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Best Plug-in Motion Sensors Reviews

Before the advent of motion sensors, some of us had...

Clip-on fan attached to a baby stroller.

Picture yourself inside a tent during the summer holiday or...

Plug-in Motion Sensors Review

Before the advent of motion sensors, some of us had the most dramatic experiences. We were dawdling and stumbling over stuff late at night just to answer calls of nature. There were groping in the dark, up the stairs as our hands slid along the wall hoping to touch the light switch and not trip ...



Boomplay logo

Today, we would be doing a review of one Boomplay,...

A smartphone showing apps

While our smartphones are innately capable of so much, installing...

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Plug-in Motion Sensors Review
Before the advent of motion sensors, some of us had the most dramatic experiences. We were dawdling and stumbling over stuff late at night just to answer calls of nature. There were groping in the ...
Best Clip-on fans on Amazon, Ebay: 2021 Review (Pros and Cons)
Picture yourself inside a tent during the summer holiday or imagine how a baby feels when placed inside a stroller under the scorching sun radiating heat from above? These are just a couple of ...
Best Motion Sensors Reviews 2021 (Philips Hue, Aqara, Ecobee, Samsung Smartthings): Pros & Cons
Motion sensors are gradually becoming (or have become) part of our regular home devices. A motion sensor, also referred to as a motion detector, is an electrical device that uses sensors to identify ...
Theragun Mini, Prime, Elite or Pro: Which to Buy? (Massage Guns Review 2021)
One of the most important yet overlooked workout at-home accessory  is the massage gun, a percussive therapy device, which enhances recovery after intense workout exercise. Percussive therapy helps ...
Best Quadcopter Drones 2021 Review: DJI Mini, Mavic, PowerEgg X & More (Pros and Cons)
"Look up in the sky! It's a bird! No. It's a plane. No. It's... It's... a Mini Quadcopter Drone." Generally, these popular flying devices called drones can be just a few inches in size or as huge as ...
Best Book Lamps of 2021
Scientific data has shown that putting unnecessary stress on your eyes may cause short-sightedness and can eventually damage your eyes. Therefore, a balance called ergonomic lighting must be ...
Top 5 Color-Changing LED Strip Lights
Say the beauty of color changing LED strip lights have captivated you and you eventually decide to try some. However, you are having a hard time selecting from the numerous amounts of LED strip light ...
Review of 11 Best Meat Thermometers from ThermoPro, Meater, NutriChef & More (Wired & Wireless)
When we have to entertain a crowd of family and friends, we would always like that extra assurance that our meat is perfectly cooked; for this, you need a meat thermometer. A meat thermometer is the ...
Top 5 Single Color LED Strip Lights 2021 – A Review (Pros and Cons)
This is the third part of our series on LED strip lights. In the first instalment, we provided a comprehensive guide on LED strip lights with information such as what to expect and what features to ...
A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing LED Strip Lights
Introduction The use of LED strip lights has rapidly increased in modern lighting designs around the world. From professional architects and lighting designers to individuals with a rudimentary ...

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Lepro LED Strip Light White

The Lepro LED Strip Light is also available on Amazon. Lighting Ever, abbreviated to ...

Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip-on Fan

VORTEX ACTION — Utilizes Vornado signature Vortex action for optimal air circulation, ...

OPOLAR 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery-Operated Clip-on Fan

☢️ Safe recharging and battery durability: This portable outdoor / indoor clip on fan is ...

TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan

❄CONVENIENT: Portable Personal Fan with Two methods of use, to switch from tabletop to ...

Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

PERFECT BOOK LIGHT FOR BEDTIME READING - Experts agree that reading is the very last ...

L8star Color Changing Strip Lights

The L8star Color Changing Rope Lights is arguably one of the best RGB LED Strip lights ...

Govee White LED Strip Lights

When it comes to strip light technology, few names pop in the head like Govee. Govee is a ...

MYPLUS Warm White LED Strip Lights

Packed with 2 rolls of 16.4ft LED strip lights, MYPLUS Warm White LED Strip Lights are ...

Elfeland LED Strip Lights

Elfeland LED Strip Lights have 300 LEDs SMD 5050 10m (2x5m), a remote controller with 44 ...

Westek MLC12BC-4 Indoor Plug-in Corded Motion Activated Light Control

PROGRAMMABLE LIGHT CONTROL - Allows you to turn on lights, radios, and other small ...

KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan

Clip and table desk type, perfect fan for the office, home, dorm, study, library, games ...

Gusodor LED Strip Lights

The Gusodor LED Strip Lights are waterproof ip65 LED strip lights, which makes them ...
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