How to Use Tubidy and 15 Best Alternatives in 2022

How to Use Tubidy and 15 Best Alternatives in 2022

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With Tubidy, users can make free mp3 and mp4 downloads, amongst other playable video formats. It gives you access to share content from their website after creating a free account. When you type in and execute a search on Tubidy, it will provide a list of user-uploaded video files. So, from here, if you choose to view any, it will be streamed straight from the source site and transcoded to play on your phone.

Since its creation in 2009, Tubidy has ranked one of the best in mp3 juice. However, one question mark has been that of the quality of audio and videos streamed from the site. These ‘low-quality’ outputs are good enough and meant for a ‘just-listen’ or a ‘just-watch’ service alone.

In recent years, several websites and apps have emerged that also provide free downloads. They give the choice of varying qualities of, say, mp3 download. Having a 480p to a 1080p video format quality to choose from or audio quality of up to 320kbps can sure make you select an alternative to Tubidy.

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In no particular order, here are the 15 best Tubidy Alternatives in 2022:

1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is Google’s music app and is one of the best Tubidy alternatives in 2022. It works smoothly on Android and Apple devices, allowing users to stream Mp3 music files directly. You can play your audio tracks from the servers anytime without needing to save them on your device memory, mainly if you are low on memory space.

YouTube Music adds a Related tab for recommended songs and playlists

There are many songs and classics all lined up on Google Play Music. It is easy to select the kind of song you want to listen to by picking a category and then making your choice.

In a case of unavailability of your song preference, you have the option of adding it by yourself free. You can do this by copying it to your Google account from your computer.

Create playlists from where you can order your favorite music to suit you personally. Any seemingly complex interface will usually turn potential users off. That is something Google Play Music has in check. The interface is simple, easy to use, and navigate. Accessing different sections of the app is a walk in the park.

Notably, a good internet connection is required to use and enjoy Google Play Music fully. Certain songs have to be paid for to be accessed. However, having access to a service that provides you the luxury of adding up to 20,000 tracks free from your PC is something worth an alternative to Tubidy in 2022.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is another alternative to Tubidy in 2022. Like Tubidy, you can do an Mp3 download after creating and signing into your account. The difference with SoundCloud is that some free mp3 and mp4 downloads can be made directly to your phone. Although this service is free, it is not all songs you can download. The downloadable tracks display a download button positioned at the lower end of the waveform.

Being part of the first for unlimited downloading of music for iPhone users, SoundCloud is one of the 15 best Tubidy alternatives in 2022. If you know how to use Tubidy, you’ll learn to use SoundCloud. From Indie musicians to the most popular ones, you can upload millions of songs on SoundCloud, stream, listen to, and even share with others through SoundCloud.

3. Audiomack

iPhone and Android device users will find Audiomack one of the 15 best Tubidy alternatives in 2022. You can discover, share, and download limitless tracks on this mobile app.

Audiomack - How to Use Tubidy and 15 Best Alternatives in 2022

Users can stream songs online using the Audiomack app or through the website. Additionally, you can choose to download music so that you can listen offline. Specifically, you can play the songs downloaded without Internet service but only via the Audiomack app. You won’t be able to move audio files from the app to another location, but overall, Audiomack is an excellent alternative to Tubidy.

4. YouTube Audio Library

Music tracks downloads require that you open a Gmail account before commencing on YouTube Audio Library. Even with this, it is one of the 15 best Tubidy alternatives in 2022.

You can get diverse sound effects and songs from the list of audio files available on this site. Content creators can find solace because the tracks on YouTube Audio Library are free and very useful for their content projects. Music clips can be arranged and filtered according to the genre, length, mood, and more.

Also, the content by license type feature on YouTube Audio Library lets you know and get free music that you can use for commercial purposes.

5. SoundClick

Singers and song lovers can all benefit from the music services provided by SoundClick. You can create playlists, stream audio tracks from millions of new musical artistes, connect with musical groups, purchase songs, and get free downloads from the end of the listener and music fan.

Just like Tubidy and some alternative music streaming services, you have to create an account so that you’ll be able to download music. Search for your desired song based on the category and click the download option beside it when it appears. Again, not all files, including Mp3 and Mp4, are downloadable; you’ll have to pay to get them.

6. BeatStars

The BeatStars space is quite interesting, so it is among the best 15 Tubidy alternatives in 2022. It is an avenue where users and intending recording artistes come to get free beats. On BeatStars, song producers can not only license their music but also sell song beats. You can choose to download the BeatStars app onto your Android and iOS or go to the website to stream directly and listen.

How to Use Tubidy and 15 Best Alternatives in 2022

Some music categories on BeatStars are trending, top-selling, genre, and moods. When getting free beats, you will have to first go to an artistes section and subscribe. Then, follow through from there.

7. Tidal

If you want some smooth Mp3 juice or easy Mp4 download, Tidal passes as a perfect alternative to Tubidy. With Tidal, you can listen to high-definition music streaming, a tremendous improvement on the lower quality Mp3 juice of Tubidy. The platform provides high fidelity sound quality and well organized menus and options.

From R&B to Afrobeat, Tidal cuts across all genres of music. Being a free streaming service platform, you would think ads would keep popping up there and now, but that’s not so. Users are free from unwanted and random ads, plus the image displays are spot-on.

8. Bensound

You don’t need to set up an account to access and download free songs on Bensound. And you can also buy premium sound files of various formats on this platform. Find royalty-free music which you may use for commercial gains. Navigate songs by popular demand and genre, and stream brand new hits on Bensound. This is another alternative to Tubidy.

9. CCTrax

CCTrax is duly registered under the Creative Commons license. This means that it is not just a free music download and stream platform but also legally recognized.

You can download full song tracks and albums on CCTrax, a feature that is not present in Tubidy and some similar platforms. Again, get songs on CCTrax without having to open a site account. Go ahead to discover your song preference and store them on your phone or computer.

10. Free Music Archive

Another website with the Creative Commons license is Free Music Archive. Being able to have access to millions of tracks legally is quite appealing. There is a collaboration with song and video producers and music artists that provides free video and audio downloads.

Choose to find a song by title or even by license type; find videos by duration or even subgenres. Free Music Archive is one of the best alternatives to Tubidy. While you can creatively use some tracks, you can only download others for personal and non-commercial reasons.

11. Umusio

Music is designed to work only on iPhone and iOS. Save your songs and play them on your iPhone even when offline. Music has a global music list, and users have access to different radio stations. This app has no hard limits as you need no account, not premium access, to use its contents thoroughly.

12. Jamendo

New content is uploaded daily to the Jamendo website. Upload songs and share them if you want. However, a free Jamendo account has to be created to do this and download or stream.


If you know how to use Tubidy, this Tubidy alternative will be easy to use in 2022. Listen to your favorite tracks, watch videos and stream with other users worldwide using

14. My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio

There are no user restrictions and no need to subscribe before accessing the My Mixtapez Free Music & Audio catalog. This app works on both iPhone and Android, and you can find it on Google Play Store and App Store.

15. Rocket Player

The simple and highly user-friendly interface makes navigating through it very easy. It’s an excellent app and alternative to Tobidy. Stream, download, and listen to all your songs, controlling the sound level quality using the app equalizer.

Note: Tubidy is a top-rated video and audio streaming and download website. But, if you would rather have an alternative to Tubidy, this list should suffice. You may also like to read our latest article, How to Make Money Online with Jumia in 2022 [Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners].