Magento Fulfillment: 8 effective steps to process orders

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Magento fulfillment aims to speed up the order fulfillment process and lets you enjoy the ease of innovative control features with access to granular and real-time reports anytime, anywhere.

Companies work to cut down on time it takes for an order to be delivered to a customer. Grave mistakes that were the case have now become history. You can now create new orders and manage and track the process in order fulfillment by going through some easy steps.

You are efficiently managing your order fulfillment.

Magento order fulfillment is for businesses that have tons of orders per day and the ones that want to make the process of making orders accurate and quicker. It supports the popular order fulfillment process at an SME.

It carries out as follows:

  • Order verification: Sales staff go on to confirm and edit the shipping as well as the billing address of customers.
  • Check stock: Separate orders into groups irrespective of whether all items ordered are available.
  • Pick items: Print a picking list for several orders at once, and scan a barcode to verify your chosen items.
  • Pack items: If you can create multiple packages for an order, scan the barcode once more, then print and add packing slips.
  • Deliver packages: You get to see shipping information and the tracking number that the carrier provides.
Magento Fulfillment: 8 effective steps to process orders
Magento Fulfillment: 8 effective steps to process orders

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Steps to take to process Magento fulfillment 

1. Assign roles to staff to process

Assign specific roles to staff to speed up the process along each step. You can easily assign different stages to various teams using the Magento Commerce Order Management. It also helps to enhance accuracy and security through the entire process of order flow.

2. Scan barcode to speed up the order processing

With a barcode scanner, you can improve the speed and accuracy of the Magento order processing automation. The Magento Order Fulfillment system supports the best practice in order processing to avoid mistakes by doing 2 step barcode scanning.

It means you can scan the first time to make sure you made the right choice in picking items, then the second scan to cross-check. It saves you time and cost, mainly if you operate as a retailer that receives tons of daily orders.

3. Fulfill orders quickly from several warehouses

You can send a Magento fulfillment request to several warehouses per order. In other management systems for your order, the store manager sends only one request to one store manager at a time.

If items are in an order located in two different warehouses, you will need to send a request twice. The order management software saves time by suggesting warehouses with available stock so you can choose the product to ship from a separate warehouse.

4. Controlling orders by status

Magento Order Management system grants a new order management method that is better. You get to see various levels of Magento status like Awaiting payment, back Orders, Hold Orders, Completed orders, and canceled orders. With this, you can take action before customers start to express their agitation from having too many pending orders.

5. Controlling orders by batch

With the help of the Magento order management software, users can create batches to mark the orders they are working on. They get to see rankings in the set they make and demands, not in any settings, but they can’t see changes in the batch created by others. As an admin, you get to see everything that occurs in the backend.

6. Controlling orders by using the customized tag

Tag orders with customized titles and colors to call them out quickly when needed. It helps to avoid mix-ups during thousands of orders in your database. For example, assign the color red to orders that have issues. It will take a few seconds to filter orders in the same situation. It is beneficial in Magento fulfillment.

7. A review with visual charts

When sales orders reflect your business health, you must conduct a quick review to have it under control. Charts serve as a way to teach you insights to help influence the next business decision that you make. Charts can be printed and downloaded in several formats.

8. Optimize Order fulfillment process using deep reports

When you require more data for analysis, try out Magento order management reports. It helps record the number of orders picked and packed, including fulfillment by staff and satisfaction by warehouse, and to learn the staff or location that is doing best in terms of click-through rate.

In conclusion, Magento order fulfillment aims to accelerate the process involved in order fulfillment. It handles this by adopting several procedures that ensure time and energy do not go to waste but aim to get the best from the order fulfillment process.

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