicks of the button. And here is how to use one of such platforms:

  • Go to Namecheap, a platform that allows you to create designs without having any technical graphic design skills.
  • Click on its logo maker tool.
  • Enter the name of your client’s business while also describing the type of business it is.
  • Choose your preferred style of fonts with ample choices to select from and color.
  • Also, pick at least three icons that best represent your business to design a logo.
  • Click on the complete button and download from a host of the result. Depending on your Fiverr gig, you can download and send from 10 to 100 of the designs made available to you to your client.

10. Video promo ads

You can create video promo ads for clients on Fiverr and make money from doing so. While this might not entirely fall in the category of not needing a technical skill, you will still need to know how to stitch different videos together using adobe premiere or other video editing tools. Aside from this, you don’t have to do much on your part:

  • Head to videvo.net on the platform, you can use different free stock videos to create promo ads
  • Search for videos relating to your client’s business, stitch them together, and add words. 

11. Run local errands

While this might not require any technical skill from you, it will require a great deal of time to do. Let’s face it, running errands takes time, but you can do this gig on Fiverr and earn from it. One of the fee gigs on this platform is not saturated, making it beautifully poised if you have the time. You can run local errands ranging from grocery shopping to booking hotels or restaurants for clients.

12. SEO audit

This gig on Fiverr doesn’t require you to learn and know any technical skill before performing it to earn some cash for yourself. SEO Auditing involves you performing an in-depth analysis of a platform’s SEO use. Search engine optimization is essential for websites and blogs to increase their traffic and reach more audiences. This means owners of blogs are always in need of ways to improve their SEO use, and you can help with this:

  • Navigate to seoptimer.
  • Enter the client’s website address and watch as this wonderful platform analyses it.
  • It generates a report which you can download in pdf format and send to your Fiverr client.

13. Invoice design

Designing an invoice is an excellent example of a Fiverr gig that doesn’t need an expert skill to perform. While you can use graphic design skills to achieve this, there are third-party platforms that can do the task for you in a few clicks:

  • Head to invoicesimple or invoice-generator platforms.
  • Regardless of which you use, you will have to fill out the details of your client’s business, such as logo, business name, address, etc.
  • Select the currency applicable to the business
  • Click pdf to download the finished design and submit it to your client on Fiverr.

14. Website testing

You don’t need any technical know-how to test websites and make money on Fiverr with it as a gig. New websites and existing ones run several tests consistently. You can test for speed, performance, user-friendliness, SEO, content, and other metrics. In fact, you can employ the SEO audit to improve your testing results further.

15. Digital marketing company

You can run a digital marketing service for social media users and blogs without knowing what it fully entails if you don’t know it. At best, you can source for clients on fiver and outsource whatever they need to other freelancers who in turn perform the tasks and turn in the result to you. The best part is the task you can perform is virtually unlimited, and they all have different pay rates from creating banners to brochures’ to thumbnails.

Pros of using Fiverr
  • Fiverr presents freelancers with lots of flexibility and freedom. Freelancers get to decide which jobs they wish to work on and those they reject.
  • The platform has a tiered level of service for many of its categoriesSo regardless of your level of skill, you are sure of getting a gig.
  • Asides from the amount you charge a client for each gig Fiverr allows clients to tip freelancers who perform excellently well on tasks they got.
  • With so many gigs available to work on, you can improve and diversify your means of earning.
Cons of using Fiverr                                       

Fiverr charges 20% off each gig you complete while this might seem to be a small price, it eventually adds up to a lot.

  • There is no structured or detailed vetting procedure. This has seen a rise in scam freelancers and those looking for freelancers. Also, the standard means that anybody can sign-up, leading to poor quality. 
  • When a dispute arises between freelancers and clients, the resolution process is vague. Fiverr has a poorly managed resolutions center and customer service section making it hard to resolve conflicts quickly.
  • Fiverr does not allow outside communication between its client and freelancers. This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. 


Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers to make a decent living. It has many gigs, ensuring you are not limited to one kind of task. Also, as a newcomer to the platform, you are allowed to create up to seven different gigs. It means you can combine many of the listed gigs above to improve your chances of making more money.