How to Exit Navigation and Other Google Maps Tips

How to Exit Navigation and 10 other Google Maps Tips in 2022

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Besides the issues you may encounter with apps generally, not knowing the app’s full capability is a significant factor in its use or underutilization. So, here, we will see how to exit navigation and other Google maps tips.

Google Maps provides in-depth information about geographical regions and sites globally. Traditional road maps aerial and satellite views of many places, such as city street views, are offered as part of their service.

Maybe the most important is their real-time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling either by foot, private car, bike, air, and other public means.

That’s to say; these are the most common situations that face you directly when navigating from point A to point B.

Several people have been having this issue of exit navigation when using the Google Maps and Navigation app.

If you move around a lot, finding yourself navigating even to places you don’t know your way around, you must indeed be used to google maps, and maybe this issue.

Problems like Google maps don’t exit navigation when arrived, or requests on how to exit navigation on iPhone arise.

Also surfaced are related questions: How do I exit navigation? How do I exit navigation on my phone? How do I exit Google Maps? How do you stop Google Maps from navigating?

How to Exit navigation on iPhone

There are several ways to stop your maps from continuing to run on your iPhone.

Turn off Google Maps on my iPhone

Step 1: Go to the Settings icon on your phone and tap it.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Manage your Google Account’ option (Some versions do not have this option, so you can skip it).

Step 3: Tap’ Privacy and Personalization/Data and Personalization/Privacy (This also depends on the iPhone version you are using).

Step 4: Locate the ‘Activity controls’ heading, and tap ‘Location History’ or ‘Location.’

Step 5: Tap or swipe the ‘Location History’ to toggle it on or off.

Another question on way exit navigation on iPhone is, ‘How do you exit the navigation maps app when you’re done using it? It seems to be constantly running in the background after I have used the exit navigation ‘x’ button.’

Step 1: Tap the Home button twice,

Step 2: Hold the Maps app down until it starts to wiggle on the second tap.

Step 3: Tap the red minus sign when it appears

exit navigation

When you’re using an Android phone and not an iPhone, but you are still faced with the issue of exciting navigation, you can disable the app:

How to Disable Google Navigation App

On Android, there is no exit button on Google Maps app. This means that you might need to change some settings to stop maps.

Step 1: Locate the mobile ‘settings’ icon on your Android and tap it.

Step 2: Find and click the ‘Apps’ option. The location of the ‘Apps’ option varies based on the phone you’re using. Some phones place the option on the ‘General’ section under ‘Settings.’

Step 3: Scroll all through the list of Apps. The apps are arranged in alphabetical order, so scroll down and locate ‘Maps.’ When you find the map, tap on it to open it.

Step 4: Information and data about the Google maps app will be displayed. Tap the button ‘Disable’ Google navigation app.

A pop-up message will appear after you tap on disable button. To disable maps, affirm your choice.

This will disable the navigation maps app and stop running in the background.

If you wish to enable the navigation maps again, follow the same procedure above and allow the app.

In case you don’t want to disable the app but instead want to exit navigation by just stopping it, you can force stop the app.

How to Stop Google Navigation App

First, follow the process to disable Google navigation up to the fourth step. Besides the ‘Disable’ button, there is also the ‘Force stop button.

  • Click on that button instead.

When you do this, a pop-up message will appear indicating that ‘if you force-stop an app, it may misbehave.’

  • Tap the OK option to affirm your choice and exit navigation by force-stopping the app.

Note that: Force stop will exit the navigation app only for that session. When you decide the use the maps later, it will function as usual.

Know that the processes involved in exit navigation are not permanent stick applications. Because when complaints are sent to companies, it leads them to improve on their apps and, in several cases, make changes that affect how specific actions are carried out.

You can follow these processes to exit the navigation map and control it.

Additionally, Google Maps can do more things. Let’s look through some other maps tips:

Other Google Maps Tips

1. You can plot multiple locations on Google Maps

Car trips are more than just moving from point A to point B. It is often from point A; I’ll see Jerry, then Joe, then the principal. After this, it’s point B, where I’ll go to the store, see grandma and then head back home.

So, it’s vital to anticipate natural movement. Plotting multiple locations on Google maps is helpful in this situation.

In adding multiple locations and destinations in the Google Maps app;

  • Enter your starting point (A) and your ultimate destination point (B).
  • Go tap the three vertical dots at the top-right end of the app. A pop-over menu appears with the option ‘Add stop.’ Click it and add a route with multiple stops.

You can even drag and drop stops within your itinerary.

2. You can customize your car icon

When driving, you can choose what car appears on your navigation, both in the iOS and Android apps.

  • To do this, put in your destination and commence driving directions. 
  • Tap the icon that displays your current location, and a menu pops up with several car icon options.
  • Take your pick.

exit navigation

3. You can use Google Maps offline

It is possible to be in a place where internet coverage is limited. To aid you in this situation, Google Maps provides offline access.

  • Enter an address or location, and swipe up on the menu at the lower end of the screen.
  • Tap the ellipsis icon, and choose ‘Download offline map.’ With this, the map area will be saved.
  • To access it offline, tap your avatar and choose ‘Offline maps.’

4. You can find accessible transit routes and locations

If you’re one with or know someone with mobility issues, you can search for wheelchair-accessible transit routes.

To do this, tap Options, and then Wheelchair accessible when seeking train or bus directions.

When you have gotten to your destination, the Accessible Places setting will provide you with wheelchair accessibility information about that location.

Enable wheelchair-accessible route through, Settings > Accessibility > Accessible Places.

After ‘Accessible Places’ is activated, a wheelchair icon will show an accessible entrance, and you can see if a place has accessible parking spaces, toilets, or seating.

5. You can share your location

With Google Maps, you can share your current location with your friends and family for specific periods.

When you share your location, others can see your icon moving around in real-time on their map.

When you want to do this, tap your profile icon on the top end and choose Location sharing.

Decide and pick who you want to share your current location with and for how long. The person will be able to see wherever you are.

6. You can find electric vehicle charging stations

The evolution of cars on the road is evident, and Google Maps is not lagging either. When you search ‘EV charging’ or ‘EV charging station’ on the app, Google Maps will help locate the closest places to charge up your electric vehicle.

7. You can get directions with a single click

To get to our destination, type in your destination address. You can also right-click on the destination you’re going to from the map, and a pull-down appears. From the list, you can get directions to or from that location.

exit navigation

8. You can measure any distance

With the right-click tool, you can also know the distance of any two ends on earth.

Click ‘Measure distance,’ then click anywhere on the map and anywhere else. The distance between the points will be displayed.

9. You can check traffic ahead of time

For those who have to plan, checking traffic before you embark on your journey is quite essential.

Due to unexpected changes in weather and traffic conditions, you might end up late to a meeting if you don’t carefully plan.

Travel time can vary greatly depending on what route you are journeying through and how well you checked traffic.

It is more likely that driving to the office, for instance, will take you a lot less time on a Sunday morning than the weekday rush hour.

To ensure you’re always on time, observe the distance of a journey a day or two in advance.