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Amazon Prime Photos And How To Use It

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The Amazon Photos or Amazon Prime Photos is a cloud storage service that has the ability to allow users to upload photos while also being able to manage them from any device.

The way you upload and manage your photos depends on the device you are using and the settings that have been enabled on such a device. As mentioned before, Amazon Photos is a cloud service that permits you to upload and manage photos. This allows photos not to consume space on your phone or desktop.

The Amazon Photos is available in all Prime subscriptions, and it comes with unlimited storage space. In the absence of Prime, you can get Amazon Photos for free with 5GB of storage. In addition, you can access the platform with the help of a browser, on a desktop app, and through any mobile device.

Amazon Photos
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Amazon Photos makes users upload all their pictures to create backups, share photos with others, make albums, and play slideshows. Users can also upload other media from videos to Amazon Photos. However, to do this depends on the subscription you have, and your usage limits will also vary. 

If you make use of Amazon Photos using your Prime membership, it comes with the perk of automatically having 5GB of video storage available. This comes with the addition of unlimited photo storage.

If you purchase Amazon Photos through Amazon Drive, it comes with two options which are: For $1.99 monthly, you get 100GB, and for $6.99 monthly, you get 1TB. The 100GB plan is huge storage, and it is only if you are using Photos for your business or if you have a photography hobby that you will require more than 100GB.

The Features Of Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos has the ability to automatically upload photos taken with your phone to the Photos account. This is the same way iCloud works for Apple devices. Once a photo is uploaded, users can edit their pictures using the tools available on Amazon.

Amazon Photos
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Amazon, in addition, has several features to make users’ photo collections easier and simpler to manage. Once a photo is uploaded, Amazon identifies the objects and landscape in the image, including people’s faces.

Users’ can make use of the search feature to search for particular items, people, and places. Amazon Photos’ basic editing tools range from normal brightness to contrast saturation with exposure, including compensation sliders, cropping, and aspect ratio with image rotation adjustment. Users can include multiple photo enhancement filters, with color and monochrome and the inclusion to add text to a picture. This editing option comes in handy and makes it easy to quickly tweak a picture.

When someone has photos all their themselves, it brings good memories, and sharing these pictures with other people expands your experience. Amazon Photos comes with lots of options when it comes to sharing photos. One of these options is creating groups.

Groups created by a user include family, friends, co-workers, etc. Anytime users upload a certain photo to the group, every person added can see it. Groups are also similar to social media platforms because, in this group, people can make comments and react to the added content.

There is also a feature known as the Family Vault feature. This feature allows family members who don’t have an Amazon Prime account to still upload and manage photos. The Family Vault features allow users to add six different family members. Each family member will get their own Amazon Photos to account for free.

Another feature is the ability to print out pictures and ship them directly to your address. However, this is only available to US customers only.

Amazon Photos is simple to set up and sync. However, if you have lots of images on your device, it might take time to upload them. The most complex part of the process of using Amazon Photos is opening the app whole. This means that users can’t use their phones for a long time after the initial photo sync. Luckily Amazon Photo comes with an in-built feature that reduces the phone screen, which allows users to keep the App open while syncing anytime.

Amazon Photos is delicate when it comes to extraneous features, which makes the App and the web browser built-in and easy to explore.

Amazon Photos offers support to users. Users can get support through the web browser via an FAQ page or through a discussion platform where users can ask questions among the community. The web browser allows users to chat with a bot or a customer service representative. Users can also set a phone call, or they can send an email to Amazon support if their questions weren’t initially answered.

Another feature of Amazon Photos is Security. Amazon has a privacy notice that mentions that it makes use of encryption protocols, including physical electronic, in addition to substantive safeguards which protect users’ data. However, the privacy notice is unfortunately unclear as to what the highlighted safeguards are, which makes it hard to judge their effectiveness.

Steps on How to Upload Pictures to Amazon Photos

There are different ways Amazon users can upload their pictures to Amazon Photos. Users can upload pictures through the Amazon Photos app on their mobile device- by syncing these pictures with the cloud. Another way is by uploading these pictures manually.

How to Upload Pictures to Amazon Photos with Web Browser

If you have your photos stored on your computer, they can be uploaded to Amazon Photos using a web browser. Follow these steps and tips:

  1. Go to Amazon Photos
  2. Select Add>Upload Photos
  3. Choose your photos
  4. Select Open.
Amazon Prime Photos
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Every photo will be uploaded. Next, you can begin to organize them and share them with other people. In addition, you can also upload a whole folder that contains photos and will also create albums.

How to Upload Pictures to Amazon Photos Using the iOS App

Amazon Photos app for iOS and for Android possesses a bit different methods when it comes to uploading pictures. It is advisable to bear in mind that if you can’t find the photo you are trying to upload, it means that such a picture already exists in your Amazon Photos library. Follow these steps to upload pictures to Amazon Photos with your iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Amazon Photos.
  • Click More>Upload Images and Videos
  • Choose Camera Roll
  • Select the image you want to upload
  • Choose Upload, which is located in the top-right corner of the screen.
Amazon Photos
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Your images have to be the correct file type and must not contain any letter or symbol, which is not allowed in order to successfully upload without any hindrance.

How to Upload Pictures to Amazon Photos With the Android App

To upload images to Amazon Photos is as easy on an Android device. Here are all the steps to follow:

  • Go to Amazon Photos
  • Click and hold your image until a checkmark appears.
  • Select more images to add them or unselect them.
  • Choose the Upload icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
Amazon Prime Photos
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Next, you can turn on Auto-Save on the iOS App whenever you want. This makes the process better organized. The Auto-Save features sync with your phone’s pictures automatically. This saves you from going through the process of uploading them by yourself. When the Auto-Save feature is enabled, as a user, you can delete pictures from your phone, and the action will show in your account.

How to Enable the Auto-Save Feature

  • Go to Amazon Photos.
  • Click More>Settings.
  • Choose Uploads
  • Enable Auto-Save.

You might be worried about Auto-Save using most of your mobile data. If this is the case, then you can decide to only use the feature with Wi-Fi only. If you are contemplating this, it means you have to open the App anytime your want your pictures to save automatically.

How to Turn on Auto-Save on Android App

Similar to the iOS App, anytime your pictures are synced to your Amazon Photos account, you will be able to manage all the images from your device’s gallery, and any changes will show in the App.

  • Go to Amazon Photos
  • Choose More>Settings
  • Choose Auto-Save
  • Enable Auto-Save for images, clips, or both.

There’s the same option to use mobile data or Wi-Fi when uploading your images on your Android phone.

How To Transfer Google Photos To Amazon Photos

We discussed the features and perks of Amazon Photos. One alternative to Amazon Photos is Google Photos. However, if you are considering switching from Google Photos to Amazon Photos, here are the steps and processes to go through to import Photos from Google Photos to Amazon Photos.

Download All Your Images From Google Photos

The process of downloading/uploading is not always easy, but it is one of the best ways to import your images. The steps to follow will differ depending on if you’re using your mobile device or computer/desktop. However, first and foremost, you have to download all your photos from Google Photos.

One of the best ways to download your images from Google Photos is by making use of your computer/desktop because there will be a need for storage space.

  • Go to Google Photos in a web browser with your computer/desktop.
  • Sign in to the right account. This is mostly your primary account.
  • Select Photos, which is located on the left-hand side of the browser
  • Move your cursor to whichever image you’d want to download,
  • Next, select the translucent white checkmark, which turns blue
  • Scroll through all your photos, selecting the one you want to move to Amazon Prime Photos.
  • After selecting all the pictures, click on the vertical ellipsis- the three vertical dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser.
  • Choose Download.

Amazon Prime Photos

Image Source: alphr.comDownloading Images From Your Smartphone or Tablet

First, you need to sign in to the Gooogle Photos app. Follow the verification instructions.

  • Click on Photos located on the lower left-hand side.
  • Long-press any of your pictures
  • Choose each image so that the hollow circle will change into a blue checkmark.
  • Next, after choosing the pictures to import to Amazon Photos/Amazon Drive, tap on the vertical ellipsis of the three vertical dots located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select Save to Device

Note: Only choose the images which are not already saved to your device. If not, you will not see the ‘Save to Device’ option.

The Google Photos app has an effective scroll option that allows users to go back to a particular month or year. If you recall when you first purchased your mobile device, going back to that particular date makes importing process easier.

Backing Up to Amazon Prime Photos

Next, upload all your photos to Amazon Drive/Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos has a URL that can be used for simple access and apps for multiple operating systems, but it uses Amazon Drive to keep your data. 

Amazon Prime Photos
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To Back Up to Amazon Prime Photos, firstly, you have to take note that the best way to access Amazon Photos is by becoming an Amazon Prime subscriber. This comes with better options compared to when you subscribe to Amazon Drive. However, if you are not a Prime Member, you can sign in to your Amazon account, where you can upgrade your membership, either with a PC/desktop or with your mobile device.

Next, you will need to set up your Family Vault- the Family Vault feature was discussed earlier in this article. Decide if you want to turn on the ‘Add Uploads to Family Vault ‘ option.

Install the Amazon Photos App for Android/iOS. Download the Amazon Photos App if you want Amazon Drive to back up the images and videos automatically on your phone. Navigate to the App’s ‘Settings’ and switch on the ‘Auto-Save’ and activate the sliders for ‘Images’ and ‘Videos.’

There are no Amazon Photo apps for Windows or Mac, including Linux computers/laptops. However, you can make use of a browser to use Amazon Photos or install Amazon Drive {for Windows and Mac only}.

Finally, download and install the Windows or Mac Amazon Drive desktop app. After installing, you can back up all your images and videos. Furthermore, you can keep Google Photos as a means of backup or delete Google Photos once it has been verified that all your photos are safely stored in Amazon Drive.

Note: Bear in mind that the Amazon Photos App/Amazon Drive app will strain your device and its performance when running. The best option is to turn off background functionality on mobile devices and remove it from startup on your Personal Computer. The App will only back up files automatically when the App is launched.

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