CPA Marketing – $0 to $10,000 Challenge With CPA GRIP

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CPA Grip is one of the well-known platforms in the affiliate marketing space. CPA marketing through CPA Grip can network you into success. So, in this article, we want to look into CPA marketing – $0 to $10,000 challenge with CPA GRIP.

When it comes to online marketing or the internet, affiliate marketing is a common term.

Affiliate marketing is that type of business, where the affiliates earn by promoting products and services for people or companies and get their commission on every sale that is made.

That being said, there are also types of affiliate marketing that pay you even without a deal.
Yes, this is very true. This is made possible through the new wave of affiliate marketing that flows through the web, which is known as ‘CPA Affiliate Marketing’ or ‘CPA Marketing.’ With this new type of affiliate marketing you actually earn more money in a very easy way.

What You Need to Know About CPA

CPA in full form is cost per action. This is a type of affiliate marketing or an online strategy, which involves both marketers and publishers generating leads for the companies. And, for each click generated, they get paid by those companies.

The difference between this type of affiliate marketing, and the regular one is that CPA strategy does not necessarily require sales before you get paid within the CPA network. CPA also means “cost per acquisition” this new strategy focus more on leads than sales, however, not completely.

The following examples are actions of CPA affiliate marketing;

  • To sign up for a dating site
  • To sign up for newsletters
  • Make your online visitors to conduct surveys
  • To download game or software
  • Create account for an online game

How CPA Marketers Get Paid Without Selling Anything

CPA is focused on generating leads and it is not totally about sales. The advertisers pay them because what they need them (CPA affiliate marketers) to do is to generate more leads to their websites. Generating more leads means getting more potential customers.

Someone once said, “new customers are the driving force behind any business.” The marketer gets paid for the leads generated, while the advertiser hopes that with these new customers they make more sales.

So for the CPA marketers, their job is to link potential buyers with the different businesses they need their service for.

CPA Networks

There are hundreds of CPA networking systems in the online space. Some major affiliate networks also give CPA offers, and most CPA networks are focused on cost-per-action campaigns. Plus, more CPA network are emerging on a daily basis.

CPA Grip is one of the top cost-per-action marketing platform that ideal cost-per-action and pay-per-action offers around today.

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CPAGrip Monetization Tools

CPAGrip provide five different tools for monetization which you can select from leverage on.

Virtual Currency allows publishers to set up their monetization pattern based on their own terms.

Offer Walls show the current offers from providers plus the payouts for each offer. Whenever someone concludes an action within the offer you will be paid.

Video Lockers locks up video clips up until your client finishes the task that they need to complete to view the video and information.

Content Lockers is similar to Video Lockers. Your client has to finish the task to view the content that is useful to them.

URL and Download Lockers locks a file or download until you conclude the offer in the order. When your client completes the required information your download will become unlocked.

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Choosing a Niche in CPA Grip

CPA has different niches, but it is very important to know which of the niches you will excel at. You must also understand that not every niche is good for you and some niches might not even give the income you want.

In CPA marketing, when looking for a niche to focus on, don’t look at the profit side of it first but let it be one you will excel at.

List of top niches in CPA affiliate marketing include dating, insurance, finance, housing, health and weight loss.

How to Get Started in CPA Grip Marketing as a Beginner

Getting started in CPA marketing is in stages. These stages are:

1. Choose Your Niche

It is very important that you do some research about CPA marketing niches before making any decision on which niche to go for.

When choosing a niche, go for the one you can easily follow on.

Don’t make that mistake of jumping from one niche to the other. A lot of new affiliates do this, and all they get as the end result is nothing.

It’s expedient to focus on a particular niche if you really want to excel in this online business.

2. Sign Up With a CPA Grip Network

The work begins from here. It’s expedient that you sign up either as an affiliate or publisher. Here, it is necessary that you fill up an application form.

When signing up with a CPA network, it’s important that you join a well-known network, CPA Grip, that’s legitimate, stable and does not delay payment.

The reason it’s so important to get more information is to have the basic understanding of how the market place works. As a beginner, you must know which of the CPA network is the best.

Search for the network you intend to join, but ensure you also take note of the system’s rating distribution.

3. Getting Approval to a CPA Network

CPA affiliate network, unlike the regular affiliate marketing programs, is a bit difficult to get approved into. Now the question is, how do I get approved by these CPA network?

CPA networks review your application manually, so it is very important that you provide all the required information.

Be honest also because they are actually not trying to make things difficult, they only want to make sure that this publisher can send them real leads, hence the need for transparency.

Your application can be rejected if you’re not being real with them.

Here are few tips to help you get accepted to CPA Grip network:

Be honest

When you’re given a form to fill, ensure you put in all the required information. Put the right addresses, your real name, etc.

The reason all of this is important is to know those who are real (newbies) and those who are not (scammers).

Give information about your niche and ways of driving traffic

Tell them more about the niche you want focus on, and you must also reveal to them your plans or the techniques you want to implement to get them more leads.

So, there’s a need for you as a beginner to gather all the information you can get, and also learn the techniques to drive the traffic you need.

Because you will also tell them about the techniques or methods you want to use to get this done.

Create your blog/website

This is one of the most important part of the business. You need to have a blog or website of your own before going into this.

Having a blog helps so much more than just being your identity, it’s also an avenue for you to practice your writing techniques.

With your own blog or website, you can post different samples of your work for your clients to see.

Reasons why you must own a blog/website is that:

  • it helps build your credibility,
  • it’s also avenue through which your clients can reach you,
  • it serves as your own business platform,
  • it builds your confidence, and
  • you can practice your writing.

Check your ‘Who is’

For some CPA network, they will check to know if your site’s ‘who is’ address matches your email address.

4. Tell CPA Grip if You’re Not Experienced

It’s advantageous if you have some experience when it comes to internet marketing or CPA, but if you’re a beginner (newbie) don’t hide it,come out plain.

It would require that you do your research and learn how it works or learn all about the business techniques.

As much as you’re being honest, you must also let them in on your plans and the methods you will implement to achieve them.

5. Call CPA Grip First

After filling and submitting your application, it will take CPA Grip 24 – 48hrs before they reach out to you.

I suggest that you call them first before they call you as this helps in getting accepted quickly.

Make the call ten minutes after submitting the form. It suggests (to them) your readiness to start working with them, and also, that you care about the CPA Grip network.

6. Be Confident During Interview

After applying, the CPA Grip network will want to know more about you, your experience as touching this business, and also ask you the same questions that were already asked in the form.

So, while they are simply trying to find out more about you, the interview is on being confident and giving honest answers.

7. Receiving Your CPA Affiliate Link

When you’ve been accepted into the network, you will get an affiliate link that you will use to track all your future activities e.g your sales.

It is also through this link that you get information about your conversion rates.

8. Get to Know Your Affiliate Manager

After joining the CPA Grip network, an affiliate manager will be assigned to you. The essence is to help you have a great start.

You can ask him or her any query as regarding the CPA Grip campaign you might have.

Don’t ask your manager any question that is not related to their network. For instance, asking him or her about setting up Google AdWords or building up your website.

Never forget that the reason why this person—manager—is important to you is that he or she has all the answers you need concerning the business.

So, build a good relationship with whosoever that is assigned to you.

9. Choose an Offer to Promote

After signing up with CPA Grip network and you’ve chosen your niche, you can now look for offers related to your niche and promote them.

To achieve this, you can also seek the help of your affiliate manager. They have all the data you need and are also ready to help you.

You will be given a list of different offers, and you can go through the offer pages to choose for yourself.

After that, you should do your own research on which of the offers has the highest interest of the general public. To make money with CPA offers it is very important to know about public interest.

How to know this is by using the tool “Google Keyword Planner.” Go to Google Keyword Planner and type the product offer names or the keywords into the search section and click on search.

The results will let you in on what people are searching for on Google including the volume of traffic these offers can bring. With that, you can easily select which product or offer to go for.

Another way is to check CPA Grip network’s earnings per click (EPC) and conversion rates (CR) for the offers.

Also avoid CPA offers that comes with low or no EPC. The minimum conversion rate should $1.

10. Design the Site Around Your CPA Offers

After joining a network and selecting an offer to promote, you need to integrate it into your site.

You must do it in a way that the online audience would hardly notice that you are promoting CPA offers. With this, more people click and you’ll get more conversions.

I’ll advice that you get a custom design that will give your site that legit look.

11. Select a Method to Generate Traffic

When you choose a traffic source to promote your CPA offers, as a CPA marketer you must first ensure that your type of traffic source is accepted by CPA Grip.

Check the offer details of CPA Grip network and you will see specific traffic sources that are acceptable by your CPA Grip.

For example, it could be like this: Email, Social Media, Search, Banner, etc. In the CPA marketing field, the real players are those who can send high quality targeted traffic to any CPA offer.

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Here is a list of traffic sources accepted by CPA Grip based on category;

  • Social Media: Facebook, PPC Ads, Reddit, Twitter Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest, Netlog, Instagram, and StumbleUpon.
  • Search: Google AdWords, Bing Ads and 7search.
  • Banner: SiteScout, Wam, Banner Garage and Buy-Sell ads.
  • Classified ads posting sites: Oodle, Backpage, Craigslist and Kijiji
  • Mobile: Rhythm New Media, Mojiva, Buzzcity, and Mobclix
  • Contextual: LeadImpact, Clicksor, Media traffic, and Trafficvance.

12. Email Marketing

Most important to CPA marketing is email marketing and list building. In email marketing, selection of email software and campaign ideas makes a great difference. It saves from wasting time.

Top email marketing service providers are MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor and GetResponse.

13. Track Your Campaign

This is very crucial in CPA marketing. You must learn how to track your campaign because if you can’t follow your CPA campaign, then you can’t understand what works and what is not working on your campaigns.

The important issues you must track are:

  • Which CPA Grip offers turns out best
  • Type of advertisement (image or text)
  • Which keywords are converting
  • PPC Ads
  • Traffic sources
  • Which landing page converts the most

Google analytics is the most common free tool that helps analyze which one i.e. ads, or keywords, etc., works best for your campaign.

To keep track of your conversions, sales, and revenue for your campaign, you can use paid tracking software like CPVLab, Prosper202, Voluum etc.

CPA Grip Marketing Payment Method

In CPA payment, the amount differs depending on the offers you get. For some you can expect from $1-$6 for each lead, and if it’s for a single email capture the prices ranges from $4 – $25.

In CPA marketing, the payout is largely dependent on how complicated the process or the action to be performed is.

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