How to Beat Robby Windows 93

How to easily Beat Robby Windows 93

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Robby Windows 93 is a notorious video game character that always frustrates and beats even the most experienced gamers. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily beat him and move on to the next level! This blog post will discuss some of the best ways to defeat Robby Windows 93 and move on to more significant challenges.

The recent Ludum Dare challenged people’s creativity to create a game in 48 hours with a 10 seconds theme. It was enough for Morque to turn this point into a Robby puzzle game. Robby’s plan to rob a bank falls through despite the tellers’ cooperation because a police officer appears on the scene. He has until the count of ten to drop his gun.

But since he will end up in jail, why should he do that?

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Just click around to interact with things when their names appear as your mouse hovers over them to play this game. Note that each click counts as a second, making the game one on a turn-by-turn basis. You don’t have the luxury of time to figure a way out. However, there are lots of options that can help you. See one in this video:

Although the game is short by design, there are chances that you will have to play it several times to get you through a scheme that will get you out alive and jail free.

Usually, that area of trial and error is frustrating, but with Robby’s weird style and cheerfully silly to boot, it is more fun to experiment. You can leave the bank, threaten the tellers, attempt breaking the chandelier, visit stores, and more. Somewhere along the line, you will discover a way to set Robby free.

In conclusion, playing and winning the game Robby 93 requires you to apply some tactics to evade the police, possibly distracting them, so that attention shifts from the main character which is Robby.

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