Kapwing Review: best free video editor in 2022

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Learn how to use Kapwing free video editor and see the specific purposes it serves in editing processes here.

Kapwing is a free video editing software that offers several features, including a video converter tool, studio, meme maker (or generator), and so on. Here we will look at all the unique features this software brings.

First, the relevance of video editing software to making money online is quite huge. From making video reviews of your product to creating online courses and digital products, you will need a tool that serves your needs.

However, there are several video creation and editing software available. In fact, making a good choice is not easy since the developers try to outdo one another in their offerings. The easiest way to choose a video editor to aid your creation of digital products is to write down all your needs, budget, and type of video. With this list, you can check against the various software available and keep tightening your criteria until you have just the ultimate video-creating companion left.

Kapwing Review


Mostly free to use

Requires no previous knowledge of video editing

Allows real-time collaborative editing 

Files and progress are auto-saved to cloud

Affordable and competitive pricing.


Cannot be used for complicated editing jobs

Not favoured by several professional video editors.


What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is a video editor made by a California-based company with a mission to improve digital storytelling, or at least that is what its About page claims. Armed with this tool, beginners can easily create, edit, and share videos with a team of collaborators.

The software targets teams working remotely and gives them a real-time platform to share ideas, upload clips, and edit their projects. Collaboration is the main goal of Kapwing, although solo editors or video creators are not left out.

The software works mainly online and all files or progress made are automatically stored in the cloud. Exporting videos from Kapwing is said to be quick and easy. One thing is sure, Kapwing is quite a reputable company.

You can add and remove people to your team when you create a workplace. It is like a virtual mini-company for specific projects. Another cool thing about the software is that it works with some of the most widely used media apps, including Google Drive, Photos, Unsplash, Giphy, Pexels, and more.

They have been featured on the Chrome blog and Google Chrome Keynote. The company uses cutting-edge tech to give all the necessary tools to editors and a team of editors. Here is how to get started on Kapwing.

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How to use Kapwing

Generally, you need to create an account to start using some of the Kapwing video editing features. There is also the option of signing up with your Google or Facebook account, where you get free unlimited cloud storage for all your content.

The software has several products or features (or tools), and while they all come together to make one powerful video editor, they have their individual uses. This is why I have split the uses of Kapwing into the following sections:

1. How to use Kapwing Studio

Kapwing Studio is the editing interface of the software where all the tools are accessible. It is the main dashboard where you can get the upload, subtitles, and other tools. It is the working canvass, and you can see almost all the available features simultaneously.

How to use Kapwing Studio
Kapwing Studio


2. How to use Kapwing Converter Tool

The software has an easy to use video convert tool that allows you upload any kind of video be it in .mp4, .mov, .png, .gif, .jpg, .avi, .webm, and more. And you can convert it to another supported format. In addition, Kapwing supports complete transcoding and conversion of video files.

You only need to go to the page and upload the video to use the video converter tool. You can do this without signing up or installing any software. Then, you can convert the video to MP3, GIF, MP4, or JPG format. Follow these steps to convert a video to a preferred format successfully:

  • Upload a file, and if your video is in an unplayable format (such as FLVs, WAVs, WMVs, AVIs, and more), it will be uploaded as an mp4
  • Next, select an export type (the format you want to convert your video to), and you can select GIF, JPG, mp3, or mp4
  • At this stage, you can also trim and edit the video as you prefer
  • Then, you click on the Export button to process the video
  • Finally, after it has been converted, you can choose to download, save, and share it.
How to use Kapwing Converter Tool
Kapwing video converter tool

Note: If you want to extract the audio from a video, you must save it as MP3 when you want to export. To save images from a video, export them as JPG, while GIF allows you to save short animated clips from a video.

*Take note that the tool is available on the Kapwing Studio.

3. How to use Kapwing meme maker

You can create a meme using Kapwing software, and you only have to go to the meme-maker tab. And follow these instructions:

  • Select a template from thousands of meme formats available on the Kapwing meme generator
  • Next, you can upload or add a text to make your meme look just how you want it to look
  • Finally, click on the Export button when you have finished setting up your meme
  • You can download or share it with your friends.

The tool supports various meme formats, including images, videos, and GIFs. It is allegedly the first meme generator to support videos. Since the tool is online, others can join in on the fun with you. Also, it saves everything to the cloud, making it easier to keep track of progress and save as you go.

Kapwing meme generator
Kapwing Bernie Sanders meme generator

Kapwing Bernie Sanders meme became popular on the internet as lots of users kept recreating the iconic image from Joe Biden’s 2021 Presidential Inauguration. There was also the “I am once again asking for your support” video meme. It has made Bernie Sanders meme templates some of the most widely used on Kapwing.

*Take note that the tool is available on the Kapwing Studio.

4. How to trim video on Kapwing

The video trimmer tool on Kapwing makes editing videos for a specific purpose easy. As the software developers themselves explain, trimming is the basics of all video editing. When an editor gets a raw file, they need to cut clips and trim them in the right places. Here is how to use the Kapwing video trimmer tool:

  • Upload a video file on Kapwing Studio, and you can choose a video from YouTube, TikTok, or any other source by pasting the link
  • Choose the start and end times by using length sliders and arrow keys
  • When you have perfected the length you want, you can hit Export
  • The video will be processed, and you can choose to share or download it.
How to trim videos on Kapwing
Kapwing video trim tool

Besides trimming from edge to edge, you can also split a layer into parts and remove the middle section from the video. In addition, you can duplicate parts of a video to create a loop. The software supports MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, AVI, and WEBM formats.

*Take note that the tool is available on the Kapwing Studio.

5. How to undo in Kapwing

You use simple keyboard command shortcuts to undo and even redo edits you just made in Kapwing Studio. Here is how to do that:

  1. Mac:
  • Undo: Command + Z
  • Redo: Command + Shift + Z OR Command + Y
  1. PC:
  • Undo: Control + Z
  • Redo: Control + Y

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Templates and Tools

To make video editing easier, Kapwing has an array of templates that you can choose from. They are spread out under different categories like; Ad & Sales, Intros, Holidays, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, and more.

Besides the few tools highlighted in this article, the software has a subtitle tool, video resizer, smart cut, watermark video maker, reverse video, and so much more. You can find a complete list of tools available on Kapwing here.

Kapwing pricing

Here is a look at what you will be paying if you decide to start a Kapwing subscription and get billed annually:

Kapwing annual pricing
Kapwing annual pricing

For the monthly payment plan, here is what you should budget:

Kapwing monthly pricing
Kapwing monthly pricing


Kapwing alternatives 2022

While Kapwing has shown its usefulness, it is lacking in some other areas, and you may need to choose an alternative to achieve your purpose if it does not align with what this software offers. The good thing is that you can use Kapwing for some editing jobs and pick the following tools for other jobs:

  1. Best linear video editor – Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Best non-linear video editor – iMovie
  3. Best offline video editor – Filmora Wondershare
  4. Best online video editor – Canva
  5. Best assemble video editor – Adobe Premiere Pro
  6. Best insert video editor – Filmora Wondershare
  7. Best initial assembly video editor – Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Best rough cut video editor – Movavi
  9. Best final cut video editor – Filmora Wondershare
  10. Best color correction and color grading video editor – ColorDirector
  11. Best bespoke video editor – Canva
  12. Best live video editor – Filmora Wondershare
  13. Best compression video editor – Filmora Wondershare
  14. Best bit rate video editor – Movavi
  15. Best aspect ratio video editor – Filmora Wondershare.

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