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If you want to be a successful Youtuber, you must know how to get more views on YouTube fast. Your views determine your influence, revenue, and ultimately your success as a YouTube influencer.

It is said that there’s no shortcut to success; you get it done yourself from scratch, or you stand on the shoulders of some who have already gotten there. Either way, the quickest way to get more views on YouTube is to follow specific guidelines.

Getting more views on YouTube begins with knowing how to make a good video. Let’s quickly look at that:

How to make a video on YouTube

How to get more views on Youtube fast

Step 1: Plan what you want to produce

Think and be clear with the message you want to pass to your audience. Ensure to include a call-to-action appropriately to push your prospective audience to act on what they just watched.

Step 2: Write out your script.

Following your plan, write out your scene by scene, outlining exactly how you intend the video to go. Keep the language simple and relatable with your audience. Don’t be too technical with words if the video target is beginners. However, if the objective is to give in-depth explanations to a subject, ensure using terms specific to that industry.

Step 3: Have a shot list for your recording

Creating a shot list, which includes lights and direction, camera, and position, will help take care of necessary details before video shooting commences. A good shot list smoothens the pre-organization of a good video.

Step 4: Organize video scenes and props

Your props and style have to be determined to have a professionally produced video—the type of video that will keep your audience glued. If it will be animated or real-time, it needs to be well organized before and during shooting to get a top-quality output.

Step 5: Practice your details

Practice makes you better in your delivery. The more you practice, the more likely you will encounter specific details that you may not have noticed earlier. So, prepare yourself, practice, and practice again for a hitch-free video.

Step 6: Record and edit your video

Go ahead and record your video. Do your takes and retakes until you’ve gotten enough scenes to make an appropriate video. When you’re done, go through editing your video. Remove unwanted scenes, sounds, and shades until you’ve got the end video.

Step 7: Upload your video to your channel

What you do next is to upload your video to your YouTube channel for the audience, visitors, and followers to view. Titles, tags, and descriptions are vital for getting more views on YouTube because they help people find your video quicker. Create a playlist to add more videos if the topic you’re dealing with requires more than one video. Add cards and captions to make navigation through your videos easier for viewers.

Step 8: Have a live interaction with your audience

With much experience in making YouTube videos, go live and interact with your followers in real-time. Please provide them with live info they can only get from that one-to-one experience; all this will go a mile in getting more views on YouTube.

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How to get more views on YouTube fast

How to get more views on Youtube fast

1. Let your content be attention-grabbing

Irrespective of the number of ads you run, no one will want to see your video if it is not good enough. You get more views on YouTube when your content draws the audience’s attention. When you identify the specific needs of your target audience, you can narrow down your video content to supply that demand.

Look through the comments section of your videos and observe what visitors ask for and suggest. Engage them to also know more of what they seek in your videos. This helps you identify, know, and aim to provide solutions to their problems and proffering answers to their questions.

With this, you consistently create compelling videos tailored to your audience, thereby growing a loyal fan community who get you more views on YouTube.

2. Remind and convince viewers to subscribe to your channel

In comparison to retaining customers, starting a business is more manageable. One way to get more views on YouTube fast is to encourage your steady viewers to subscribe to your channel. Doing this will significantly increase the number of views you get per video.

How to get more views on Youtube fast3. Creating playlists keep visitors glued to videos

As long as your video is engaging, the auto-play feature will keep people stuck and attentive as the clips roll. Playlists improve search ranking if the keywords in your videos are well ordered. For instance, a visitor searches for “How to set up YouTube as a beginner.”

As the video ends, the next video in the auto playlist is “How to upload videos on YouTube,” followed by “How to get more views on YouTube fast.” This sequence will likely keep him glued to your channel, seeing that he can find all he needs to build his channel right from the beginner stage.

4. Use end screens and cards on your videos

Before using end screens and cards, you have to verify your YouTube account. The end screen feature appears at the end of a video and emphasizes a call-to-action, while cards, on the other hand, can occur anytime during the video.

These tools point viewers to another video or playlist, and you can also create a poll card (to know videos which viewers will like to see more).

5. Use watermarks on your videos

That image that appears in all your videos, which could be a logo or inscription, is called a watermark. To get more views on YouTube fast, promote your channel using a watermark on all your videos.

6. Ensure to enable embedding on your videos

Allow viewers to share your video to other sites and online media by enabling the embedding option. Once embedding is enabled, anyone can copy the embedding code and paste it on their websites. More people will be able to view your Youtube video.

This aids further in reaching your video by encouraging more visitors to share it.

7. Put out and spread your videos on social media

If you don’t manage one already, create and promote your video on all social media channels. Inform and encourage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., followers to visit your YouTube channel to view your videos.

You can make a teaser video to appeal to their curiosity.

8. Pay attention to the significance of ‘Watch Time.’

The platform’s search and discovery system impact your channel. Each video and channel’s ranking is based on watch time. Watch is the number of time viewers spends watching your videos. Knowing the significance of watch time means paying attention to details that would increase it. Improve your video quality and set video lengths that will appeal to viewers.

9. Build an online community

Being a social network and a video search engine, you need to consistently engage your viewers. Create a conversation, respond to comments, organize contests or quizzes, do giveaways, and all necessary to build an online community. Through the comments and feedback, not only will you get more views on YouTube, you will gather vital information to improve your channel.

10. Optimize your channel and video titles, description, keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital when looking to get more views on YouTube. So, to be ranked during a search, channel and video titles, descriptions and keywords must contain as much necessary and relevant information as possible.

Be consistent with your channel information and design on all websites and social media; use the same logos, images, and colors. Include links, info, and all that will make it easy for you to be found.

11. Make a trailer pitching your best content

Characteristically, within thirty seconds, you should be able to pitch your content in the best possible manner while encouraging viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Keep it exciting and very appealing, highlighting what you do, why you do what you do, and its importance to your potential subscribers.

12. Create an eye-catching preview image

As the cliché goes, “Always make a good first impression.” Your preview image is the first thing seen when your video is found or suggested. Whether viewers will want to open to watch or not depends on several factors, and an eye-catching preview image is one of them.

Put up a custom thumbnail that makes viewers want to click to see the content of the video. YouTube automatically suggests a thumbnail when you upload a video. However, it is advisable to choose custom-designed ones with the right colors, closes ups, and branding.

13. Add transcripts and subtitles to your videos

If you aim to get more viewers on YouTube fast, you must ensure that viewers and potential viewers can understand the message you are passing. Language barriers and disabilities are reasons it is essential to transcribe and subtitle your video.

Even if there might be similar video content to yours on YouTube, people would preferably watch yours because it is subtitled.

14. Target the best period to publish your videos

From YouTube Analytics, you can identify peak times and then track the most appropriate time your target visitors will see your videos.

15. Identify and invite guest influencers

YouTube influencers who share similar niches and audiences with you can help promote your channel. Do research, find out, and build relationships with influencers who can help you make your brand much more.

Invite them for an interview on your channel announce it on all social media. Doing this will bring more spice to your show and lead to more creativity in your videos. The resultant effect will be getting you more views on YouTube.

16. Build community relationships with influencers

A community of influencers who share ideas and content will eventually share an audience, resulting in more views on YouTube. In today’s world online, it’s not advisable to be a loner. With the competitive nature of social media marketing, having like-minded people working together with them goes a long way in your success.

17. Stay up-to-date with what’s going viral

Being current is one of the things that always keep people engaged. Know what goes on in the social media space? What is the new slang? What’s the latest sound? Any new online challenge? And so on.

Knowing what is currently happening in your chosen online field will help keep you afloat and in demand. Always upgrade yourself and the information you have. Every day, there’s a new thought, a new rave, and so, you have to stay up-to-date.

More so, if you are the first to get current information and set it on course to go viral, then you have positioned your channel as one of those at the top of your industry. This will lead to more exposure to your brand and content, ultimately, more view on YouTube.

How to get more views on Youtube fast


Summarily, to get more views on YouTube, begin with a niche. Next, focus on creating the sort of content that will capture the attention of your target audience will love. Don’t rest on your oars; instead, ensure to optimize your content and channel. After this, you go ahead and push and promote your content. Do this through other channels and social media.

To maintain your relevance and stay up-to-date, join and participate in your niche association: Groom and nurture relationships with your viewers and other influencers. With these, your YouTube channel will grow, and your videos will have increased views.

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