Earn $500 a day online for free Copy and Pasting Links

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It may sound too good, but it’s true; you can make money online and earn $500 a day online for free copying and pasting links. Also, you can run this from anywhere in the world, and there is no need for even having a website.

You basically don’t need anything to take advantage of this method besides your fingers, a computer, plus an internet connection. All of which you need, no matter if you won’t make money online or not.

The cool thing about making money online is that you can find creative new ways all the time. So, you can find new and exciting methods to make money with no experience necessary and no cash needed to get started.

Let’s find out how to earn $500 a day online for free, just copying and pasting links.

1. Copy and Pasting SEO Tool Link

There’s an SEO tool called Mangools. It is a website that helps one who has no idea of search engine optimization (SEO) do basic things to help his website rank.

You might be saying: ‘I don’t have a website,’ ‘I don’t need to rank it on google.’ Maybe. The truth is that there are millions of businesses out there that need to rank their websites on Google.

They can make a significant amount more money by getting their site ranked on Google for the keyword they’re talking about. It could be a dentist in New Jersey or a doctor in Delaware. There are all these businesses out there; insurance agents, business agents, real estate agents, plastic surgeons, and so many more that need help with their online presence.

A very high percentage of businesses out there don’t know a single thing about this, and so, with the fundamental knowledge, you can make a significant amount of money doing this.

Interestingly, you’re not going to be doing any type of service; all you’re going to be doing is copying and pasting and sending their links to thousands of business owners. You can even get virtual assistants to help you, your friend, or your family members.

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Mangools Affiliate Program

Mangools allows you to find keywords, see where you rank on the search page, track your rankings, and show powerful ways to help you get backlinks that help your site rank. You must know how it works so that when you’re speaking with actual business owners, they’ll see that you know what you’re saying.

Magools will give you a free 10-day trial for their service with no credit card required. You can read more about it here. Several huge companies such as Airbnb, Alexa, and Adidas trust them. They have materials that will teach you about SEO and much more.

However, what we want to look at is their actual affiliate program. Over 500,000 users have tried Mangools, and their average monthly payout is close to $500.

They have a 30% lifetime commission for everyone you refer, and with a single sale, you can make up to $300 if they choose the annual plan.

How to Use Mangools

Step 1: Create a script that you will use to reach out to businesses who need to use this Mangools tool to enhance their SEO for their websites. On the script, paste the link and the name of this business. Any business that signs up through the link you have provided earns you up to $300 per sign up.

Step 2: Go to mangools.com to set up your account, go to affiliate terms, and click ‘get promo materials.’

Step 3: Click ‘copy’ to copy your affiliate link, then paste it on a notepad. Now, the marketing presumption is a 1-3 conversion rate; this is saying that for every one hundred businesses you reach out to, between 1 to 3 will sign up. So, if 3 of them sign up, it means you can earn up to 900 USD from those businesses.

Step 4: Paste the link on the marketing scriptYou can create a script example like this:

“Hey. My name is Sam.

I noticed that your company, JD Squad, could easily rank higher on Google, and you’re missing out on many customers.

Big brands like AirBnB and Adidas use a tool; it’s straightforward to use and guaranteed to get your business ranked higher on Google, which means more customers.

I don’t want to sell you anything, but this might be working checking out. The worst thing that can occur is that it doesn’t work, but they’re confident it will.

They’ll give you a free 10-day trial, no credit card required.”

After this message, paste your affiliate link.

Step 5: If you have virtual assistants and/or family helping you put this message out, you can put out up to 1000 of these a day. If three companies sign up out of 100, you can earn more than $500 a day. And, if they are more, you can do the math. The question is: how do we get companies to send these messages to?

How to Get Companies for Mangool

Finding companies from which you can earn $500 a day online for free, copy and pasting links from Mangool, you will need a tool called Marketermagic. Marketer magic is one of the best tools for digital marketing, agencies, and things like that.

When you visit Marketermagic.com, watch their free courses—that will help you—and join their online training. It is all completely free to do. You can learn so much about digital marketing and more, all for free. They have a lot of beneficial resources.

Step 1: Click ‘Manyleads’

Step 2: Click ‘Create campaign’

Step 3: Type in the type of businesses you seek to reach with your link. Let’s say ‘dentists.’

Step 4: Type in the state you want to scan around for dentists and click ‘Show leads.’ Marketermagic will go all around and scan tens of millions of results of the state of different dentists. You can do this in any number of cities. You can automate this or get a virtual assistant to help you. The emails, numbers, addresses, and even social media contacts of these companies will appear in the scan results. You can even open up some of their websites directly from the site. On some of these websites, you will find contact forms where you can even enter your name, email address, and message.

Step 5: In the message section of these websites, take your marketing script, copy, and paste it directly. When you’ve done that, edit your message to properly fit into the specific company you’re sending the message to.

Step 6: Check ‘I’m not a robot,” then send. Remember that not everyone will respond to you. Even if 99% of businesses do not respond to you, you can still make a considerable amount of money doing this. You can repeat this process with the next company. Visit their website, fill in their contact forms, send it, and repeat for the next one.

Note this: Another way is to copy the companies’ email addresses and send them emails containing your written message. Send it to them one after the other. You can also use automation tools to do this, e.g., Gmass or autoresponders like MailChimp. Do not send too many too fast. If you do so, your account will get shut down for spam. So, do it a little bit slower. Also, keep in mind that you can reach out to these companies through Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more businesses and individuals you reach out to, the more people will click your link, sign up for a completely free trial, and ultimately earn you up to $500 a day online for free, copy and pasting links. This money comes per sale because your making them money. If they sign up, they can improve their SEO presence and rank higher on Google. And, if they rank higher on Google, they will get more customers.

2. Copy and Pasting Affiliate Marketing Link

Affiliate marketing involves an online retailer paying commission to an external website or individual for traffic or sales made from its referrals. One of the websites that link affiliates and retailers is Clickbank.

How to Use Clickbank

Step 1: Go to clickbank.com, and click on sign up. Type in your name, phone number, and email address from the signup page. Your country will appear automatically in the space provided.

Step 2: Create a password. Your password must have at least two lowercase letters, two uppercase letters, two numbers, and two special characters. Your password must not exceed 32 characters and must not contain spaces.

Step 3: Check the box to accept terms and conditions when you’re done. Then, click ‘Join Clickbank.’ This is how to set up an account if you don’t have one already. If you already have an account, just sign up.

Note that: If you reside in a part of the world where Clickbank doesn’t work, you can alternate to Jvzoo, which works in any part of the world. It’s pretty much the same process.

Step 4: When Clickbank is open, go to the marketplace tab. Navigate to find a product you would like to promote. Choose a category, and look through the list of products. For instance, ‘Category: Ecommerce,’ and ‘Subcategory: Earn $500 a Day Online For Free Copy & Pasting Links (Make Money Online).’ You can make $33 per conversion for some products, while you can earn more with others.

Step 5: Having decided the product you want to promote, click ‘Promote.’

Step 6: In the next window, click ‘Generate hoplinks.’ Copy the hoplink, and close the window. Open a notepad and paste your link there. Now, you will want to track the number of people that follow your link when you begin marketing. For tracking, you’ll use a tracking tool called bit.ly.

Step 7: Go to bit.ly.com and sign up for free. It will help you to shorten your link. Not just that, it will display the analysis of tracked links such as the number of clicks, apps or sites they were clicked from, and the countries from where it was connected. This helps you know where your traffic is coming from and how it’s going.

Step 8: On the bit.ly page, click ‘Create’ at the top part of the window. Then, click the ‘Create’ button from the displayed options. Your copied link will be shortened when you do that, and the link will appear in that window. Copy the shortened link, then paste it on your notepad. This is your ad link; when you click the link, it will take you to the landing site of your product.

Where do you paste this ad link to get individuals or businesses to click and follow it?

How to Get Companies for Your Ad Link

Step 1: Visit classifiedad.com to post your ad link

Step 2: Choose the category and subcategory relating to the ad you want to promote.

Step 3: Select the US state zip code

Step 4: Add a title to the ad, enter the asking price, and then type in or paste your marketing script into the description box For example:

“Do you want to Earn $500 A Day Online For Free Copy & Pasting Links (Make Money Online)?

I have found out a sure way to do this. Click the link below to get started now.”

Step 5: Copy the link from your notepad, and paste it at the end of the script.

Step 6: Fill in the details such as name, address, phone number, and all found under the description window. This is all for registration purposes.

Step 7: Click ‘Post ad.’ As the following window appears, you will get a notification that your ad has been posted. You will see your ad preview with clickable links. So, anyone who visits your ad and clicks the link will be taken to your product landing page directly. Once they buy that product, you will get a commission. Cumulatively, if you do this for up to ten different US cities daily, you can be making up to $500. Other websites where you can do this same thing include global-free-classified-ads.com and thefreeadforum.com. We all want to make money online, so follow these processes, and you can earn $500 a day online for free, only by copying and pasting links.


As you can see, these methods do not cost a dime for you to start making money online by copying and pasting. In addition, they practically require little effort. There is nothing stopping you from attaining financial security but yourself.

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