Best Chromebook For Students In 2022

How to pick the best Chromebook for students In 2022

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The significant difference between a Chromebook and a PC is the operating system each employs to work. PCs run on the more available operating systems like Windows and iOS, while Chromebooks run on web-based Chrome OS. Simply put, Chromebooks work on a cleaned variant of the Chrome browser with certain additional functionalities.

Chromebooks are an easy, simple yet powerful tool that can be relied upon to get the job done as most PCs would. Their lightweight software specifications make them perfect for web browsing and completing online work. Please make no mistake; they are equally versatile, durable, and feature high-tech UI. Ultimately, they aren’t as expensive as regular PCs, making them a popular choice among students.

Can a Chromebook replace a laptop?

As efficient and effective as Chromebooks are, they can never wholly replace laptops. It’s more or less you wishing your mobile phone or tablet to replace a computer! For one, Chromebooks are lightweights, which means they don’t enjoy the same power level as regular laptops. Also, they have limited storage capacity, which isn’t great for keeping your favorite songs, photos, and videos for offline use. Additionally, Chromebooks aren’t as popular as laptops, and many opt for the latter simply out of habit. That said, if you don’t plan on spending heavily on laptops but still want to get your online work done, you can consider Chromebooks as an adequate substitute.

Chromebooks for students and how to buy

Having a streamlined Chrome OS allows you to efficiently explore regular applications that you use daily. These apps often include Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail. It essentially keeps you focused and in contact with schoolmates, teachers, and any ongoing task.

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Additionally, Chromebooks present you with a massive load of safety features to keep you further safe as a student. These include camera shutters, mic mute, and data encryption against computerized spying. It also has protective features to keep your data or classwork safe from theft or abuse. All of these combine to make the Chromebook a widespread appeal among students. But none is as significant as the simple fact that it comes cheap. The average retailing price for Chromebooks stands at around $300, which is way less when compared to laptops with a Windows or Mac operating system.

Buyers’ Guide

While Chromebooks are not as popular as regular laptops, they still come with different specifications, and what makes a Chromebook best for a student will differ. But generally, there are a few considerations before picking the best chrome books for students:

– Price

Although Chromebooks aren’t expensive, they can still be pricey. To this end, we have gone for the best Chromebooks available to students with a little more than $500 price tag.

– Battery life

Any Chromebook that a student will use should have an extensive battery life span. In this piece, you will find out that our picks have a remarkable battery life of up to 10hrs on a single charge. This ensures that you have adequate power to get your classwork and assignments done without worrying about power.

– Design and specifications

While this isn’t a deal-breaker for many, it remains a priority. It’s a Chromebook and, as such, should be sturdy yet lightweight. Other specifications such as RAM, storage space, internal processor, and display have also been a determinant in picking this list.

Best Chromebooks for students 2022

Below are our top picks of Chromebooks that students can rely on to get the job done quickly:

1. Asus Chromebook Flip C434


  • CPU: Intel Core m3-8100Y
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Display: 14-inch, 1080p touch screen

Weighing in at 3.1 pounds, the Asus Flip 434 is undeniably heavier than most 2-in-1 Chromebooks, but that weight difference is negligible. It has a USB 3.1 Type-A port as well as 2 USB-C ports, an earphone jack on the left, and a micro SD card slot to the right. In terms of battery, it comes packed with a Li-particle 48W/H battery and has an impressive 10 hours of battery life.

This device functions on an Intel Core m3 processor, powered by up to 8GB of RAM, and is strong enough to open up to 30 tabs simultaneously. The Asus Chromebook Flip C434 is a tablet with its 14-inch, 1080p touch screen just by flipping. You can bask in its impressive 93% sRBG color range with such unique screen quality, making for genuinely vibrant and clear pictures. A robust aluminum casing can withstand the rigors associated with handling to protect the screen and other delicate internal hardware.

Price: $500-$570

2. Google Pixelbook Go


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8200Y
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Display: 13.3-inch, 3840 x 2160

The Google Pixelbook Go offers premium quality and is much lower cost than you would expect. Its casing is made from solid magnesium composite materials and has a ribbed back for enhanced grip to prevent accidental drops. In terms of weight, it comes in at a light 2.3 pounds as well as half-inch thickness making it convenient for almost anyone to carry around. This google Chromebook is a direct rip-off of the original Google high-end Pixelbook laptop without sacrificing much on quality.

It comes with an impressive Titan C security chip for extra protection to guarantee your device isn’t susceptible to would-be hackers or snoopers. The screen resolution is another feature we love about this product. It has a 13.3-inch high-resolution, 3840 x 2160 screen. This effectively puts it in a class of its own, making it an outstanding Chromebook. In addition, it has a 108% sRGB color gamut and a very splendid 368 nits. Such specifications make it the most vivid and brightest Chromebook screen available in today’s market.

Furthermore, its impressive feature is a long-lasting battery with a fantastic 11.5-hour battery duration on a charge. All of these makes for the ultimate experience a student can ever hope for in a Chromebook, effectively justifying its price.

Price: $550-$650

3. Lenovo Flex 5i


  • CPU: Intel Core i3-1115G4 CPU
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC storage drive
  • Display: 13.3-inch 1080p HD touchscreen

The Lenovo Flex 5i is a laptop that proves Chromebooks can be powerful. It’s built around an Intel Core i3-1115G4 CPU, giving you up to 4.1GHz of processing power, which is more than enough to tackle classwork and video calls with teachers. It has a 64GB storage space which is ample for keeping documents, photos, and other files within your reach offline.

This Chromebook has an impressive 13.3-inch screen that hives an extraordinary 1080p HD resolution for all files. It has additional support for touch inputs, and its 2-in-1 use allows for a much simpler workflow by completely removing the need for a separate tablet.

The Lenovo Flex 5i is compatible with wireless technology with fast wireless internet speeds. Also, you have a Bluetooth 5.1 feature that you leverage to connect wireless gadgets such as headsets, microphones, smartphones, and others. Its battery life is equally impressive, with an average of up to 10 hours of use on a single full charge with a USB-C charging port.

Price: $400-$500

4. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2


  • CPU: Intel Celeron 3965Y CPU
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Display: 12.2-inch 1920×1200 touchscreen

The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 is a lightweight, compact device and is usable while on the move. A plus for this device that gets it onto this list is its Wi-Fi compatibility and LTE cellular data. Both help you stay in tune with the web without having to worry if the other is unavailable. This can come in quite handy when you need to message teachers or submit classwork. Again, the device has an excellent 2-in-1 structure and an additional pen for taking notes.

Weighing just a little over 3 pounds, its minimal structure makes it simple to slip into a backpack to carry about. While it might be as impressive as others on this list in terms of storage space, its 32GB capacity still holds up when it comes to Chromebooks. Again, it is down compared to battery life but still holds sway at 8 hours of use on a single full charge. That said, you want to be sure of having your charging cable around you to top up with its fast charge ability when the need arises. 

Price: $450-$550

5. HP Chromebook x360 14c


  • CPU: Intel Core i3-10110U
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC
  • Display: 14 inch 1920×1080 touchscreen

The HP Chromebook x360 14c offers additional widths of 0.75 inches for wider viewing pleasure. This extra width makes it simpler to work in two separate windows next to each other. This is more than what you will find in other 13.3-inch models and can come in quite handy. Also, its two-in-one design allows you to use it as a tablet. Alternatively, you can hoist it and use it as an across-the-board PC when connecting essential peripherals.

Weighing in at 1.64kg, this device works on a Core i3 processor and 8GB of memory, providing a smooth running of the device. Even with a few tabs open and video streaming in the background, leaving you nothing to worry. This Chromebook has a long battery duration of well over 10 hours in terms of battery. These features push its price range to around $550, but you can still get one for less than $500. Alternatively, it has a Pentium Silver version for $300 but less powerful components.

Price: $550-$600


Chromebooks offer a suitable alternative to otherwise pricey laptops, which could be out of reach of students. That said, you can leverage on some quality Chromebooks to help you get your academic work in at the right time. While they don’t offer enough power like regular laptops, they offer just enough for online work and easy access to Gsuite applications. The above list is by no means exhaustive, and it’s advisable to conduct extensive research before buying any electronic device. But you can count on our picks to help you make the right Chromebook choice.

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