How to use Animxplay | 10 alternatives sites to watch free anime

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How to use AnimixPlay to watch great anime content for free and 10 alternatives sites available in 2022.

Anime is a great way for anyone to spend time. The themes portrayed are relatable, even to the older generation have developed an interest in watching it. To watch free anime, AnimixPlay and other alternative sites have made it easier.

Friendship, healthy relationships, family ties, teamwork and societal order are a few of the values that anime pushes, hence causing a rising demand for it. Due to its popularity, a number of websites have been built to offer animes movies and series. Among these websites, is AnimixPlay.

With the AnimixPlay app, you can download and watch animes on your mobile device for free whenever you like. One Piece, Detective Conan, 86, Platinum End, Pokemon movies and more can be seen on the AnimixPlay app in HD quality.

These movies can be watched with English dubbed or subbed free and without ads. However, a question that arises even before wanting to know how to use AnimixPlay or any alternative site to watch free anime is about the safety of watching anime in the first place.

Is anime safe? How safe is anime? Should children be allowed to watch anime? This question has a simple and clear answer.

How To Use Animxplay: | 10 Alternative Sites To Watch Free Anime

Is Anime Safe?

There is no proof whatsoever that watching anime is harmful or dangerous for children. As long as watching TV or video is done in moderation, then it’s okay. With parental watch over the content and the amount of time spent watching it, anime enhances creativity.

It is a harmless form of entertainment and even aids childrens learning. That’s quite clear. So, if you’re a fan of anime and you’re not sure how to use AnimixPlay, then just keep reading.

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How to Use AnimixPlay

AnimixPlay is a video streaming app that you can download to your Andriod and iPhone devices to follow and keep updated with the latest anime.

On AnimixPlay, different categories and genre of anime cutting across romance, action, adventure, horror and drama are available for your viewing pleasure.

  • To use AnimixPlay, first step is to download the app.
  • AnimixPlay app download is simple as visiting on your mobile device. At the top right hand end of the page and click “Install App.” The app will automatically be added to your homescreen.
  • Another way to do this is to download the AnimixPlay MOD apk online.
  • Choose an Animixplay downloader by going online to type ‘AnimixPlay download’ or ‘AnimixPlay downloader.’ Click on the link provided and select and AnimixPlay apk to download.

AnimixPlay apk Update

AnimixPlay mod apk is updated from time to time. We’ve had AnimixPlay apk v1.0.0, v1.1.0, v1.2.0 and, recently in 2022, version 1.3.0. To update you AnimixPlay version, go online and search AnimixPlay apk update version.

AnimixPlay Premium Account

Just like several video streaming apps, the AnimixPlay free offerings are limited to certain movies and series. Users will have to purchase a premium license in order to have full unrestricted access to movies. Some of the MOD apk’s available for download offer AnimixPlay premium account access.

How To Use Animxplay: | 10 Alternative Sites To Watch Free Anime

10 AnimixPlay Alternatives to watch free Anime

Since you know how to use AnimixPlay, you could decide to try alternative anime streaming websites.

It could be that you want to explore and see if you can get more than what the AnimixPlay app provides you. It could be that you’re tired of the AnimixPlay app. Whatever the case may be, here are 10 alternative sites to watch free anime.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll features the best animes such as Naruto, Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, etc. Its interface is simple and hosts a large number of Asian anime, manga and drama.

Crunchyroll premium version is available. In this version, there are no ads, plus you have some extra features added.


  • It is free (Standard version)
  • You can search for any anime series based on categories such as genre, seasons, or popularity
  • Standard and attractive interface


  • Ads keep popping up (non-premium version)
  • Premium version requires subscription
  • Only available in over 180 Countries or regions

On Kissanime, see anime online for free. You can also download and watch it later without an active internet connection. Kissanime offers anime visual qualities from 240p to 1080p. It provides English audio and subtitles also.


  • Video view quality can be chosen
  • Advanced filter search
  • Fast videos loading


  • Can’t be accessed on all devices
  • Too many ads
3. Funimation

Funimation is well-known for releasing dubbed anime and other foreign video content. If you anime with English audio to subtitles, then Funimation has got you covered. Applications for PS where you’ll be able to watch loads of anime episodes are available.


Subbed/Dubbed versions are available
Shows on-going anime series
Dual screen streaming with premium version


  • Persistent ads pop-ups
  • Dubbed versions have to be paid for

4. 9anime

9anime is a unique anime websites. The anime series and movies are the best quality content only, which makes 9amine the fan’s favorite. You have access to subbed and dubbed versions of any anime on this website with no need for registration or payment.


  • Subbed/dubbed versions are free
  • Registration is not needed
  • It supports HD quality videos


  • Intros are cut off by video-player
  • You can’t download Anime series

How To Use Animxplay: | 10 Alternative Sites To Watch Free Anime

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao has top scores in video quality, usability, loading speeds, content availability, and reliability. It’s streaming experience are smooth and consumes less data.


  • It is easy to use
  • Consumes less data
  • Videos can be bookmarked


  • Amine can’t be downloaded
  • Ads keep popping-up
6. Chia-Anime

Chia anime offers you the most recent and all-time favorite anime. The website gives a great experience when watching and browsing for new anime. It’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through Chia-Anime.


  • Video load faster
  • You can download and watch it offline
  • Dubbed versions are free


  • Ads popping-up
7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab’ popularity is based on its fast availability of the latest episodes of anime aired in Japan. Latest anime episodes are available on AnimeLab after an hour of broadcast. The premium version for Animelab ride you of ads and offers English audio over subtitles.


  • Subbed/dubbed versions available
  • Updates are fast
  • Multiple device compatibility


  • Only premium users can access dubbed version
  • Too many ads in the free version
  • Only available in New Zealand and Australia
8. Anime-planet

Anime-planet offers its users a collection of over 45000 episodes. Users can access different manga and anime databases, anime fan reviews, and recommendations. In case you wonder which anime to begin with, a perusal of the Anime-planet platform will point you aright.


  • Manga library is available for users
  • There are less pop-up ads
  • There is the anime lovers community


  • You need to register to use
  • Anime categories are not specified

How To Use Animxplay: | 10 Alternative Sites To Watch Free Anime

9. VIZ

VIZ is the largest publisher of comics and graphic novels in all of the United States. VIZ has been bringing the best anime and manga to English-speaking people for thirty years. When you download the app on your smartphone it gives unlimited anime streaming.


  • It is mobile-friendly
  • It offers a huge collection of manga


  • The loading process is slow
10. NicoNico

NicoNico’s video comment feature stands it out amongst anime streaming sites. Texts and comments are time-synced and appear in the video at the playback time you texted. This shared viewing experience is most interesting.


  • Commenting and tagging during videos
  • Videos are of high-quality


  • There are too many ads in the free version
  • Only available in the USA, Japan, Taiwan(China)


Several of the aps, platforms and websites that offer you anime for free may also come with spyware or, at least, a whole bunch of unhealthy ads. So, it will be wise to either download it or supervise if your children want to use them.

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