Earn $1000 daily for uploading photos

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You can earn $1000 daily for uploading photos, all you have to do is take a picture with your phone or camera, upload it and you’ll be paid—directly to your bank account. Sounds to good to be true? 

Whether you are a photographer or just someone who loves to and is good at taking pictures, you can make money online and earn daily for uploading photos you take.

You only need to know the right places to sell your photos online, you can earn $1000 daily for uploading photos of varying skill levels. These levels of photo skills are demanded by large companies, small businesses, websites owners, bloggers, marketers, graphic designers and publishers. Individuals and businesses are more than willing to pay for and make regular use of uploaded photos that suit their work.

Making Money Online by Uploading Photos

Loads of photographers are making money, earning $1000 daily or more for uploading photos and selling them on different stock photography sites.

Selling your photos on stock photography websites is one of the ways of making money online daily. This brings us to the question that is likely on your mind since you started this article:

How do I use stock photography to make money online and earn daily for uploading photos?

Lets look into it:

Using Stock Photography websites

Stock photography refers to photos that are already made available through licensing by a fee paid to the producer and the organization managing them. By purchasing, the purchaser can use the photos, while the photographer retains the copyright of his work.

In using stock photography to make money online, the type you use is equally vital. These types of stock photography include macrostock and microstock, amongst others.

  • Macrostock
    Macrostock photography refers to organizations that sell exclusive and well-priced images. In macrostock photography, licensing of individual images are done directly with the client and sold for up to $3000 yearly. Producers of the images get royalties from this.
  • Microstock
    Microstock images are sold for a significantly lower price and is royalty-free. Royalty-free does not mean without being paid for, rather, the photographers are paid per image download.

Earn $1000 uploading photos

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Can You Make Money from Stock Photos?

You can make money uploading photos online, but it’s not a walk in the park. It use to be much easier when there were not many photos out there and the stock photo market was less packed.

Today, the industry has expanded to the degree that supply seems to outweigh demand. There are close to 250 million images on Shutterstock with a weekly million added.

Obviously, more work and skill is needed to succeed compared to when microstock began a decade and a half ago. However, even if you don’t go full time with selling stock photos, you can grow to making a few hundreds.

It will involve time and a dedication but think about the fact that you can earn $1000 daily uploading photos.

How much can you earn uploading photos?

Experienced photographer and blogger Alexandre Rotenberg says you have to upload over five thousand images to earn $500 monthly passive income.

Clearly, it is not a get-rich-quick program. It would take many full time photographers up to three years to achieve this and maybe five if you’re in it as a side hustle.

There are those who get lucky because their niche is in high demand or their images are those of outstanding places which are yet to be scoured by the market.

A Few Tips for Stock Photography

1. Proper use of keywords

Using keywords is the simple way potential buyers find your images. This means that proper use of keywords is not just highly significant but vital in making money online from uploading uploading photos.

On keywording for stock photography, do the following:

  • Ensure your keywords are very descriptive. It is advisable to list thee keywords in order of importance. For instance, put the more specific keyword ‘dog’ before the more generic ‘animal.’
  • If there is more of the subjects in the image e.g. use cats for example instead of ‘cat.’
  • Add any items seen in the shot, and state activities e.g. ‘dancing’ or ‘laughing.’
  • Also include illustrations of concepts like ‘cooperation’ or ‘peace.’

2. Focus on the end-user

Successfully selling your photos means that you are giving something that someone wants. Literally, the end-user determines what you produce, which in effect is what you get paid for.

Three key questions you’re going to have to ask yourself are:

  • Is anyone going to buy this photo?
  • Who is going to buy this photo?
  • What is the buyer going to use it for and how?

With these questions in mind, your photos will have a better chance of selling.

3. Regularly and consistently upload photos

More sales are directly proportional to the more photos that you upload. Uploading regularly and consistently also puts your images at the top of search results of most sites.

With regular uploads, you’ll stay abreast with trends and its changes in the photo market. Now, old photos will still sell because there are a lot of buyers seeking for photos that were trending years ago, but your sales will be steadier by uploads of fresh content.

Earn $1000 uploading photos

How to Start Earning by Uploading Photos

Knowing what stock photography is and its use, how can you earn $1000 daily uploading photos online?

Well then, you have to be interested in being a published photographer uploading and selling photos; this is how you can get paid for selling photographs. A lot of photographers are getting significant pay for this and you can also earn same.

However, you will not only require some level of photography skills, you will need to know about the stock photo industry—the stock photography services available. Kick-start your career as a published photographer by registering on stock photography site.

There are several sites where you can earn by uploading your photos, for example submit your photos and designs to Canva to earn money.

Checks and reviews before uploading photo

Uploading your photos on a stock photography site provides you a great opportunity to get your works out there and also hone your photography skills.

However, watch out for a some areas:

  • Technicalities
    No stock photography website will accept just any photo you upload. The sites analyze exposure, focus, and noise of the photo. The service reviews composition and technical aspects before approved the photo. If a stock photography sites reject your photo, it should help you improve in the technical areas. This makes you a much better photographer.
  • Intellectual Property
    Check to ensure that brand logos or symbols do not appear in your photos. For instance, if the Coca Cola logo is appears on your photo, Coca Cola reserve the right to claim your image without you profiting from it. The reason your stock image can be claimed because the Coca Cola logo features in it. Additionally, no stock photography site will agree to sell a photo that features another brand’s intellectual property in it. So, etch out any brand logos on your photos before uploading them.
  • Models
    People appearing in your stock images is okay as long as these people are in a public place. However, it is an issue if the person(s) who appears in your photo sues a customer for purchasing that stock image without having their model releases. They have rights to royalties of that photo. So, if people are visible in your photos, get a model release signed by those in the photo. A model release gives you right to have them appear in your photo. With this, you don’t owe them any royalties.

Earn $1000 uploading photos

Uploading Photos on stock photography sites

Several stock photography sites exist and you can upload your photos for making money online. Here are a few of the platforms where you can build on to earn $1000 daily for uploading photos:

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the top stock photography websites today. Its registration is free with a twenty-five percent commission rate for starters.

You are required to provide an initial ten photographs and seven of them must be approved before you’re accepted on the platform.

2. Getty Images

Getty was among the first online platforms to begin licensing stock photos. Requirements for entry into Getty are stricter than several other competing sites.

Getty pays out only a 20% commission to photographers, however, the level of traffic that it generates means an increase in expected sales.

3. iStock

iStock is owned by Getty, and it is one of the sites from which you can earn $1000 daily uploading photos. To begin, sign up for an account for free, and provide three of your best photos.

If your images meet up with the quality standards of the site, you have joined a great platform for  selling your stock imagery. iStock offer between 15-45% as commissions. Additionally, it generates a lot more traffic compared to almost any other stock photo website.

4. Stocksy

Stocksy, founded in 2013, is a platform where many photographers find to be great to start selling. It focuses on fair pay and creating steady careers for its contributors.

Stocksy payouts are significantly higher than most, with a 50% commission. This is a very good deal for many photographers.

5. Crestock

Crestock is another site where you can earn money online daily for uploading photos. Set up a free account and submit photos for review; that is how simply the platform works.

Approval of your photos will earn you between 20%-40% commission per photo that sells. Once registered, you can immediately begin uploading photos.

6. Canva

Canva welcomes both professional photographers and hobbyist to submit photos for sale on its platform. Its partnership program is so popular that the platform had to pause new signups temporarily in March 2022. When it starts accepting applicants again, you can sign up via this link.

Make money selling photos on Canva
Canva partnership sign up steps

Can You Really Earn $1000 Daily Uploading Photos?

Making money online through uploading photos depends on your stock photos and the imagery agency with whom you’re registered. A large number of stock photographers make good pay selling their photos.

If you will earn $1000 daily uploading photos, it is considerably affected by, but not limited to;

  • the type of license purchaser may have to acquire to use your stick photo and,
  • the stock image agency you’re working with.

Both of these factors significantly influence how much you can make selling stock photos.

1. Royalty-free license

A royalty-free license is also a non-exclusive license. It means it can be licensed multiple times reducing the cost considerably.

Royalty-free licensed photos are average and low-cost, so and sell quickly. Some stock image agencies, however, set their prices based on the image resolution.

Royalty-free licensed images are priced between $1 and $15 per photo.

Some stock agencies offer a stock-photo subscription, which is a periodic plan that photo purchasers have to subscribe to so as to get a larger photo per time, and pay recurrent fee.

Stock-photo subscription plan, reduces the price of a single image, bringing the cost as low as $0.30 per image.

2. Rights-managed license:

With the rights-managed licensed images, your stock photo cost will be based on the intended need.

Prices of rights-managed licensed photos vary by the image size and resolution. From somewhere around $50, you can earn $1000 daily uploading photos.

Earn $1000 uploading photos

Tips and Strategies to Sell Your Photos Quickly

1. Market strategically

Know the type of photos graphic designers and marketing directors are on the look out for.

This category of images are the ones that make good sales on stock photo sites.

2. Clear concepts

When an image concept is vague or photo ideas are unclear, they rejected on stock imagery sites.

Ensure your idea is clear, and well put out. Photos that vague will get little or no notice in the midst of other images.

3. Image lighting should be natural

Stock photos are clear, pure, and always in focus –except, the blur is intentional.

Make use of natural lighting and ensure your photos are always snapped in the best light possible.

4. Good thumbnail views

Stock photos that appear good as thumbnails are more popular. Viewers on stock photo sites look through images as thumbnails, so ensure your images look appealing in small view.

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