14 best computer and laptop stands to buy in 2022

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Choosing the best computer and laptop stands to buy in 2022 depends on the kind of work you do. An increased number of people now work from home, resulting in a higher need for desk chairs and computer stands.

Due to the pandemic, there came a disruption to our regular pattern of day-to-day activities, which involved leaving for work, returning home later, and hanging out with friends afterward.

Today, the reality is that remote work has mashed it all up together, bringing with it new challenges.

One of the requirements of a remote job is being productive and maintaining a healthy set up as you work.

The science of ergonomics is needed to help this situation as joint and back pain can arise from slouching or sitting hunched over a desk for an extended period.

A computer stand is required to help solve this problem, which is caused by having the head, neck, and shoulders in a crooked position.

A computer stand helps you raise your PC or laptop to eye level, easing the pressure on your back while working on it.

What Does Ergonomics Have to do With a Computer Stand?

Ergonomics is concerned with furniture and equipment arrangement for your efficiency and health needs.

Your sitting and standing position or even how you look at your computer system can affect your physical health.

Sitting for extended periods puts a lot of strain on the shoulders, back, and neck. This pressure can lead to median nerve compression, tendonitis, lower back pain, and cervicalgia.

Simple hardware and technological solutions that can prevent these are ergonomic desk materials such as computer and laptop stands, desks, and other peripherals.

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Before You Purchase a Laptop Computer Stand or Ergonomic Accessories, see things you need to know

By positioning your screen at eye level, laptop computer stands help to reduce the burden on your neck caused by hunching over your desk.

Laptop computer stands are also appropriate for video chatting, which is one of the more frequent modes of engagement with remote work.

The best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022 ultimately depends on what you need:

  • Do you want a stand that sticks permanently on your desk?
  • Would you prefer a laptop stand you can move from one place to another or an adjustable computer stand?
  • You maybe need a computer stand for a monitor or something to handle a heavier setup.

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14 best computer and laptop stands to buy in 2022

In no particular order, here are some of the best computer and laptop stands to buy in 2022.

Buying a stand could improve body positioning and posture and reduce or prevent pain which helps keep you focused.

1. Rain mStand Laptop Stand

The Rain mStand design is stylish and durable, and easy to use. The Rain Design mStand version is not an adjustable computer stand, but it provides storage space for your keyboard plus a rear-end cable arrangement slot.

Though you can’t fold it up to carry it in a case, it’s portable enough, enabling you to move it from it here to there.

2. ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

ObVus Solutions offer a rugged, lightweight, and slick laptop stand. The tower stand can be raised to varying heights and set at different positions. With this, it would suit many at-home or work setups.

You can switch from sitting to standing—needing no desk to stand it on—by adjusting the stand height and preferred angle.

3. Seville Classics AIRLIFT Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

If you need more mobility for your home workstation, the Seville Classics Airlift Mobile Laptop Desk Cart could be the best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022.

This adjustable computer stand aids ease of movement around the home, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Even though the width of this stand only makes room for one monitor, the Seville Desk Cart cart can adjust to your home or work needs.

4. Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Compared to most computer and laptop stands, Monoprice’s Desk Converter is less costly easier to operate. The buttons on either side of the stand adjust the height to your preferred level.

Monoprice’s computer stand is lightweight and relatively thin. However, just like any other converting stand, if you don’t use a stable position but adjust it up and down every day, the storage space area of the stand will be lost.

5. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Another of the best computer and laptop stands to buy in 2022 is the highly-rated and affordable AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand.

The AmazonBasics Stand is height-adjustable, and the ventilated metal mesh surface helps keep your laptop computer from overheating.

6. Superjare Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Superjare Stand Riser is an affordable and unique chipboard design strong enough to accommodate two monitors.

Superjare computer Stand Riser has a middle piece and two adjustable ends, which can be folded to make the stand more compact. Space is available underneath for keeping your keyboard, notebooks, and other stuff.

If you won’t be fixated on your seat for a while, but will periodically stand to work, then the Superjare computer stand isn’t for you.

However, if you’ll be seated more and won’t have to carry the stand from one place to the other, then the Stand Riser is the best computer and laptop stand for you to buy in 2022.

7. Varidesk ProPlus Manual Standing Desk Converter

This sizable stand is easy to change from a standing to a seated desk, with a lot of storage space for your laptop, keyboard, and another display unit.

In comparison to the cost of other laptop stands, the Varidesk stand table is on the high side. Otherwise, the easily adjustable stand settings are worth the input for those who prefer to stand while on the job.

8. Nnewvante Laptop Stand

The best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022 for those who laze about while working from home is the Nnewvante Laptop Stand.

The stand’s height is not adjustable, but you can adjust the base angle to suit your immediate project.

While seeing a movie on the tab, making a sketch, munching on breakfast, or typing, whatever is placed on it will not slide off, courtesy of the built-in stopper.

Nnewvante Laptop Stand has other features such as a flat smaller surface on the right end and a neat small drawer for storage.

9. Yogibo Traybo 2.0

For work occasionally done off regular desks, like working in the car, the Yogibo Traybo 2.0 Lap Desk is a good option.

Even with a soft pillow bottom that gives comfort to your legs, the whole tray stays balanced as you work since it has no legs, which can cause it to wobble.

Yogibo Lap Desk also has a slot that can keep a tablet or phone fixated if you want to watch a movie or have a video chat.

10. VariDesk Portable Laptop Stand

The Varidesk Portable Laptop Stand raises your laptop to twelve inches and is great if you like standing to work.

This laptop stand is lightweight and folds flat enough to fit into a backpack. The squeeze to unlock feature prevents it from collapsing while using it.

Computer stand

11. Moft Z 5-in-1 Sit-Stand Desk

Comfortably configure the Moft Z 5-in-1 stand into several different positions; at its peak ten-inch height, you can stand solidly for a while.

Moft’s Stand Desk is lightweight, and you can tote it around as it folds down to half an inch thick, making it less bulky.

12. G.flow Stone Foldable Laptop Stand

Like an Ogi—the Japanese folded hand fan—the G.flow Stone Foldable Laptop Stand is a designed sheet of recycled stone paper.

The stand keeps your laptop steady when unfurled, holding it in a good viewing position.
When you are not using it or need to move it, you can fold it up, bag it and take it wherever you want. Plus, it is waterproof.

13. The Smarter Office Passage Desk Converter

With this computer stand, you have even more space than the Monoprice Sit-Stand and a dedicated keyboard tray which you can position the way you want.

Without much effort, you can raise and drop the Smarter Office Passage Desk Converter, but it’s more sizable, so the space on the desk will be less.

From the economic perspective, compared to the Monoprice, the $300 extra you have to cough out means you’d have to have some pretty deep pockets.

But, if you need an attractive featured computer stand, and the cost is not a significant flashpoint, the Smarter Desk Converter will do just fine.

14. Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand

If your home aesthetics have to go along with the office decor, Grovemade’s Walnut Laptop Stand is the best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022.

Grovemade’s Laptop Stand is well suited for a desk or table, so you’ll have space for a separate keyboard and mouse.

The stainless steel stop keeps your device from slipping off. The cork feet of the stand prevent it from unwarranted moving.

The Grovemade Stand’s American black walnut base is splendid, supporting up to two-hundred pounds.

Computer stand

Reasons to use a laptop or computer stand

Now that you know what laptop stands are and have a good idea of the best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022, a few other questions might pop up in your mind:

Are computer stands good for you? Is a computer stand worth it? Is the laptop stand worth it? What should I prop up my laptop with?

Let’s look at a few reasons to use a laptop computer stand.

1. Positioning your laptop to the same height as your monitor when you are using a laptop with an external monitor helps prevent eye and neck discomfort.

2. A height adjustable laptop stand keeps the laptop off any surface—desk or lap—which will help keep it cooler, thus maintaining your laptop’s performance against getting too hot.

3. You can afford to place your laptop in a position that’s appropriate for you, which could be either sitting or standing.

4. Several laptop stands can be moved easily from here to there because they are lightweight and portable, just as any laptop.

5. If you type directly on your laptop without using an external keyboard, a laptop stand will adjust your laptop position ideally—eye level and elbow height—for both the monitor and keyboard.

6. Laptops that tend to warm up very quickly can do well with a laptop stand having surface-built fans which circulate air at the bottom of your laptop, keeping it from heating up to fast.

7. Positioning your laptop at an appropriate angle helps reduce screen glare which causes headaches and eyestrain. An ergonomic laptop stand can prevent this issue.

8. Computer laptop stands possess many handy features such as extra USB ports and cable management, a storage drawer, and some come with a slot to hold your mobile phone.

9. Declutter your desk area by putting your keyboard, mouse, and notebooks beneath the laptop stand when you don’t want to use them.

10. Additionally, a laptop computer stand can hold notebooks, tabs, or even sheet music.

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As said at the beginning, choosing the best computer and laptop stand to buy in 2022 depends on the kind of remote job you do.

What is good for Jack may not be so for Fred. It is vital that you also pay close attention to your health as you work. This is why ergonomics is an essential part of working from home.

Since the home is not designed by default to fit office needs, a laptop computer stand can be a small price to pay for the vital role.

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