Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Methods That made Me $40,000+

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At Digistore24, a vendor advertises his product or service in the marketplace and gets affiliates to help sell them. In this article, I want to show you Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+.

You thought I said, ‘Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods made me $40,000+, right? Yes. You heard that right the first time. Some simple affiliate marketing methods and input of time and dedication can make you a good income.

Some Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Terms and Values

If you’re not new to affiliate marketing, but unacquainted with Digistore24, here is a quick run-through of these numbers

Earnings per sale refer to the average revenue the product or service provider generates per customer

Earnings per cart visitor is the average revenue that you [the affiliate] can make per visitor who fills the order form.

Sales rank describes the position of a product in the ranking list on Digistore24, which is ordered by the net revenue it generates.

The cart conversion percentage value determines the number of cart visitors who purchase a product.

The cancellation rate points to the percentage of buyers who cancel products or request refunds after purchase.

If you want to apply the Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+, you must know the significance of these terms.

Understanding these values will help you choose the right product to promote instead of dilly-dallying, avoid Digistore24 affiliate products that won’t convert.


Creating a Digistore24 Account

To begin using the Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+, you must create a Digistore24 account.

If you’re from a country where Digistore24 is banned, you can go to Google and search for TunnelBear.

TunnelBear VPN

Now, use this only if you have issues creating an account due to your country of residence, particularly from a third-world country.

Click the link ‘TunnelBear secure VPN service’ and follow.

If you already have an account with TunnelBear:

On your TunnelBear account page, locate the VPN icon, select the country of your choice and turn it on.

TunnelBear will hide your current country and make it appear as though you are in the country you selected, enabling you to create a Digistore24 account.

If you don’t have a TunnelBear account:

  • Create a TunnelBear account by clicking on the hamburger—the menu icon at the top-right edge of the page.
  • From the menu displayed, click, ‘My Account.’

The linked page provides you space to enter your email and password. But, if you don’t have a TunnelBear account yet, do not type in any information.

Below the spaces are the ‘Login’ button, the ‘I forgot my password’ link, and ‘Don’t have a TunnelBear account? Sign up’ link.

  • Click the ‘Sign up’ link.
  • Type in the email address and the password you want to use to create a new account and follow the account creation process.
  • Next, go back to the Google address bar and type in ‘TunnelBear chrome extension.’
  • Click on the first of the links that will appear.

Clicking this link will open the chrome web store, just like an app store but for laptops.

  • On the page, click ‘Add.’

When you have done that, the icon will appear on your chrome bar from where you can choose the country you want to use a VPN.


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To create an account on Digistore24:

  • Open https://www.digistore24.com/en/affiliates and click Register now.
  • On the linked page, provide your username and password, choose your time zone (if you’re using a VPN, ensure you enter the correct time zone for the country you chose).

Also, choose your title, name, company name (you can also input your name there), address, country, zip code, phone number, and Skype ID or Telegram ID.

  • When you’re through with all that, click, Register for free.

With this, you have created your account.

How to Use Digistore24

When you go to the Digistore24 home page, click ‘Marketplace.’ On the marketplace page, you will see every affiliate product that Digistore24 has available.

Digistore24 ranks the products according to how well they are doing.

You have to consider the amount the vendor will pay you if you wish to promote a product. When you look through each product, that amount is displayed.

Before choosing a product to promote, you will need to consider the cancellation rate.

For instance, if a product goes for $100 and has a 10% cancellation rate, it means that if you make 100 sales, you will have at least ten people seeking a refund.

So, it will be wise to select a product that offers a high payout and has a low cancellation rate.

When you’ve decided the product you want to promote, click on ‘Promote.’ Your affiliate link will be displayed on the product area.

Copy your link.

If you don’t have an account while going through this process, you’ll have to sign in when clicking on ‘Promote.’

Now that you’ve created your Digistore24 account, you ask what are ‘the Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+?’

Follow closely.


Step 1: Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Methods that Made Me $40,000+

Now you have your Digistore24 account, and you want to make money with it.

  • Go to your browser and search for Google ads. Open the link and click ‘Sign in’ if you have been running ads on Google ads before. If you are new to it, click, ‘Start now.’

Provide answers to the questions you’re going to be asked to create an account.

  • When your Google ad account is open, click the ‘tools’ icon. From the dropped menu, choose ‘Keyword planner.’
  • Choose ‘Discover new keywords.’
  • When it opens up, click where the ‘country’ option, remove your country name and click save.

You should do this so that you will be able to receive traffic all over the world and not be limited to one country.

  • Go to the search bar on your account, type in the product’s name, and click ‘get results.’

The results displayed will be the keywords people use in searching for things that relate to the product you’ve chosen. You’ll also see the level of traffic that each keyword generates.

You should copy a number of these keywords, at least every keyword that has from 100 searches upwards.

Step 2: Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Methods That made Me $40,000+

Now, pick one of the most searched keywords by right-clicking on it and clicking copy.

Open another tab on your browser and open Quora.com

Now, Quora is a site where people ask questions and other people answer them. It is a different social platform where the posts are questions that expect answers.


  • Create two different accounts with two separate emails on Quora.com
  • Log into the first account and click on the ‘Add question’ button on the Quora toolbar.
  • Paste the keyword that you copied.

For a clearer picture, let me give you an instance:

On your Digistore24 account, lets say you chose the product: JD-Squad keto diet. And this product had a $200 commission with a 2% cancellation rate.

Now you go to Google ad keywords and search for ‘JD-Squad keto diet.’ On the list, you saw keywords such as ‘JD-Squad keto diet rules,’ ‘JD-Squad keto diet weight loss,’ etc.

Among these, JD-Squad keto diet weight loss has the highest search volume.

You will copy the ‘JD-Squad keto diet’ keyword, go to the Quora account you created, and paste it as a question there.

  • Do not paste it alone, but as a question, e.g., What were the JD-Squad keto diet weight loss program results? Ensure you use the keyword in the question.
  • Then click on the ‘Add question’ button below. Verify all you’re to verify on the dialog box that follows. Once you’re through with that, click, ‘Done.’

With this, your question asked will be displayed for all to see on Quora.

  • The next thing is to log out of the first account and log into the second account.
  • When logged into the second account, go to the search bar and type in the keyword, ‘JD-Squad keto diet weight loss.’

The search results will display the question you asked with the first account and other related questions containing the same keyword.

  • Click on your question (with the first account) and click the option to answer it.
  • Write out a well-detailed and explanatory answer relating to the JD-Squad keto diet weight loss.

Now, you can make it easier by going to google to search for someone’s before and after pictures relating to weight loss. Click and download the image. Add this image to your write-up, referring to it as an example of someone engaged in the JD-Squad keto diet weight loss program.

Remember, do not write a short story. If you do so, you will not get the number of clicks to help get the expected traffic. Write something with good detail in not less than 500 words. Take your time and build your words to convince the reader.

  • To add the image you downloaded, click the image icon, pick it, and add it to your write-up.
  • Somewhere within the write-up, most commonly at its end, paste your affiliate link.

Fix in a line that gives a call to action or recommendation to click that link to know more or purchase the product with a discount.

  • Highlight the word to use as a link within the write-up and bold the text. You will notice the link icon at the top end of the writing window, click it, and paste your affiliate link.

Most time, however, if you directly paste an affiliate link into your answer, Quora might delete your answers. So, I recommend you use a landing page.


To set up a quick landing page:

  • Go to Google sites and create a free site. It is pretty straightforward.

Google sites will open a new free site for you, which you can use as a bridge between Quora and your affiliate link.

  • When the site page appears, you can type a message such as ‘Click here to continue to your destination.’
  • Highlight the words ‘Click here and click the insert link icon on the toolbox when setting up your landing page. Paste your affiliate link there and click apply.
  • When you’ve done that, click ‘Publish’ and name the page, e.g., JD-Squad keto diet program official, and click ‘Publish.’
  • When the page you created appears, copy the link page, go back to Quora and insert the landing page link into your write-up.

So, when people click on that link, it takes them to your landing page. And when they click on the link, it takes them to your affiliate link and to the product sales page where they can purchase the product.

When they buy, you will get paid.

All we just did was for only one keyword. You can do this for each keyword: ask questions on one account and answer them using another.


For each product you promote on Digistore24 and use the method explained above, you can make a significant amount of pay. These are the Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+.

You can even make much more than that. If you up to 200 people reading your posts for ten separate product on Quora, and each product costs $200 with a 2% cancellation rate, it means that if you make daily sales to 50 people, you can be counting over six figures monthly.

So, pay attention to the Digistore24 affiliate marketing methods that made me $40,000+ and begin from there.