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How to Get a Void Check Online: Quick and Easy Methods

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If you establish direct deposits or payments from your bank account, you may need to present a void check.

What is a void check?

It is a check with the word VOID either written or printed on it. You cannot present it for payment, but it still has the information you use to verify your account and which bank holds your account.

A void check is a check that has been marked as “void” and cannot use for any transactions. They are often used to return money to a customer or to cancel a payment. If you need a void check, there are several ways you can get one online. This article will discuss the quickest and easiest methods for obtaining a void check online.

One way to get one is to ask your bank for one. Most banks will be able to provide you with a voided check within a few minutes. Another way to get it is to use an online service such as CheckVoid.com. This service allows you to enter your checking account information and then print out a voided check that you can use for any purpose.

How to void a blank check?

It is easy to void a check, but you should exercise care when doing so. Write the word VOID across the front of the check, but ensure not to write over numbers printed at the bottom of the leaflet.

These numbers have the routing number for your bank and your account number, which are both needed for verification. Be sure also to use ink that you can erase. Note the check in your checkbook indicates which of them is void.

You can take a picture or scan the check to make use of the same check if you need one that is void soon. Know that you can mark a blank check void, and once spotted, you can’t use it.

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When to use a void check?

Some transactions may require a check that is void to verify your banking information. If you need to provide this information, you will have to include a routing number and account number on a form and a copy of a void check.

1. Set up direct deposit or auto pay

If you wish to set up direct deposit with an employer, you will usually need a void check copy.

While you need to give your bank routing number and account number on a form, your employers’ resources department will probably need to have a copy of a voided check.

This process lets your employer deposit your paycheck or reimbursements directly. Payment services may require a check that is void when setting up an account.

2. Set up automated loan payments

You will need a voided heck to be able to set up automated loan payments like mortgage payments, student loans, and auto loans. You can even earn a better rate by using automatic payments, so it may be worth the extra effort of setting up autoplay and also sending a copy of this check.

3. Set up automatic electronic bill payments

Other types of automatic payments may also require a voided check. For instance, setting up autopay for your ret, utility bills, or phone bills may require a void check if you use direct debit from your bank account. Often, extra savings are said to make the extra effort worth it.

4. Authorize a government agency to make a direct deposit of your benefits

More like a direct deposit paycheck, you can also set up a direct deposit and have paid for your benefits sent to your bank account electronically.

5. Correct mistakes

We know that to err is human, and if you make a mistake when writing a check, making it void is the best way to rectify the error. Know, however, that voiding the check takes place before you present it to the bank for payment.

If you need to cancel payment on a check that has left your hands already, you need to get in touch with your bank.

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What do you do if you don’t have any checks?

If you need to provide your bank account information, but you don’t have any checks, there are other options to make your choice. They are as follows:

1. Use your online banking account

An online checking account uses checks, but if you are out of leaflets, you may be able to send yourself a small check through an online bank bill payment service.

You can now make the check void by writing the word VOID across the front and sending it to the entity that requested to have a check that is void. As an alternative, you may be able to print it at home and then follow the same process.

2. Obtain a counter check from your bank

Counter checks are the same as starter checks that many banks provide when opening an account. These checks can be printed on-demand and feature the routing number of your bank and your account number. Take note that some banks may take minimal charges for using counter checks.

3. Print a letter on the letterheaded bank paper

In some cases, the entity requesting a void check may accept a letter to print on the bank’s letterhead. The instructions received will outline the information they need. Expect to provide your routing number, account number and your name.

It is also vital that this information is typed instead of handwritten. Most banks or credit unions should be familiar with the process and what it entails; the letter should also contain the contact information for the bank.

4. Use a preprinted deposit slip

In some cases, you can use a preprinted deposit slip to verify your banking information. A preprinted deposit slip is said to have the same information as a  check that is void, including your name, routing number, and account number.

It is best to verify whether it is acceptable to have preprinted deposit slips in place of a void check to avoid delays.

5. Make use of a direct deposit authorization form.

A direct deposit authorization form is the first part of getting set up with direct deposit through an employer or making other types of payments.

Some employers or payment providers might accept this form by itself. The form asks for the same information on the check, such as your name, routing number, and account number.

However, you will find that you need an authorization form and verification, such as a check which is void.

6. Send a personal photocopy check.

Get in touch with the entity that requested the check that is void. You may have other alternatives like sending a copy of a check already cleared by your bank.

However, be sensitive to privacy issues. A cleared check may have information that you or other people will keep confidential.

Tips to consider when making a check void

  • Keep records of the checks in your check register: indicate that the check is void in your checkbook or finance software.
  • Consider encrypting the image when you send such a check via electronic means: If you can use this check to establish payments online, so can someone else who gets your checking account information. If possible, consider sending the check copy as an encrypted PDF file. Also, ensure that the receiving party can accept the encrypted file by reaching out. Make your concerns known politely.

Other QnA about Void Checks

Can such check be gotten online?

If you do not have a chequebook, you should be able to use your bank’s online bill pay service to send payment to yourself. As an alternative, you can use a check printing software to print a check you can mark as void. Many of these apps are free to use.

Do you have to sign this check?

There is no need to sign this check, and it may be safer if you don’t. It helps to verify your banking information. The person making the request only needs your name, account number and routing number of the check.

Can you cash a check that has void written on it?

Most bank tellers won’t cash such a check, but there have been cases of voided checks that you can cash. When sending a voided check, it is best not to sign it and send only a photocopy or picture of it.

Can a check be marked void after sending it?

A check in your possession can be void. If you have already sent it to the bank, you can request that payment be put on hold if you made an error or you don’t want to complete it for one reason or the other.

Is a direct deposit form the same as such a check?

Even though it is common for a direct deposit form and a check that is void to be required, with both having similar information, they are not the same. The same check serves to verify your routing number and account number.

In conclusion, these checks are still standard from employers to payment services and government agencies. However, it would be best if you had your security in mind when sharing banking information.

If your routing and account number fall into the wrong hands, there are chances that you can use them to carry out unauthorized activities like making unsolicited payments and purchases.

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