Squadhelp: Earn $300 by just typing names online!

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Squadhelp is an online platform that allows you to earn money from it just by being creative. It requires you to develop name suggestions or ideas and logo designs for businesses searching for them. As you might know, one of the most challenging aspects of starting a new business is name, logo, and tagline generation. Asides from all of these, you still have to worry about funding for your business and the exact business model to implement.

To take some of the workloads away from you, you can employ freelancers to help with the former task. And businesses understand the power of an impressive first impression! Therefore, having the right business name is crucial as it can determine the future success if failure of your business. It ensures you have adequate time for other important considerations.

That said, freelancers can step up using the squad help platform to make some extra income online for themselves.

What is Squadhelp?

The Squadhelp platform is a crowdsourcing freelancer marketplace that offers prospecting entrepreneurs an avenue to create names for their business efficiently and excitingly. This platform has been around for a while now, with its earliest operation beginning in 2011.

earm $300 monthly with the Squadhelp platform

It allows business owners to post contests on it, and freelancers on the platform partake in such contests. Each contest has a different reward, and the business owner can only choose one winner. The contest is closed upon picking a winner, and other freelancers move on to the next contest. 

Squadhelp provides an alternative means of getting the job done to traditional branding agencies. It gives people with a creative mindset to earn money for their effort. Also, they get to come up with compelling and conspicuous logo designs as well as concise names relevant to each business. Think of it as a win-win situation; you get paid for your idea, and the company gets easy access to excellent ideas for logos, names, and slogans.

Aside from these, it also provides other additional value-added services essential to businesses.

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Can I Join Squadhelp?

Surprisingly, this platform is available to anyone regardless of location or country of residence. Its global presence has contributed to its popularity among creatives and entrepreneurs. Although known worldwide, the platform is only available in English. It means you need to be fluent in English if you wish to make money from Squadhelp since all contests and instructions are in that language. 

Asides from the language barrier, anyone can join the platform as a freelancer. However, it’s important to state that the forum requires you to have tried your hands on designs before participating in logo contests. This means you will have to submit proof of previously done designs and hope Squadhelp accepts them.

Getting Started With Squadhelp

As a freelancer looking to make extra income online, the Squadhelp platform is a sure way to do so. It won’t cost you anything to sign up as the process is free. Although free, it’s important to state that there is a one-time $10 fee before you can participate in the naming contest. As for the logo contest, there are no fees attached except the submission of proof of previous work before you can get approval. To sign up, follow the process below:

  • Navigate to the Squadhelp homepage 
  • Click on the signup button.
  • Here, you have to supply necessary information such as your real name, a display name, email, and password. Click on next
  • Since you are looking to make money from the platform, you want to select the join as “Creative or Marketplace seller.”
  • Click on the finish button to finalize your signup process.

Upon completion, you should verify your email address and log in. Before joining any contest to try and earn money, you need to complete the setup process for your account. To complete account setup, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your address
  • Country of residence, state as well as city
  • Postal code
  • You have the option of entering a phone number or not.

Once that is done, you are ready to participate fully and give yourself a chance at winning rewards from contests.

How it Works

By now, you are probably aware that Squadhelp works in two ways; for freelancers and businesses. For a freelancer looking to use this platform, here are your options:

Naming Contests

On Squadhelp, there are several naming contests, and you have the choice of partaking in as many as possible. Many contests will have you develop names for businesses and website names that are available. At other times, contests will require you to create slogans or taglines. Freelancers in the writing genre will find this option a perfect fit as it allows them to express themselves with little to no restriction. Also, should you win, the reward can be as high as $300 from just one contest, and there are no shortages of contests.

naming contest on Squadhelp

Once you log in to your account, you can head for the dashboard to view available and ongoing tasks and eligible ones. You will see the number of freelancers that have already entered the contest and have handed in their submissions. Also, you get to know the closing time for submission of entry. There is a brief description of each task and the price of the reward. You can click on it to further display additional information. It’s essential to go through this description as it gives you complete detail about what the owner wants.

Keep in mind that as a new member, not all the contests will be available to you immediately. Instead, the platform assigns you a few contests to get you started. How you perform these tasks will determine how quickly you get full access to more contests. So make sure to make an effort from the beginning, as it will affect your chances of gaining access to more contests.

It means the platform uses a Percentile Ranking Score to determine your level of access. The calculation for the score is from how well you performed in previous contests. The higher your score, the more entries you will be able to submit, eventually increasing your chances of winning.

Pro-Tip: You don’t have to worry about coming up with the names, slogans, or taglines for businesses all by yourself. You can rely on third-party platforms to make the task easier for you. Websites such as businessnamegenerator and Shopify can help you develop concise ideas. Getting a name is just one-half of the task; in most cases, you have to verify that such names are available for domain purchase. To check, you can use Godaddy or name.com to confirm availability.

Logo Design

The logo design contest is the most preferred option for freelancers that are exceptional with graphics design. The process is similar to that of naming contests. The significant difference here is that it requires proof that you are genuinely a qualified designer. You will first have to send samples of previous designs you’ve done to Squadhelp to be approved. This is a potential stumbling block for new graphics designers as they won’t partake in these contests.  

Aside from this requirement, a noticeable downside is that many logo design contests are often available to Tier A members. To become a Tier A member, you must have previously won a contest on the platform. Alternatively, if you produce quality designs and maintain an impressive ranking score, you improve your chances of joining the elite membership club on the site. Contests available by invitation only are meant for this exclusive club.

How Much Can I Earn?

On average, contests on the Squadhelp platform have a reward range of around $100 to $300. It doesn’t mean there are no contests with higher pay rates. Therefore, how much you earn will depend on how many contests you win. But the more contest you participate in, the more your chances of winning. And the more you win, the more your earnings!

earnings on the squadhelp platform

Keep in mind that you have to compete with several hundred or possibly thousands of freelancers from around the world. To win, your design or generated name must meet the description as stipulated by the owner as well as stand out. A downside is that there is also the possibility of you not earning at all as winning isn’t guaranteed. But if you win regularly, you can amass a pretty much decent amount.

Regardless, the more confident you are of your creative and design skill, then you can be sure of making at least $300 per month.

How Do You Get Paid?

Now that you know about Squadhelp and its contests, you probably wonder how you can withdraw your earnings should you win a contest. Thankfully, the platform is got you covered. The reward is credited to your Squadhelp account automatically upon winning a contest. From there, you have the option of withdrawing your earnings either using PayPal or Payoneer.

Please note that your PayPal account has to be verified before you can use it on Squadhelp. Also, if you reside within the United States, it is mandatory to submit a W9 before receiving payments. If you live outside the U.S. but in a country requiring you to pay taxes, you will have to submit a W8-BEN to the platform.

Usually, payment takes around seven working days to process, and you can expect your money. If you have won over five contests and have a high rating score, you can expect the payout process to be faster with a 1-3 business days time-frame after submitting a request.

Earn more by becoming a Squadhelp Affiliate

Participating in naming and logo design contests is a superb way of earning cash on the high side. But if you feel the competition is high and your chances of winning on the platform are slim, there are other ways you can make money from Squadhelp. Becoming a Squadhelp affiliate is an alternative way to make money from the site without participating in contests. 

All you have to do is join its referral program and refer friends, family, and associates. Squadhelp offers two ways for affiliates to make money from it: 

  • You can earn by referring businesses to the platform. You get paid $30 for each when your referred business launches a contest on the website.
  • Also, you can earn $35 for each referred customer who buys a domain from the Squadhelp marketplace.

Pros of using Squadhelp

  • There are numerous contests available for you to pick from or choose to partake in as many as possible.
  • If you are a professional designer or skilled creative, the payment can be lucrative compared to other freelance platforms.
  • There is no restriction as to who can join the site. This means that regardless of your country or language, you have the opportunity to make money from the website.
  • You can count on their easy payout options to get your money into your local bank when you eventually win. 

Cons of using Squadhelp

  • With no restrictions on who can join, the competition becomes enormous. This means your chances of winning a contest are slim.
  • You need to make a one-time payment of at least $10 before you can participate in the naming contests.
  • In the same light, if you are new to graphic designing, you will not participate in logo design contests, unlike what you have on other platforms like Fiverr. 
  • There have been reported cases of the platform reusing designs that didn’t win. 


 If you are searching for how to make money online and are skilled at designing logos or creative with words, you should be looking at Squadhelp. The platform provides a fun way to make money while entertaining yourself with your creativity. There are no shortages of contests, and there is virtually no limit to what you can earn. That said, keep in mind that it’s a contest, and there is no guarantee you will win. As much as you can make money, you can also waste your time!

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