Clip-on fan attached to a baby stroller.

Best Clip-on fans on Amazon, Ebay: 2021 Review (Pros and Cons)

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Picture yourself inside a tent during the summer holiday or imagine how a baby feels when placed inside a stroller under the scorching sun radiating heat from above? These are just a couple of situations where a bit of fresh breeze would make a world of difference to any individual, and this can be achieved using a clip-on fan.

What are Clip-on Fans?

As the name suggests, a clip-on fan comes built with a clamp that allows it to attach to unusual places, such as a baby stroller, the edge of a desk, the frame of a treadmill, the headrest of a car or even a nightstand on those hot nights. Clip-on fans are great additions to stuffy rooms or workout areas. They put unimaginable power and control in your hands because you can direct a refreshing air current precisely where you want it without the need for a heavy, loud fan of normal size.

A clip-on-fan

Clip-on fans attach securely anywhere (as long as the surface is rigid and stable) with their heavy-duty springs and grips. A clip-on fan is an ideal investment to keep the air circulating in your tent, car, office or home.  It can also be used outdoors because a compact and portable fan goes a long way as it is simple to operate and easy to move from place to place. Some are extremely lightweight to fit in a handbag or pocket, and with varying price ranges, there is no excuse why you should not own one.

Are Clip-On Fans Safe?

Most portable clip-on fans are very safe, passing rigorous testing processes. Some are even certified by third-party independent safety testing to verify that they are of the highest quality.

Which is the BEST Clip-On Fan I Should Buy?

The best portable fan is the one that fits most ideally in your available space, with your chosen décor, and that is within your budget.

Types of Clip-on Fans

Most clip-on fans exhibit dexterity in terms of use and mode of operation. This means that they can be used in a variety of manners such as a stroller fan, table fan, car fan, bedside fan or even a hand-held fan. Where they differ from each other is their powering mode.

Battery-Powered Non-Rechargeable Clip-on Fan: This type of fan is solely powered via a battery (in most cases, an AAA or DD sized battery). It does not have a charging port so users have to worry about the extra cost of purchasing batteries as needed. However, a user may opt to buy an appropriate rechargeable battery version of the battery, which would prove more economical long term than buying non-rechargeable batteries.

AC powered Clip-on Fan: This type of fan requires it to be connected to an electrical outlet before it functions. The limitation of having this singular feature is that the fan becomes non-functional when there is a power outage and when camping. An example of this type of fan is the TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan.

Combined Battery and AC-Powered Clip-on Fan: This type is probably the most prominent and most popular. It allows users to combine both battery power and AC power capabilities. In most cases, the batteries are rechargeable. An example of this type of fan is the OPOLAR 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery-Operated Clip-on Fan.

Do Portable Fans Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Depending on the size of the fan, the answer is no. Portable fans draw very little electricity when compared to home air conditioning units or larger, more industrial fans.

What to consider when buying a clip-on fan

At JDSquad, we researched and streamlined important features and functionalities to look out for when planning to purchase a clip-on fan. The following streamlined points would help you to choose the best fan for your needs.

  1. Power: Clip-on fans can be battery-operated, electrical powered or USB charged. Make sure you choose a unit that operates using the power source available to you. If you want to clip the fan on a stroller, it needs to be already charged or else must be a battery-operated stroller clip-on fan. In the car, you can use a USB-powered fan. Most offices are connected to electricity; therefore, it is easy to use the electricity-powered fan in such scenarios
  1. Portability and Durability: For a clip-on fan attached to the baby’s car seat or stroller, the weight should be lightweight to avoid causing imbalance or adding more weight to your stroller. Also, since you want a fan you can use and carry anywhere, anytime, you need one that can keep you cool even when traveling. The fans are available in various sizes. Some are big, others are small; choose the fan that fits your needs. The construction material (plastic, metal, ceramics or alloys) used in making the fan, largely, will determine its durability. It is important to get a unit made with a long lasting material
  1. Safety: Get a unit that is safe for your child and pet to touch. Avoid one with materials that can choke your baby
  2. The Grip of the Fan and Fan Blade: The grip of the fan should be sturdy and hold securely to prevent falling. The fan blade is mostly made of plastic and metal. The plastic blade can break more easily compared with metal in case it falls or is hit by something. The metal blade can also cause injury to a baby or kid who is curious and touches everything. A baby can also force his or her fingers through the fan slot, risking injury. When choosing a stroller clip fan, make sure the blade is cased to reduce the risk of injury
  1. Noise Level: All fans produce some sort of rumor noise. The noise should be reasonably quiet or at a level you are comfortable with to avoid distracting your sleeping baby or concentration at work or study. The noise level should be easy to adjust from high to low since it correlates with fan speed
  2. Added Features: A clip-on fan that has an aroma diffuser tank for adding essential oils and repellent liquid such as mosquito repellents may be preferable in some cases. If you are going on holiday to areas that are hot and have mosquitoes, this can be the best design to choose, as it will help repel mosquitoes and regulate the temperature
  1. Price: Of course, the price of the fan will majorly determine if a buyer can afford it or not. We have been able to narrow down our focus to clip-on fans that cost around $20 to $45

For simplicity and clarity, we will be breaking down some of the best Clip-on fans available in the market into areas they are best suited for. This is not to say that they were made specifically for this purpose or type of use, they just shine best in this area although can be suitable for use in other areas as well.

Find below our selection of the best clip-on fans that offer great value and amazing benefits for the user.

Best Clip-on Personal Fans

1. OPOLAR 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery-Operated Clip-on Fan

The Opolar 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Clip-on Fan is perfectly capable of standing upright on a flat surface. Its secure clamp gives it tremendous versatility of placement. This fan has a lot going for it and rightfully deserves to be named among the best clip-on personal fans.

Maybe you need a little breeze at your desk to help get you through the workday. This does the job. Perhaps some cool air would help you push a little harder while running on the treadmill. Try attaching this to the frame to give you an energy boost.

The Opolar 8-inch Clip-on Fan

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Features of the Opolar 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Clip-on Fan

  • Not only is its head maneuverable so you can direct air currents however you like but it is also battery-operated and rechargeable, so you will never have to mess around with wires or cords
  • The Opolar 8inch rechargeable clip-on fan is configured with a long-run durable 10,000mAh polymer battery and great Micro-USB and USB-C charging ports for 2A fast recharging
  • It is kept safer by using polymer batteries to reduce possible mishaps in handling
  • The desk fan is designed purposely to swirl faster and generate superior airflow. The fan is assembled with advance eight inches blades to circulate wind multiple times faster than ever
  • It has a three-speed setting and one energy-saving setting, from which you can choose
  • The fan comes in great covering that is proven safe for use
  • It is a conventional product with impactful wind flow and air circulation
  • The Opolar 8-Inch rechargeable clip-on fan ensures great compatibility in terms of features and functions to users. The Fan is sorted with ultimate functioning like fast recharge; speed controls from LOW to HIGH, charge, discharge and protective SAVING modes
  • This clip-on fan has clamps and pivots that enable 360-degree rotation. The tough clamps allow you to settle the fan with other objects like a rope, a treadmill

Cons of the Opolar 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Clip-on Fan

  • At its highest speed setting, it tends to make a bit of loud noise.

The OPOLAR 8-Inch rechargeable battery operated clip-on fan is considered one of the best clip-on fans in the market today.

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2. Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip-on Fan

With the advent of the Pivot Clip series, Vornado can now lay claim to having one of the best clip-on fans in today’s market. The Pivot3C Clip‘s small footprint, robust clamp design and integrated cord clip respect a user’s space while providing three speeds of vortex whole room circulation.

The modernized design of the pivoting head is only outdone by the swiveling chrome bar that allows you to direct the airflow at any angle. Combine that with the peace of mind of the Vornado five- year warranty, the Pivot3C becomes the perfect clutter-free companion for you.

Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip On Fan with Multi-Surface Mount, Black

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Features of the Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip-on Fan

  • Utilizes Vornado signature Vortex action for optimal air circulation, moving air up to 45 feet
  • The Pivot3C is equipped with a pivoting axis and swiveling body affixed to a chromed metal clip with non-marking silicon feet that allows you to direct the air where you need it most
  • The Pivot3C is the perfect size to clip to a desk or nightstand, and its sleek modern silhouette will complement any home or office
  • Features a three-speed manual control, making it easy to use. It allows for on/off function with most smart switches
  • Backed by a 5-year hassle-free promise and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, Kansas, USA
  • Built to meet the US voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use

Cons of the Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip-on Fan

  • Due to its lack of a ‘blow on you’ effect like conventional fans, users tend to shy away from this product.
  • Users have complained about an interfering noise on a low speed setting that goes away after a couple of minutes.

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Best Clip-on Desk Fan

1. TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan

Its unique dual design means that not only does the TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan clasp to a variety of surfaces but it also can stand upright without any additional support, just like a more traditional desk fan. However, unlike the other options on our list, the TN TONNY convertible desk and clip fan does not operate on a rechargeable battery as it relies on an AC-powered cord, limiting where it can be used; however, not by a great margin.

On the other hand, some users may prefer the cord-type. If you are using this as a clip-on, it has a phenomenal grip, thanks to anti-skid pads along the inside. It definitely deserves to be named among the best clip-on desk fans.

TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan

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Features of the TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan

  • Highly portable personal fan with two methods of use. To switch from table-top to clip-on and back, simply loosen the butterfly screw on the fan head and attach the base of your preference
  • The TN TONNY adjustable tilting table fan has two speeds (LOW and HIGH) leaving users to enjoy two quiet speeds to suit their preference without disrupting family or roommates
  • Easily clips onto any surface with its strong clamp, which offers a firm grip. The fan is equipped with an easy-to-open clamp with rubber grips that can be placed virtually anywhere without scratching the surface
  • Detailed information about the installation provided. Simply set the hexagon/round nut into the corresponding hexagon/round groove, and fix the screw from the other end, so that it will be exactly connected to the nut

Cons of the TN TONNY Convertible Desk and Clip Fan

  • Its use of direct AC powering mode means it is limited in the choice of places it can be used.

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2. KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan

The KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan is another candidate for the best clip-on desk fan. It features motor industrial grade fans, which are very powerful and blow a strong stream of winds. The blades are robust, which renders them long lasting.

Users can choose from three speeds, which depend solely on the temperature level. That implies that you can adjust the speed based on the time of the day and how warm or hot it is. On a full charge, you can enjoy a fresh breeze for 3.7-6.5 hours before needing to recharge.

The KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan is a good bet due to its portability. With a bag, you just need to shove it inside and off you go.

KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan

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Features of the KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan

  • Clip and table desk type, perfect fan for the office, home, dormitory, study, library, games room etc.
  • It is extremely compact, its size is about 8.1 x 7.8 x 4.2 inches, and the USB cable length is about 1.5 meters
  • With quiet operation, you can keep this by your bedside and sleep comfortably without the noise bothering you
  • The 4-inch blade and 6-inch frame saves you desk space; adjust the direction of the wind with 360° up and down, left and right adjustment. You can enjoy the cool wind from any directions
  • This fan is powered by USB; it needs to be plugged into a USB port to use. Therefore, it can connect to any PC/laptop and an AC port with a USB AC adapter.
  • No need to worry about changing batteries.

Cons of the KEYNICE USB Desk Mini Clip-on Fan

  • It needs to be plugged-in to work.

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Best Clip-on Fan for Stroller

1. Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

The Amacool Stroller Clip-on Fan has been a present force in the top ranks of clip fans. In terms of customer satisfaction and ease of use, the Amacool Stroller Clip-on fan wins for many users. Many of those who bought the Amacool Stroller Clip-on fan would not buy anything else although it offers very limited features with its specifications. So, if you are considering purchasing a clip-on fan for strollers, this fan deserves some attention.
Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

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Features of the Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

  • This mini fan with a flexible tripod is versatile and easy to clip on most strollers, cribs, wheelchairs and carriages in any position
  • The fan’s head can adjust vertically and horizontally to any direction, creating the perfect cooling breeze stream
  • It is designed with three speeds for different purposes, powerful wind yet whispers while working
  • The Amacool stroller clip-on fan comes with a 2,600mAh battery and lasts for 2.5-6 hours depending on the wind speed selected. It also supports USB charging via a power bank, laptop and any power source with USB output
  • This clip-on fan cover is specifically designed to protect little inquisitive baby fingers
  • It comes with LED lights of three settings, lights up the night, keeps your baby feeling safe and is convenient for the elderly in darkness
  • The tripod is designed with flexible knobs making the legs strong enough to be bent over and over; to present you with a cool and worry-free summer
  • Amacool offers a 12-month replacement warranty for this product

Cons of the Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

  • Not many will use this as a desk fan as it is not protected or clamped against impact force.
  • The battery life might be insufficient for prolonged use.

The Amacool Stroller Fan Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan has flexible tripod stands, which mean that it is easy to wrap around tight areas like car headrests. Hence, it is why it is also rated as one of the best car-friendly clip-on fans.

Check it out on Amazon

2. YXwin Small Clip-on Fan

In terms of small clip-on fans for strollers, the YXwin 2 in 1 Desk and USB Small Fan would be among your best bets for getting value for money.

The YXwin 2 in 1 Desk and USB Small Fan with Clip was, at its release, the best-sold clip-on fan product and is regarded as the best baby stroller clip-on fan.

YXwin small Clip-on Fan

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Features of the YXwin Small Clip-on Fan

  • Powered by 5,000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable batteries and a USB interface for computers, laptop, power banks, USB chargers and AC adapter
  • Works up to 30 hours on the minimum wind (1500rpm), 4.5 hours on the maximum wind (3800rpm) after a full charge. Its built-in noise reduction motor provides strong wind quietly for a long time
  • The on/off rotary button allows you to adjust the fan to the most comfortable wind speed. The running sound could be less than 20db when it is working at minimum speed; it is quieter than flipping a book. The maximum working decibel is just 40db, which will not disturb your sleep, work or study
  • Supports 360 degrees manual vertical rotation
  • Can be used as a portable power bank to power mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices
  • Equipped with a sponge tank (two sponges in the package) at the backside. Users can drop aroma essential oil/repellent liquid on the sponge to relieve mosquito bites, especially for babies
  • Curvilinear form a narrow gap design that protects the baby’s fingers from injury
  • Integrates both desktop and clip designs, suitable for various places, great for office desk, baby stroller, car backseat, bicycle, camping tent, home, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising, outdoors/indoors activities, and family trip

Cons of the YXwin Small Clip-on Fan

  • The base of the clamp might interfere when mounting in a car. This is dependent on the area of the car it has been mounted on.

Getting value for money is the ultimate aim of every potential buyer out there. If you want the best for the bucks you pay, then the YXwin Clip-on Fan would be a great choice.

Check it out on Amazon

3. OPOLAR New 5,000mAh Clip-On Fan

They say either you buy a quality product once or you buy cheap products every day, the cost comes to the same. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who does not compromise on quality and is ready to spend a little extra, then the OPOLAR 2020 New Clip-on Fan is a good candidate for you.

Many users as well as industry experts consider the new OPOLAR 2020 New Clip-on fan the Gold Standard. It is considered one of the industries’ most trusted, most preferred and quality-assured small fans with clips. Clip it on your baby’s stroller to create a well ventilated and comfortable mini-ecosystem for your precious ones. 

OPOLAR New 5000mAh Clip-On Fan

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Features of the OPOLAR New 5000mAh Clip-On Fan

  • This portable fan comes with OPOLAR unique flexible tripod design, which you can bend to achieve any angle you want. You can grip it, wrap it and stand it, keeping it flexible and stable. It allows users to secure the fan to a baby stroller, crib and also can be used for golf cart, car seat, camping tent and anywhere when you need some cool airflow
  • With the new blade design and back housing structure, winds become quieter than ever. Its larger blades with advanced aerodynamic mechanism generate a stronger airflow than previous versions
  • Its average low speed has been updated from 1000rpm to 1760rpm giving users exactly the amount of air needed
  • Up to 20 hours of work time makes it suitable for bedtime. The low-speed mode pushes a perfect amount of airflow to assist in sleeping comfortably. The advanced battery becomes more reliable and minimizes abnormal automatic stops
  • The 10W quick charge brings you a 25% increase in charging speed, no more excessive waiting when planning for outdoor activities
  • The stroller fan has two rotating structure, you can adjust the fan to face any direction
  • Easy to clean as after long-time use, the fan blades may collect dust, you can easily open the frame and clean it with dry material

Cons of OPOLAR New 5,000mAh Clip-On Fan

  • While the manufacturer suggests that it can be used as a desk fan, it is not protected against accidental impact force that can knock it off balance.

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Best Clip-on Fan for Car

1. SkyGenius Battery-Operated Clip-on Fan

SkyGenius is one of the big players in the clip-on fan industry and if you are looking for a clip-on fan for your car, then you are in luck. The company is a brand known for the quality of its products and sleek designs. The SkyGenius Battery-Operated Clip-on Fan is fully rechargeable. It has a nimble head that can rotate 360 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally. However, that is not all.

The center of its blades holds a small chamber where users can place essential oils to get a healthy dose of aromatherapy whenever they so desire. Also, if your car smells funny, the fastest solution is to get one of these fans. To keep yourself alert and as refreshed as possible, attach this powerful clip-on fan to your workstation, car, and bedside or just about anywhere you need it.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-on Fan

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Features of the SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip-on Fan

  • The clip-on fan is powerfully made. It is designed with a high quality motor, with a max wind speed of around 10.5ft/s. High speed with low noise and incorporated with step-less speed regulation.
  • It is also fitted with a replaceable and rechargeable 2,600mAh 18650 battery with an average of 2.5 to 6 hours working time depending on the selected speed
  • USB charging port allows it to be charged using a computer, power bank, or any USB charger port
  • Its size dimensions are 19X15X10cm (7.5X6X4 inches), so it is portable, handy and lightweight
  • It boasts 360 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation
  • Easy to use and can be clipped on anywhere you want, great for baby stroller, home and office, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips and anywhere users need cool wind
  • Unique fashionable design


  • With its 360 degrees of vertical and horizontal rotation, it is easy to disrupt its preferred positioning by minimal contact.

Check out the battery-operated clip-on fan on Amazon

2. BLUBOON Clip-on Fan

The Bluboon Company offers a range of quality products aimed at making your travel hassle-free. Their products range from backpacks, purses, torches to fans and so on. The release of its battery-powered fan was a remarkable success. It is a versatile fan that is suitable for a range of surfaces and situations.

The BLUBOON clip-on fan is powered by a 2,600mAH or 5V USB power source. The 5v USB power can be either a DC 5V wall charger, computer USB port, USB hub or even a power bank.

The package contains one fan, one USB cord, and two-rechargeable batteries. When it comes to safety, this fan has catered for that; it has a small grill that a baby’s finger cannot fit through, preventing hurt.

BLUBOON Clip-on Fan

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Besides, it has a stable base preventing any possible toppling effect wherever you place it. Also, this strong fan produces a very powerful wind when at a high speed. It should be noted that when on USB, it only works at one speed.

The clip opens about two inches wide, allowing the fan to attach on different surfaces such as a baby stroller, car, treadmill, table, desk or chair. Provided where you want to mount it does not exceed the 2.5′ inches the clip has, you are ready to go. You can use it in almost any of your activities.

Features of the BLUBOON Clip-on Fan

  • 5-inch small rechargeable fan and different speed choices- low and high speed according to your demands
  • Two 2,200mAh Batteries for a long working time
  • This clip battery-powered rotates 360 degrees so you can direct it as needed
  • You can use this mini desk fan in the summer, lightweight and suitable for home, office, travelling outdoors, walking, studying in the school, working or sleeping
  • The fan works with batteries or can be powered by a 5V USB power source. One 2200mAh battery can run about 2.5-6.5 hours at the full charge.

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Wherever you may be, everyone needs to stay comfortable to work and relax at optimal levels. But sometimes, with high temperatures particularly during the summer, the reality can be different. While an air-conditioning unit seems like an alternative means of cooling, the extra increase in your electric bills might be a challenge. This is where battery-operated clip-on fans come in to play. Apart from savings on your energy need, they are portable allowing you to cool yourself from virtually anywhere.

Meanwhile, there are many different types of exciting clip-on fans available in the market with a varying price range, choosing the right clip-on fan requires detailed information following your budget. This we have done for you.

At JDSquad, we believe that our review is explicit enough and can help to make a better and informed decision. If you have any doubts or query regarding any of the above-listed products, kindly drop your comment below and we are sure to respond to it as soon as possible.