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Builderall Affiliate Program: How To Make Money With It

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The Builderall platform and its affiliate program is an excellent tool that business owners can leverage to help them automate their business operations. This, in turn, means you can boost your sales and overall profit margin. And for affiliate marketers, Builderall is another excellent source of passive income earning from the internet.

The platform comes with Builderall JV and Builderall Affiliate Program, aiming to help you make extra income via affiliate commissions. And with the boom of businesses relying on the internet, you can be sure of making a decent earning for your efforts at promoting the Builderall platform. And in this piece, I will walk you through all you need to know about the Builderall affiliate program, including how to promote your affiliate links to make money on a monthly basis.

What Is Builderall?

Builderall is an essential multipurpose marketing tool and business builder. It offers a wide range of tools to help businesses create websites, sales funnels, automate marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates. You can utilize niche-specific sales tools and funnels to increase brand awareness with the platform. Tools available include pre-tested landing Pages, Facebook ads, Auto-responder setup, and others.

Founded by Erick Salgado, Builderall is a mixture of website building with internet marketing to give entrepreneurs a digital toolbox. If your business is new or lagging, you can leverage this platform for growth. Since its launching in 2011, Builderall has continued to help businesses flourish. To add to its arsenal, the platform released its 3.0 version, which saw the addition of newer features, upgrades, and extra options.

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Builderall tools for businesses

The Builderall platform has numerous features that are impressive for business growth. Here are a few of the most important:

1. Builderall Website builder

With the Builderall website building tool, you can quickly and easily set up your blog, sales pages, landing page, and other digital pages you wish to have. You don’t need prior knowledge of web development or programming languages to get all of these done in no time. In total, Builderall offers three separate website builders, namely:

  • Drag-and-drop responsive builder.
  • A drag-and-drop pixel-perfect builder.
  • A drag-and-drop mobile-first builder.

Its Pixel Perfect Builder lets you build a desktop, mobile, and tablet website. With this option, you can decide how your site looks and runs on each platform. Alternatively, you can leverage the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder. With this option, Builderall alters your site to display correctly regardless of the audience’s device. And if you want your site to be considered only on mobile devices, you can opt for the Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder.

2. Ecommerce Builder

Builderall also has a virtual store builder among its impressive features. With its Online Store Builder, you have all it takes to design and build an online shop that befits your brand, products, and services. Besides building your store, you can also link and integrate with other platforms such as payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and others. 

You can also leverage its Builderall sales funnels templates, which effectively drive conversion. Its sales funnels templates are rich with features like quick two-click checkouts, upselling, integration, and more.

3. App Builder   

With the proliferation of mobile phones, businesses must take their trade to where the customers are. And with Builderall’s app builder, you can design your mobile application without prior programming experience. Also, your app will be available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

To make your app more useful, you can integrate several features such as social media links, video and audio content, RSS feeds, QR code scanners, etc. Alternatively, your app can also be an excellent tool to capture clients’ emails for future and robust marketing strategies. You can also offer incentives such as discounts and promotions to clients who use your app.

4. Builderall Email Marketing

Reaching customers has moved away from traditional means of the television. Today you need social media platforms and email marketing to maximize your reach. With a robust email marketing campaign, you can simultaneously reach out to existing clients and prospective customers. Alternatively, you can rely on it to conduct market research and learn more about customers’ preferences.

Builderall MailingBoss is super easy to use in designing and launching email marketing campaigns. With it, you have a wide range of templates and design modules to choose from with little CRM experience.

Builderall Affiliate Program

Up until now, you’ve learned about how great the Builderall platform can be for businesses to grow. Now it’s time to learn about this platform’s fantastic affiliate program. The Builderall affiliate program is one way the platform rewards affiliate marketers and users for their promotional effort for the forum. Also called Builderall Business, this is a two-tier affiliate system that you can leverage to earn commissions through sales while scaling your business.

Builderall Affiliate Program reward structure

Its two-tier affiliate program ensures that affiliates earn some commission when other customers they have directly referred to the program also sell Builderall plans to others. If you don’t know, the Builderall affiliate program is lucrative, which makes it popular among affiliate marketers. The commission rate is juicy, and the platform remains relevant so long there is the internet. That said, this program can often require a learning curve to handle.

Can I Join Builderall Affiliate Program?

Anyone interested in making passive online incomes should consider this opportunity. The Builderall Affiliate program is perfect for both newbies as well as anyone with experience in affiliate marketing. For one, the program’s structure is to help you out regardless of your knowledge base. As a novice, you have all the tools necessary to help you make the most of the affiliate program. And as an expert, you already have the technical skills and know-how, so this makes sense as an extra source of income.

Becoming a Builderall Affiliate

Getting on to the Builderall affiliate program can be via either of two ways. If you are a member of Builderall already and have the Builderall Funnel Package, you can become an affiliate. This is because the platform automatically approves all funnel club users for its affiliate program, so no separate registration is necessary.

Alternatively, you can promote Builderall as an affiliate for free without buying any of the Builderall packages. This falls under its “Leveraged Affiliate Program,” which aims at helping affiliates make money from the platform without necessarily committing to it. To use this, you need to apply for the Builderall affiliate program by first creating your account. After which, you can submit your application and expect approval within 2-3 working days.

After approval, you access the platform’s business center. You can launch and leverage several tools to help ease your use of the affiliate program to make money online. You have some of the tools at your disposal, including:

Reward Structure

With its two-tier affiliate program, affiliates on the Builderall program can earn three different types of commissions. These are as follows:

  • The personal sales commissions are the amount of commission you earn from a referral first payment each time you make a sale in Builderall.
  • Another commission you earn is the personal sales recurring commissions. This comes from each time your customers make a monthly payment.
  • Also, you will earn 2nd tier recurring commissions after your 2nd tier customers pay for monthly Builderall fees.

Combining these three reward structures makes it easy for you as an affiliate to make more money with little effort. You can withdraw your sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commission after five days of payment by your referee. On the other hand, individual sales commissions require a 35 day waiting period before you can withdraw your earnings. Subsequently, withdrawals will be available after five days.

How does it Work?

To make an earning with the Builderall affiliate program, you have to sell any of its plans. This means it’s more than just referring new users to the platform. If you do and they fail to make a purchase, you don’t get to earn any commission. That said, affiliate marketers’ promotion of the platform has rules guiding it.

You cannot promote Builderall by directly making claims on earnings. This means it’s against the rules to categorize a specific amount as what a user can earn from joining the program. Alternatively, you can display proof of your earnings, and it must include Builderall’s earnings disclosure. The short version of this is that there is no certainty about how much an affiliate can make from their use of the program. However, success or failure is dependent on an individual’s dedication, work rate, and motivation.

How to effectively promote your Builderall Affiliate link

With every affiliate program, promotion is essential. This often is regarded as the bloodline of affiliate marketing, and it’s a must if you wish to make money with this means of passive income. Thankfully, affiliate promotion avenues abound, which means you have access to and reach a global audience and niche-specific targets. You can also choose either to pay for affiliate promotions or go via the free format and how much you spend is dependent on the platform you choose to use.

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– Promoting With Google Ads

Google ads are a promotional tool that allows you to reach a wide range of audiences with relative ease. More so, you can set your ads to target specific audiences relevant to an affiliate program. To get started with using google ads as a promotional tool for the Builderall affiliate program, follow the steps below:

Getting Started With Google Ads

  • Head up to the google ads homepage and sign up if you don’t have an account. If you already have an account, click on sign-in.
  • After login, click on the “campaign” tab on your dashboard.
  • Click on create “new campaign” and add necessary information such as campaign name and network.
  • Set your campaign network to “search network” and disable the “display network.”
  • Also, set your location to indicate “all countries and territories” since you intend to capture a global audience with your Builderall affiliate link.
  • Set language to English and budget to reflect your spending capacity.
  • After setting your budget, it’s essential to also set your bidding to “clicks” with “cost per click” as your limit.
  • Click on “save and continue.”

Creating Ads

The next step is to create the ads for promoting your Builderall affiliate link. Follow the steps below:

  • Input a group name for your ad
  • Google ads will automatically generate keywords for you. You have to carefully go through each keyword to ensure it’s relevant to your affiliate link.
  • Now that you have a list of relevant keywords place each into a square bracket ([]). This ensures that Google displays your ads to relevant search queries. This reduces the cost of your ads.
  • Click on the “save and continue” button.
  • Next up, add your Builderall affiliate link into the “Final URL” section.
  • Also, add concise headlines to your ads. With google ads, you can add up to five headlines to improve your chances of getting clicks.
  • You also have to include a description to form the body of your ad. Your description should be short and straight to the point.
  • Next, click on “save and continue” to submit your ad for review.

The approval process takes a few hours and wouldn’t exceed 24hours. Once you get approval, your ad will become visible in relevant search queries.

– Promoting Using Other Social Platforms

Your Builderall affiliate marketing program won’t be complete without adequate promotion from other social media platforms. This will require you to create appropriate Builderall affiliate copies to entice your audience. Thankfully, there are several tools to help you get this done in no time.

The likes of Canva can help you create stunning graphic content for Instagram and Pinterest. And you can have your article contents on Medium, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, you can utilize video content to get more attention on many platforms, including some mentioned above and YouTube.

Keyword research is vital to begin promotion, and understanding how each platform works will help you immensely. Regardless, social media platforms are excellent sources of target traffic which can considerably increase your conversion rates.


Builderall is an excellent platform for businesses looking to upscale their products and service. It has a rich library of essential tools that are easy to use. That’s not all; Builderall also runs an affiliate program available to both paid users of the platform and affiliate marketers. With its affiliate program, you stand a chance of making an appreciable amount of income online depending on the level of commitment and work you put into it.

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