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Earn $65 Per Signup With Bluehost Affiliate Program

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The idea of passive income earning appeals to most, and with Bluehost affiliate program, this can be a reality for you. Even while you sleep, you can be sure of your affiliate marketing efforts to get you some extra cash. Thankfully, affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science, and picking the right product to promote with lots of patience will get you there.

Bluehost is regarded by many as the world’s leading web host platform. Today, the company powers well over 2 million websites globally. Its services are impeccable, and you need not worry about speed regardless of the traffic your site gets. To further affirm its position as a leader, WordPress officially recommends hosting your websites on it, making it one of the go-to brands.

This platform offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn passively to make itself attractive. The Bluehost affiliate program rewards you $65 for each conversion you bring. It also has the option of increasing to as much as $150 per conversion. This article will share all essential details on leveraging this to make money for yourself.

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Bluehost affiliate program

Since Bluehost provides hosting services, it only makes sense for them to want more customers. To achieve this, it launched its affiliate program, where the platform rewards affiliates for referring new users who make a conversion. The Bluehost program ranks as one of the best in terms of affiliate programs. Its commission rate is awe-inspiring, and you get to earn up to $65 for each user that purchases any of their services through your unique affiliate link.

Getting on as an affiliate is completely free. All you have to do is sign-up and start sharing your affiliate links to earn money. In the early stages of your journey, you’ll make $65 but immediately your conversion rate increases, your commission rate increases as well. Simply put, the more you convert, the higher you earn. Thankfully, just about anyone can sign up to become an affiliate with Bluehost. Upon approval of your application, you will find your affiliate links and banners in your affiliate dashboard. Bluehost makes its payment to affiliates via PayPal, ensuring an account with the online payment giant.

Bluehost provides different forms of hosting such as shared, dedicated, WooCommerce, VPS, WordPress hosting, and many others. This ensures you there is no restriction to a particular form of hosting.

How to signup for Bluehost affiliate program

Joining the Bluehost affiliate program is straightforward. The process is free, and all you need are the following information:

  • Go to the signup page
  • Provide your full name
  • Enter your preferred email and set a password
  • You will also need to supply a website URL, but if you don’t have one, you can combine your first and last name with any domain you so wish. It’s important not to keep this section blank.
  • Enter your PayPal email address to be able to receive earnings. If you don’t have PayPal, you can always open an account or if you live in countries where PayPal isn’t allowed, find ways of getting past this.
  • You also need to fill out the tax declaration form when signing up as an affiliate with Bluehost. This is necessary as it helps the platform properly document for tax purposes. There are two types of forms;
    The W-9 Form is what you fill out if you are a US Citizen or registered business. While the W-8BEN Form is what you fill, you are a non-U.S resident or business.
  • Enter other necessary details and submit them for review.

The Bluehost review process usually takes less than 24 hours. Once the review is complete, your account is activated and is ready for use. The platform provides you with a unique tracking code to use with your promotional tactics.

When do I get paid from Bluehost?

Bluehost affiliate earnings

It’s always good to understand the payment technique employed by any affiliate program before signing up for it. With Bluehost, the platform reviews and processes its sales within 45 to 60 days of the sale. Hence, payments to affiliate partners are often between the 16th and the last day of the month.

For instance, if you converted in April, it will be processed around the 16th and 31st of June. As stated earlier, you need a PayPal account to receive payments from Bluehost. PayPal makes payments instantly using MassPay, and there are no hidden charges or fees deducted from your earnings.

Here is the payout structure for the Bluehost affiliate program:

  • 1-5 referrals $65 per conversion.
  • 6-10 referrals $75 per conversion.
  • 10-15 referrals $100 per sign-up.
  • 20+ referrals $120 per referral.
  • 50+ referrals $150 per signup.

How to Promote Your Bluehost Affiliate Links

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the conventional wisdom is to share your affiliate links hoping that people click on them and make a conversion. Well, if this was 2015, then this technique might fetch you a decent amount.

If you wish to make significant earnings from your Bluehost affiliate efforts, there are things you need to put into consideration. The process below will help you create a robust and effective passive income stream. The procedure below is what I use to earn handsomely from my affiliate efforts:

1. Use Bitly

Depending on the numbers of characters in the name you provided during registration; your affiliate link might appear excessively long. To help you optimize this, you can use the bitly platform to shorten the length of your link. Another advantage of using it is that it allows you to track and trace your traffic source. The platform can show you the origin of each track making it possible for you to know what works and what isn’t.

2. Setup a bridge page

If you don’t have a website or blog, you need a bridge page to help you maximize your earnings. Take note that not all affiliate program allows direct traffic from third-party platforms, and Bluehost is one of such. Also, not every platform will enable you to promote affiliate links on them. One way to work around this is to create a bridge page.

Bridge page

A bridge page serves as an intermediate point redirecting your traffic to the Bluehost sign-up page. Thankfully, Google provides a feature you can use to leverage this. If you have a Gmail account, then you can use this feature. Use it to create a bridge page and add your affiliate link to the bridge page. Indeed, all you have to do is name your bridge page and click publish. Bridge pages are easy to create, and you can create one independently. You can now promote your affiliate links via your bridge page. See how to do that here: Create a Bridge page for affiliate marketing in quick steps.

3. Use Social media, including paid ads.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are fantastic sources of traffics. You can use them to generate a quality and well-targeted audience for your site. These platforms are also rich in relevant groups; join as many as possible to interact with their users. You can share blog posts containing links to your bridge page, which invariably redirects traffic to your affiliate links.

In addition, leverage paid ads to improve reach and visibility with social media. These will help you increase your Bluehost sales and earn you more money. However, take care not to overspend on ads, as this might impact your profit margin. You can start with a low budget of $20 to work with for a month. As with ads, you have to review whether it’s working or not.

4. Quora

If you want to reach a more target audience already searching for hosting solutions, then Quora is an ally. Affiliate marketers all over the world are turning into this forum platform to get quality prospects. Head to Quora, sign up on the platform, and you are ready to use its rich resources to your advantage.

All you have to do next is to search for related questions to bogging or web hosting. Chances are you will get numerous questions users are seeking an answer to. Take your time to create a unique response to each question to get more upvotes. You can include your bridge page links into your content to direct traffic and increase your chances of making a conversion.

Note: When writing Quora answers, don’t be tempted to populate your answer with too many links. If you do this, Quora moderators will flag and delete your response. Instead, focus on delivering valuable, unique, and genuine answers. Include a maximum of two links in your reply.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine, just behind its parent company Google. This means there is a massive concentration of audience you can tap into on the platform. With YouTube, you create video tutorials that are always in high demand. The best part is that you can also use your YouTube content to cross-promote on another platform without much modification.

Video content is the new bride of marketing and using it to promote your Bluehost affiliate link is advisable. Besides, the traffic coming from YouTube is high converting since most of your audience needs one or several services Bluehost provides. To use YouTube, you need to create quality content, use relevant keywords in your topic, specify metadata and use optimized thumbnails. All of these will make your content rank higher and more visible.

6. Create a Solid Content Strategy

understand SEO to create awesome contents

Content is king when it comes to affiliate marketing. Regardless of all the sales tactics you employ, if you don’t have great content, chances are you won’t make money. This makes it essential to construct a sound content strategy before heading into an affiliate program. Employing a solid content marketing strategy will help you make more sales from your Bluehost affiliate effort.

One key aspect of your content marketing strategy has to be search engine optimization or SEO for short. Without a doubt, search engines such as Google and Bing will be your most significant source of quality traffic. As you move forward with your Bluehost affiliate program, you must incorporate SEO into your strategy.

Conduct adequate keyword research for every content you create to further your affiliate links. Also, ensure to pick low competition yet high-yield CPC keywords to drive traffic and sales. A long-tail keyword is an example of low-competition- a high-yield keyword to use. You get more for doing less work.

Alternatively, third-party SEO tools can come in handy. These tools can do the heavy lifting for you, making the entire SEO process seem effortless. They can help you perform keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. You can go further by tasking them to perform technical site audits and content audits.

Is there any minimum threshold for Bluehost affiliate program?

Yes, to withdraw, affiliates have to meet the one-time $100 minimum requirement. This means you must make at least two sales before Bluehost can process your first payment. This threshold is only applicable to the 1st payment, meaning any single sale can be processed for payment after you receive your first payment.


If you wish to make money online today, there are several ways you can go about it. Affiliate marketing is one such means, and promoting web hosting-related products is probably the easiest way to earn passive income. The Bluehost affiliate program is a trendy one, and for good reasons. The platform itself provides excellent hosting alongside a functional support structure.

As an affiliate with the platform, you get to promote quality products and earn a high commission in return for your efforts. Thankfully, hosting service is highly relevant to just about any audience, so long as they want their presence on the internet to go beyond surfing alone to owning a site.

In general, if you wish to succeed with affiliate marketing in the long term, your first requirement is to build an audience and secure their trust. This you can achieve by promoting products and services beneficial to your audience. This is where the Bluehost affiliate program comes in. It’s noteworthy to state that with such an excellent commission rate comes competition, and you will have to compete with many other affiliates.

Please share your thoughts and questions about the Bluehost affiliate program in the comment section, and I will be sure to respond.  You may also like to read, How To Create Instant Dollar Card With Barter By Flutterwave.