How to Make Lumos Work on iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

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There are many things that Siri can do that you do not know. This virtual assistant got access to contextual awareness with iOS 15, bringing it closer to the Google Assistant. There are, however, similarities between the functionalities of both assistants. If you like Harry Potter, there is a trick to operating your smartphone’s flashlight by turning it on and off. Keep reading to know how you can use the Harry Potter spells with your iPhone.

Use Harry Potter Spells For Your Phone’s Flashlight

The first thing we need to do is to clarify what these magic spells denote, then gravitate towards the tutorial. In Harry Potter, the spell ‘Lumos’ is a wand lightning charm that characters use in various parts. More so, the spell box ‘Nox’ helps extinguish the wand’s light. What may come as a surprise to you is that your mobile devices can carry out actions based on these spells. The spells will turn the flashlight on and off using Siri.

To turn on the flashlight, launch the virtual assistant and say “Lumos.”

To turn off the flashlight, launch the virtual assistant and say “Nox.”

You can launch the virtual assistant on your iPhone by saying “Hey Siri,” and the google assistant on android devices comes up with the saying “hey google.” Ensure that you have enabled the assistants to always listen to you. It is something that Harry Potter fans will be glad to learn. It is also quite handy since you don’t have to unlock your phone and bring down the control center to use the flashlight.

You can also use the Harry Potter spell “Accio” to summon any app. To do this: Launch Siri and say “Accio,” followed by the app’s name.

It sure does work like magic. The best part of the process is that you do not have to download any third-party app to make it work.

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Some Harry Potter Spells on your iPhone

Several Harry Potter spells can make your iPhone carry out various activities that will make your iPhone perform like a magical wand.

How to Make Lumos Work on iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

Hey Siri Lumos

It is the wand lightning charm. It illuminates the tip of the cast wand for you to see in the dark. At the end of the wand, here is your iPhone’s flashlight. Saying “Her Siri, Lumos” will turn your flashlight on.

Hey Siri Accio

The charm commands an object towards the person that casts the spell. In this case, the thing is an app. The incantation will be “Hey Siri, Accio (App Name).” It will automatically open the app if your phone is already unlocked. If not, you will need to use Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode to access the app.

However, a spell is not mandatory to open an app. you can say “Hey Siri (App Name),” and the app will open.

Hey Siri Silencio

The charm makes something silent, which could be your iPhone. It is the Spanish meaning for silence. “Hey, Siri, Silence” will only turn off your set alarms. It makes more sense to turn on Do Not Disturb instead.

Hey Siri, Muffliato

It is the muffling charm that keeps others from hearing your conversation. It does this by making them hear a buzzing sound. On your iPhone, you could use it to turn the volume down to a more palatable level while also activating background sound to muffle what else is taking place on your phone that you don’t want people nearby to hear.

Hey Siri, Sonorus

The amplifying charm makes whatever target sound is there louder than a person’s voice. You can just set it to max out the volume on your iPhone.

Hey Siri, Quietus

Quietus is the counter charm to the amplifying charm. In other words, it does the opposite by returning the volume level to what it was initially. You can make it use the volume you likely use on your iPhone or just the mid-level at 50 percent.

You can also add a way to record the current volume level in the “Sonorus” command before changing the volume to 100%. In the “Quietus” command, you can add a way to recall the recording volume level before setting it to that.

Hey Siri, Homenum Revelio

This human presence reveals a spell that allows the caster to know who is in the vicinity. Make it open to the “People” tab in the Find My app to use it on your iPhone. Before iOS 13, it would have been the Find My Friends app.

Hey Siri, Point Me

It is the spell that points the caster’s wand north. For your iPhone, it could simply open the compass app.

Hey Siri, Sternius

It is the spell that makes the target sneeze for a short period. It is more fun than helpful on an iPhone, where you make your phone start sneezing.

Hey Siri Vermillion

It is the equivalent of a muggle flare shot up into the sky to signal that you need help. The caster’s wand would shoot red sparks up into the air to get the attention of others. In the films, Harry Potter makes use of “Periculum” instead. On an iPhone, you can use it to send an SOS text with your current location to your emergency contact.

You can do this by using Apple’s Emergency SOS feature, which sends a text with your current location to each emergency contact. However, it also calls 911; if you do not require emergency services but would still like your emergency contact to know your whereabouts, set up the “In Case of Emergency” shortcut.

There is more to it than just sending your current location through text. You can delete other actions from the shortcut to keep it looking simple. Ensure to rename the shortcut “Vermillious.”

Hey Siri, Vermillion Duo

It is a more robust version of “Vermillious,” so you can make a “Vermillious” shortcut for one contact and then use “Vermillious Duo” for several connections. It has the same build as Vermillion but with additional targets.

Hey Siri, Vermillion Tria

It has more power and capacity than Vermillious Duo. You can make another Vermillious shortcut, but you have to add an entire group of contacts this time.

It may make more sense to use the “In Case of Emergency” shortcut to configure it without having to delete anything. First of all, send your current location to the emergency contacts you have chosen. Then it will send additional instructions to critical contacts. Lastly, it will show a message on the screen for first responders to find, 

In conclusion, Harry Potter spells enable you to carry out several essential functions on your iPhone, making it a rather impressive and sophisticated tool. Lumos lets you turn on your flashlight while Nox turns your flashlight off.

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