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How to Remove SIM card from IPhone

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Whether you wish to sell your old iPhone, trade it in for a newer one, or send it for repairs, it is noteworthy that you remove SIM card from iPhone.

A SIM card is the storage house for your phone number and account data. It is essential for making calls. It is relatively small such that you can lose it and easily fit it in the wrong way.

If you want to set up your new iPhone or to guard personal information against getting into the wrong hands while the phone is away, you need to take the SIM card out of the phone.

There were fitted SIM cards in plastic the size of a credit or debit card, making it hard to lose. As they became more common and phones required more components packed inside, the part with the circuit remained the same, but the plastic had to reduce in size leading to the introduction of micro and nano-SIM cards.

SIM cards fit a tray that slides out of your iPhone. Where to find the tray is different for all brands of iPhone.

iPhones generally come with SIM card slots on the side. A SIM card defines how your subscriber grants you all the necessary information for your device to get on their network and have access to voice and data services that have a link to your account. If you make an international trip or you wish to switch carriers, you may need to do a SIM swap on your iPhone.

If you carry out an upgrade, want to use a local SIM while on your trip, or remove the SIM card on your iPhone, here is a walkthrough for you to follow.

Note that the only information on your SIM card is your phone number and some account information. Other things like photos, apps, emails, and settings are stored on the iPhone and transferred separately.

How to Remove SIM Card from iPhone Without Eject Tool

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When to Remove your SIM card?

Some people believe that removing your SIM card renders your phone untraceable. In reality, you will still track your phone even without a SIM card.

You should remove your SIM card if you wish to move it to a new phone or if you need to return it to your service provider for one reason or another. If you have just gotten a new SIM card, then there is a need for you to use this to replace the old one.

In addition, if you are sending your phone for repairs, take a couple of seconds to remove your SIM card. Although SIM cards don’t come expensive, they contain personal data that could result in grave problems if the card gets lost or ends up in the wrong hands.

If you have just purchased a new SIM card and a new phone, you will still need to remove the old SIM card. Leaving it inserted will allow anyone to call you on your old number.

Removing the SIM card will disable the ability to make phone calls, use mobile internet, and send and receive SMS text messages.

It is not always a problem on an iPhone as you can still connect to Wi-Fi, access the internet, and send messages.

The tool to remove SIM card from iPhone

The only thing you require to remove the SIM card is a sim remover tool included in the box or a paper clip.

If you use a paper clip, straighten the long end until it shoots out. Whatever the tool you are using, ensure that it fits into the slot of the SIM ejector.

iPhone & iPad Sim Card Removal Tool : Cell Phones & Accessories

The location of the SIM tray on your iPhone

Most iPhones come with a SIM tray. For iPhones 3G and 3Gs, you will find it between the headphone jack and the power button at the top.

For those who use iPhone 12, 12mini, 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the SIM tray is on the phone’s left side.

The SIM tray is on the right side of older phones like iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Irrespective of where the tray is, the process involved in removing the SIM card is the same for all iPhones.

SIM cards have an edge that seems cut off so that you know how the way around fitting it into the tray. However, it is still possible to put it in with the wrong side facing up.

Ways to take SIM card out of an iPhone

Taking out a SIM card from an iPhone is as follows:

  • Turn off the iPhone
  • Locate the SIM tray
  • Find the small hole next to it
  • Insert a SIM eject tool or the end of a paper clip into the hole.
  • Press with firmness until the tray partly pops out.
  • Pull the tray to remove the SIM card.

A SIM eject tool may come with your newly purchased phone. If it is not available, a paper clip that is straight can serve the purpose of removing your SIM card. As the case may be, people purchase iPhones that are in a reasonably used condition and probably do not have the tool kit to eject the SIM card.

Hence, a paper clip aims to eject your SIM card with one end straightened out. If you so wish, you can return the just removed SIM card if you want to continue using the same iPhone. Ensure that it is sitting well to have access to the essential services of your network provider, like making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, and mobile internet.

5 alternatives to a SIM eject tool for easy SIM removal

In conclusion, removing the SIM card from your iPhone is pretty straightforward regardless of the model of your iPhone. Some phones have the SIM card tray on the left side, while some have it on the right. A SIM eject tool ejects the SIM tray so you can pull it out to remove the SIM card. A paper clip can serve its purpose where this tool is not present. All you need to do is straighten one end of the clip.

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