Saving Sites: what is the best bookmarking app in 2022

Saving Sites: what is the best bookmarking app in 2022

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What is a bookmark app?

In the internet world, a bookmark is an internet feature on different browsers that allows you to save an article, an essential piece of information, a web page, or a random discovery on the internet. Bookmark goes way back to 1993, during the time of the first web browser known as the mosaic browser, then it was called Hotlists. Therefore a bookmarking app is an application created to assist in keeping and archiving critical information on the Web or internet.

What is the best, most simple bookmarking app?

There are different bookmarking apps, but one of the best and simplest bookmarking apps is Google Bookmarks. Firstly, because it is free and available on the Web, secondly, it automatically shows your Google and YouTube search history, and then you can add a new bookmark. Whether you are saving an article to read later or a piece of information that might come in handy later, Google Bookmarks also help add labels and descriptions to whatever you’ve bookmarked. The Bookmarking app was launched on October 10, 2005, seven years after the Google search engine launched. To make use of Google Bookmark on the Web, follow these easy steps;

  • On your Google Chrome browser, tap on the star on the right edge of the address bar.
  • A bookmark will be immediately created.

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Is there a better way to organize bookmarks?

While Google Bookmark is one of the basic, best and simplest bookmarking apps, there are other arrays of bookmarking apps that allow you to organize your Bookmarks in various ways. Here are some Bookmarking apps that have a better way to organize Bookmarks; 

  1. Pocket:  Previously known as ‘Read it Later,’ this bookmarking App works on web browsers, Android, and iPhone devices. However, the App is not fully accessible, unlike Google Bookmark. Pocket has a paid premium version that charges about $4.99 for a month, while the yearly plan costs $44.99.Pocket provides a better way to organize bookmarks; the App presently has a beautifully designed interface that allows users to sort articles from newest or oldest with the ability to choose from their favorite. On the App, you can also arrange articles/webpages in a list or grid format; the App also passes as a forum where content writers can go through various other content published by different publications. Pocket has an extension for different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. The paid version allows you to add a permanent library to everything you’ve saved. What better way is there to organize bookmarks than the above way. The App was released in 2007. 
  2. This allows you to do tons of things. Like every other bookmark app, it is described as a next-generation bookmark manager, save, and bookmarks link on the Web, save videos, save social media posts, and more. But the App can customize how you want your weblink to be saved. To make it better, you can also choose an image to represent whatever you have bookmarked and edit the title and description. browser extensions are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave. Its Chrome and Firefox Extension are free. The features on are another better way to organize bookmarks. 
  3. Another better way of organizing bookmarks is with the features that come with; you can manage and tag bookmarks. The App also saves bookmark posts with a screenshot or cover, making it easy to find them. It is free and has a paid plan that charges $3 a month and $28 annually. also allows you to import bookmarks from your browser and other devices.

What is a good replacement for Google Bookmarks?

Good replacements for Google Bookmarks would be Paperspan and, which are both free. Paperspan is fundamental and straightforward, just like Google Bookmark. The App is free on iOS, Android devices, and the Web. One of the App’s mild features is that it can only create separate folders for your saved bookmarks, with no list and grids feature whatsoever. allows you to view all your bookmark folders from a single dashboard. The App also allows you to customize and color-coordinate your folders; as a free App, it also has a private bookmark.

Does anyone use bookmarks anymore?

According to a 2019 article from elinkblog, there were 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, and given this analysis was conducted in 2019, the amount of data created has doubled. With this vast amount of information produced, we humans can barely keep up with everything out in the world and what is on the internet. Here is where a bookmark app comes in handy, and thanks to the ever-evolving tech-savvy community we live in, there are tons of bookmarks apps to choose and pick from. Content creators and the everyday kind of people make use of bookmarks. Bookmarks help content creators like writers store and keep track of vital and valuable pieces of information. Even Social media platforms have various bookmark features. On Twitter, there’s a bookmark feature that allows you to keep and archive tweets from your timeline; Facebook has a bookmark app called Facebook Save, which will enable you to save content from the App. The photo and video sharing platform Instagram has a bookmark-like feature that permits users to keep posts from their timeline (a way of storing valuable posts for later). So Bookmark isn’t just limited to content on the Web. It is an exclusive feature on social media platforms. So yes, people still use Bookmark; they continue to improve to meet the standard of our constantly evolving global community.



Bookmarks remain very useful to all of us as we cannot consume every information online as they come out. In order to enjoy them at a later time, we will need bookmarking tools. Needless to say, this online tool will never go out of date. While Google Chrome browser comes with traditional bookmarking features (and other browsers do as well), it may be imperative that you look for alternatives like Paperspan and for varying reasons, like additional functionalities.

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