How to Confirm Your Facebook Identity Hack

Facebook identity hack: How to confirm your ID

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Facebook has introduced a new feature called Identity confirmation; it is a security feature that requires you to confirm your identity. If you don’t verify your identity, your account will be disabled.

To help you out, you will learn all there is to know about how to confirm your Facebook identity feature and how to use it to help safeguard your account.

What is Identity Confirmation on Facebook?

conform your identity on Facebook

If you’ve recently gone through confirming your identity on Facebook, you probably thought it was a hoax. After all, why would anyone need to verify their identity? Well, Facebook does not like fake accounts and has started asking users to go through this process to get rid of them.

This is done by asking users to send proof that they are real persons who own a particular account and not someone who just made up an email address. Facebook will ask you to confirm your identity by sending in documents.

This document can either be a copy of your license or passport with your photo on it or something else that proves that you’re really who you say you are. You won’t be able to use any other way than the one suggested by Facebook if you don’t want those pesky “verification emails” coming back into your inbox again.

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Why Is Facebook Asking Me To Confirm My Identity?

Facebook is trying to prevent fake accounts, spam, cyberbullying, and fraud which is why its asking you to confirm your identity. If you haven’t confirmed your identity, you might be at risk of having your account taken over by someone else or be used for fraudulent purposes.

The social network has also said it will use the information in your profile to help keep you safer online. For example, if something happens, that makes you feel unsafe (like being followed) or if your account appears to be hacked, Facebook might ask you to confirm your personal information to get in touch with law enforcement.

How to Confirm Your Identity On Facebook?

How to Confirm Your Facebook Identity Hack

To confirm your identity on Facebook, you will need to use one of the following methods:

1. Phone number.

2. Credit card or debit card.

3. Driver’s license or another state-issued ID card.

4. Passport.

If you don’t have any of the above, Facebook will send an SMS to the verified phone number on your account and ask you to enter a verification code that it sends over SMS.

How Long Does It Take Facebook To Confirm Your Identity?

The confirmation process generally takes up to 3 days, but it depends on your country. If your account is located in the United States, it may take longer because they need to verify that you are who you say you are.

Why Is Facebook Asking For Identity Confirmation Out Of The Blue?

If you’ve received the message, you may be wondering why Facebook is asking you to confirm your identity out of the blue. After all, it’s not like there’s a massive amount of fake profiles on Facebook or anything.

Well, not exactly. While it’s true that Facebook has very few unverified accounts and most users are legitimate people with genuine profiles, there are still some fake accounts out there, and Facebook needs to protect them from being hacked and their information from being stolen.

This issue is critical if you’re using your Facebook account for work purposes (e.g., managing a company page). Or if you have private information on your profile that can help hackers steal money from other people through credit card fraud or identity theft scams that require access to personal data like Social Security numbers and bank information.

Why is Facebook making me confirm my identity?

If you receive a notification asking you to confirm that it’s you accessing your account, it means Facebook has identified some suspicious activity on your account. If this happens, don’t panic and don’t immediately create a new account somewhere else, it’s likely that the only thing happening is an issue with their algorithms.

If the notification comes from someone who isn’t you or doesn’t look like someone you know or trust (if it looks like spam), DO NOT CLICK LINKS OR OPEN ANY THING YOU ARE NOT SURE OF.

Is It Legal For Facebook To Ask For Identity Confirmation?

You should know that Facebook is a private company, and they can ask you to confirm your identity in any way they see fit. If you refuse to do so, they can close your account permanently.

If you are under 13 years old, then Facebook will close your account if:

  • You haven’t used it for three months; or
  • It has been reported as being fake or hacked more than once or
  • You have been inactive for more than two weeks. If this happens, though, then it’s not fair because being active on social media is essential.

Also, if you are over 13 and refuse to verify your identity, then Facebook won’t let you use their services anymore.

Why Is Facebook Reviewing My Account?

When Facebook reviews your account, the most likely reason is that it thinks you’re a fake account. If you’ve been using Facebook for years and have a lot of friends and photos, this could be an issue.

Facebook might also be reviewing your account because it thinks you are a bot or spambot. If you have hundreds of followers on Instagram but only post once every few months, this could raise some flags for Facebook.

And finally, if someone reported your profile as a hacker or spammer, then chances are that Facebook will want to investigate further before letting anyone reaccess it.

How can I get my Facebook account back?

The steps to regain access to your Facebook account will vary depending on whether a forgotten password locks you out. Or by a security feature that’s automatically triggered due to suspicious activity or by another reason.

If you’ve forgotten your password and need help retrieving it, follow the instructions here to get started.

If you’re locked out because someone else entered their email and password into the form on your behalf or tried to access your account, follow these instructions instead.

If your account was disabled as part of an effort by Facebook’s security team to protect users from threatening activity happening on their accounts, for example, if someone has been using social engineering tactics to gain access, then contact them directly. Ensure to include the details about what happened so that they can take further action if necessary and so that no other unauthorized person may attempt different malicious activity.

Can You Access Your Account Without Confirming Your Identity?

Suppose you’re looking for a way to access your account without confirming your identity. In that case, it’s essential to keep in mind that Facebook has stringent policies against using fake names and email addresses. If you decide to go this route, it will be difficult (if not impossible) for you to delete the fake name from your account. That said, there are some workarounds.

First off, if you want to use a fake name on Facebook, there are several websites where you can purchase one for about $10 per month (with discounts if paid annually). If purchasing is not an option right now (or ever), then consider simply choosing something simple like “Test User” or “Admin.” You’ll have less freedom with this approach because these usernames cannot be changed at any point in time unless they’re deleted entirely from the system. However, they’re usually more than sufficient for most users’ needs.


In conclusion, I would like to say that it is much better if you take care of your Facebook information and avoid clicking on suspicious links or ads. You will keep your account safe from hackers and cybercriminals who want to steal your data and money.