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Is Adobe Document Cloud really free?

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There are various tools for taking care of tasks involving PDF files, and one of such is the Adobe Document Cloud. You can use it to change documents into PDF, join various documents into a PDF, redesign PDF pages, and export files into PDF. These tools and features are not restrictive to the Adobe Document Cloud UI as authorized clients can play out similar errands in Adobe Acrobat DC or mobile applications on Android or IOS.

In any case, having a cloud-based choice for these tasks unquestionably offers a few advantages to you. PDF files altered in Adobe Document Cloud can even leverage Optical character acknowledgment (OCR) to convert checked PDF documents into editable or searchable text. It is an element that is especially helpful for companies and organizations with a current paper report library.

In this piece, you will learn about the adobe document cloud and 10 of the most suitable alternatives to use in 2022.

What Is The Adobe Document Cloud?

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe is the go-to choice for desktop graphical, publishing, and creative content. Simultaneously, the organization is at the forefront of the PDF record space with Acrobat. It also comes with Adobe Sign to accept digital/electronic signatures and track the related documents.

Is Adobe Document Cloud Free?

There is no free form or a free trial of Adobe Document Cloud; however, it also features Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, a free 30-day trial period.

The Adobe Document Cloud helps Adobe store and share PDF files in the cloud and get to them remotely. The administration upholds combination and integration with Adobe tools to fill and sign forms digitally. The service offers 2GB of free storage space.

Adobe Scan can take pictures of documents, convert them to PDFs, transfer and store them in the cloud. The records can be accessed remotely from the web portal for Adobe Document Cloud and other Adobe applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Is There A Paid Package For Adobe Document Cloud?

An upgraded paid subscription allows the client to make PDFs, alter PDFs, safeguard documents utilizing passwords, make usable forms, and gather input as well as signatures. Subscription can be made for this PDF tool alone or as a component of Creative Cloud. The creative cloud is a bundle of nine Adobe instruments and tools that incorporate Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

This tool comes packaged with Adobe Acrobat DC, a desktop item. However, each can likewise remain solitary. Adobe Document Cloud has two paid plans. The Standard arrangement costs $12.99 each month with an extended membership for a year, or you can go month to month for $22.99 each month. With this arrangement, you can make, alter, and trade PDF files and send documents to be electronically signed. The Standard configuration incorporates Acrobat Standard DC, which is viable with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

The Pro subscription plan costs $14.99 each month for a year-long membership or $24.99 each month for a month-to-month plan. It accompanies a permit for Acrobat Pro DC, which adds the capacity to embed sound and video files to PDF documents and alter scanned documents.

The Acrobat Pro DC is Windows and Mac-viable (OS X v10.9 and v10.10). It also incorporates 30-day admittance to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom ($3.80 per client each month at microsoft365 for business), and other Creative Cloud software. Both membership plans incorporate free updates. If you select to buy Creative Cloud plan including Adobe Document Cloud start at $49.99 each month.

Getting Started With Adobe Cloud

You can either sign in to your current account or create a new tab with Adobe to join Adobe Document Cloud. Whether you choose to subscribe to Creative Cloud or just Adobe Document Cloud, you need to supply your contact and preferred payment method and conclude whether you need a month-to-month or yearly subscription plan.

Adobe Document Cloud

You’ve most likely utilized an Adobe tool previously to view PDF documents, so the Adobe Document Cloud (User Interface) may look recognizable. It classifies functions between PDF services and Adobe Sign services. You can get to your documents and export, edit, and make PDF files from your dashboard. You can also join documents and utilize three business capacities: Fill and Sign, Send and Track, and Send for Signature.

What Is the Adobe Document Cloud Used For?

Adobe Document Cloud is less about storage capacity and more about cooperative work processes with PDF, whether you’re altering and refining corporate reports and documents or have to convey contracts for several signatures. This tool upholds the capacity of different file types; however, these documents should be changed over to PDF form to empower altering.

This impediment is serviceable for specific use cases, for example, office joint effort with co-workers and colleagues with their Acrobat permit. However, it very well may be an essential oversight for companies, organizing with outside clients for document creation. Documents can be sent out as Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, or different files afterward.

Where Adobe Document Cloud truly makes its mark is its capacity to deal with tasks ordinarily required after a report comes in late. It’s not surprising since Adobe has maintained similar standards with Acrobat and the PDF format overall for more than ten years. The tool has features that you want to consider. For instance, the capacity to implant text styles, compress pictures and handle form capabilities. All of these make Acrobat a strong option for everything from publishing sales records/ documents to product manuals or legal documents and everything else.

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Who Can Use The Adobe Document Cloud?

Organizations that take considerable time to transfer documents for reviews, editing, and signatures will benefit mainly from using the Adobe Document Cloud. The utilization of email to send files to be printed, signed, scanned, and messaged back is amazingly wasteful when contrasted with Adobe Document Cloud’s capacity to deal with directing a document to different signatories.

Features and options like password security, day to day or week by week updates/reminders, and tracking capacities are, honestly, the last nails in the casket of any contention concerning the money-saving advantage of Adobe Document Cloud. It’s also crucial that the signature abilities acquired with Adobe Document Cloud are effectively at the top level of the document management system reviewed. Microsoft SharePoint on the web carries comparable usefulness to the game and supports more file formats; however, it doesn’t deal with PDF documents or Adobe Document Cloud.

Is There an Adobe Document Cloud App?

Adobe document cloud doesn’t have a dedicated application for its functions. It can be accessed through the web or downloaded via the Acrobat Dc desktop application, which gives access to the document cloud. Acrobat DC is also available for mobile phones, and it supports both IOS and Android operating systems.

How do I Access Adobe Document Cloud?

With this PDF tool, you can access your files on the document cloud via web browsers, the Acrobat Reader DC desktop app, or the Acrobat Dc application on mobile devices. To access your files, you can do one of the following:

1. Using Your Web Browser

This is simple to do. All you need is to sign in to the Adobe Document Cloud and click on “Documents” in the menu bar of the home page.

2. Using Acrobat DC or Acrobat Reader DC

All you need do is to proceed to Document Cloud and select the PDF document option. Choose “Home,” click the document and select a PDF document on the mobile app.

10 Best Adobe Document Cloud Alternatives Of 2022

The Adobe document cloud is fantastic in its way, but should you need a credible alternative with equal awesomeness, you can rely on any on this list:

1. FireHold

This affordable Document management tool offers the same features as Adobe Document Cloud. It allows you to collaborate with workflow, scan and store, electronic forms, and others.

2. LogicalDoc

This is a high-performance document management tool that offers enterprise document management to individuals and companies of any kind.

3. GerytHR

The GerytHR document management system is popular in Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The service has impressive features as well as reasonable pricing.

4. DocStar

This is a powerful document management software to create customizable electronic forms and files for IT.

5. PandaDoc

This is an all-in-one software that allows you to create, deliver, edit, design documents, proposals, contracts. The software makes document assembly more manageable than it would on adobe document cloud.

6. Docment360

This document management system was created for teams to make the review and signing of documents easy. This software is helpful if you have teamwork efficiency in mind.

7. Crown Document Management

This system allows you to collect, retrieve, process, and store documents. The architecture supports the effortless management of records.

8. Greenbox

Efficiency has never been easy; Greenbox allows end-to-end workflow as seamless as possible for document management. The platform is super dynamic. Greenbox has reasonable pricing of $9/month.

9. ProofHub

This is online management software. This tool offers good document management features for individuals and teams.

10. RichoDocs

This high-performance document management service allows you to leverage several features and tools to manage your documents without stress.


We have discussed Adobe Document Cloud, how it works, and how users can access their documents when using the tool. Also, there is a list of suitable alternatives in case adobe document cloud doesn’t suit your needs.

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