Bisect Hosting: review of Minecraft BisectHosting platform

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Bisect Hosting is a platform set up expressly to host Minecraft game servers. You can build your game world and play online with others through a Minecraft server.

Your computer can become unstable when you host a game on the same computer system that you will play it on. Except you have a much more powerful machine, this will always be the case. In this context, it would be preferable to use a desktop computer to host instead of a laptop because the laptop would overheat quicker.

See some of the best computers to play Minecraft on in 2022.

Hence, it is better to host using a server specifically for Minecraft, Bisect Hosting. Bisect Hosting will stand in as a voluminous hard drive for your game, giving you a domain or IP for identification.

Here, we will take you through the features necessary when choosing a hosting for Minecraft and information on Bisect Hosting.

Bisect Hosting: review of Minecraft BisectHosting platform

Why choose Bisect Hosting?

Choosing a Minecraft server for hosting is draining. Minecraft server hosting can appear quite confusing without foundational computer and networking abilities. So, you should have a good idea and proper knowledge of your needs regarding hosting Minecraft.

Bisect Hosting server is rated highly among Minecraft users, with excellent service and very affordable.

For Minecraft hosting, you need a panel which is the tool for its control and management. Bisect Hosting comes with the multi-craft panel and an easy-to-use interface, making it one of the most used for the Hosting of Minecraft.

It is imperative to consider the quality of technical support when you choose a hosting service, especially if you’re relatively new to using a Minecraft server. On this, Bisect Hosting are always ready and attentive to give you a helping hand.

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Features of Bisect Hosting

1. It is easy to use

Users of Bisect Hosting agree on this highlight that there is an ease with which they can fix any arising issues while using it. 

Finding a Minecraft server hosting easy is an essential feature if you are a new or frequent user.

A stable virtual game room is vital. A Minecraft room with lag will disappear, and playing will not be smooth, discouraging players.

Selecting a package is also easy. Bisect hosting support will guide you in choosing the most appropriate one for you among the numerous plans they offer.

Setting up and managing is the next thing to do after signing into a Minecraft hosting plan. For this, Bisect Hosting offers you a handy and user-friendly interface called Multicraft. It is the most used panel for Minecraft today.

2. Provision of domain names and IP

You have to be able to identify your own Minecraft virtual room so that you can share it and call on players online. Domain names help them remember your IP to join when they want. Stay connected in-game to friends with these enhanced headsets.

A string of number combinations is usually your default IP. However, your virtual room’s domain or name should not be complex. The domain service is separate from the hosting service, and here, some companies offer the benefit of domain generation.

For Bisect Hosting, every plan has a free and customized subdomain. You can choose to access a dedicated domain for an additional cost.

3. Availability of a database

A database here contains appropriate information about your game’s e-files. The development and activity of all functions of your server are involved in this. Your database is where your data will be sorted and stored in a classified order.

Bisect Hosting uses MySQL database. The popular MySQL is a database administrator required to use specific add-ons to store the data of players, environments, users, etc. MySQL is included in Bisect Hosting right from its most basic packages.

MySQL management links to the hosting cPanel, Multicraft. You can integrate existing data or build your database from the ground.

4. Use of applications

You want to be able to upload your maps to have the Minecraft map with the features you desire in your Hosting. It is also essential to have all the files that modify them. These files are known as Mods, modifiers of Minecraft’s original features. 

Mods can be created by you or other users, altering the virtual world with new characters, textures, content, blocks, or tools to recreate.

Bisect Hosting offers installation of your Modpacks in specific packages for free, such as the premium plans. The plan consists of an automated installer found in Multicraft’s cPanel.

You can choose and make changes to your choice later on. You can use Spigot, a Minecraft server software modifier, or switch to a Modpack.

5. Level of Storage

Even though HD graphics does not characterize Minecraft, it has a never-ending virtual world generation. With this, your gaming journey will be infinite. Bisect hosting is a platform that supports this creative ability.

The graphics are used with various components and Mods, so to reduce lag for effective and satisfactory use, you have to have a good storage level.

Memory speed helps your server load content quicker. Bisect Hosting’s unlimited storage with SSD NVMe memory, which guarantees a performance six times higher than a standard SSD, solves this potential issue. See powerful storage gadgets on discount on Amazon right now. 

6. File Transfer

If you need to transfer files to and from your Minecraft server, your server must allow it. Bisect Hosting has completely free file transfer protocol (FTP) access.

7. Multisite

Multisite is a service that makes it possible to host multiple sites. As it relates to the Hosting for Minecraft and Bisect Hosting, you can use this concept within the virtual worlds.

You can create multiple worlds with a plugin such as Multiverse. There may be different types, seeds and custom generators, and you can navigate between portals, worlds and places; plus, you can manage and reserve tickets for whoever you choose to in each.

Bisect Hosting: review of Minecraft BisectHosting platform

8. SSL Certificate

Used in traditional website hosting, the SSL certificate has to do with security, which is provided to data exchange through its encryption, recognized by seeing an HTTPS protocol. 

You won’t find this service on Minecraft’s server hosts; Bisect Hosting provides you with free DDoS threat protection to halt potential threats.

9. Quality of Support

Bisect Hosting support is available 24 hours every day. They attend to your queries personally without you needing to buy tickets.

However, you may need to purchase tickets if you are in such a hurry, but their support will respond to you within thirty minutes.

With good technical know-how and promptness, the quality of Bisect Hosting support is one of the most valued features among its users.

How to Install Bisect Hosting

To install a Minecraft server is relatively straightforward with a certain degree of knowledge of computer tools and technology. If Minecraft hosting is new to you, you’ll need some guidance.

How to Add Custom Mods to Your Server

Step 1: Download the mod/s you wish to install on your desktop.

Step 2: Log in to your BisectHosting control panel.

Step 3: Click the File Manager, then click the Mods folder.

Step 4: Click Upload at the top.

Step 5:  Click, drag and drop the jar mod file to the dropbox.

Step 6: Restart your server

How to Change Mod Pack on Bisect Hosting

Step 1: Log in to your Bisect Hosting Multicraft Panel.

Step 2: Stop your server.

Step 3: Locate and click Open Jar Menu.

Step 4: Select the desired Modpack or Minecraft Mirror.

Step 5: Select the desired version (we recommend using the latest version).

Step 6: Click Save in the bottom right corner.

10 Alternative Servers for Minecraft Hosting

Some of the best Minecraft hosting platforms include:

  1. Hostinger
  2. Shockbyte (full review)
  3. GG Servers
  4. APEX Hosting (full review)
  5. GameTeam
  6. Sparked Host
  7. ScalaCube
  8. HostHavoc
  9. Nodecraft

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