Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: What to Do If Toll-Free Forwarding Is Disabled by Frontier

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: What to Do If Toll-Free Forwarding Is Disabled by Frontier

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Toll-free forwarding is a free call forwarding service that offers virtual numbers in close to 120 countries to help restrain communication costs. This service helps enhance the user experience by making it easier for them to reach out to their service providers, likely an ecommerce entrepreneur, on a global level.

Customer satisfaction is one thing that is paramount to success, but it is easier said than done. Many of these service providers are broadening their services on a global level. It needs necessary modifications to keep the services going smoothly on a broader scale. One of the issues commonly dealt with is granting support and assistance overseas.

Various communication barriers exist while linking up to customers in different countries. Toll-free forwarding is the remedy for such service providers. It is cost-efficient and can comprise a wide range. You can activate it on the spot without procedures that are time-draining.

Toll-free Forwarding features

1. Services rendered

Users can choose from a broad range of local and international numbers in most countries. If an occupied communication channel has no room, you can automate the system to forward the calls to an alternative number. The availability of users can schedule call forwarding to grant full-time assistance to their customers. Departments get specific queries and users have access directly to the medium in concern through IVR. You can make custom voicemails to serve as a guide to the customers through the menu. You can use the designated numbers to receive emails and fax as well.

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2. Cloud-based

Toll-free forwarding is solely cloud-based. It does not need sophisticated equipment to have it set up. It can be accessed directly by the user and the customer. It makes it independent of devices. There are much inbuilt Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to grant complete control of the services to the user. It operates from a common platform and presents a seamless user experience. The system redirects the call if the connection fails. It picks the carrier that has the best quality connection according to the customer’s location. A backup channel is there to forward calls missed by the user.

3. Enhanced user experience

Toll-free forwarding makes use of international ringtones and numbers. Customers won’t ever be suspicious that their calls occur from another location. Live support is granted to the customers to turn irregular visitors into regular customers. Toll-free forwarding ensures that the user gets all the facilities without investing a penny in setting up a branch and hiring staff.

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Toll-free Forwarding disabled by Frontier? Fix

Your toll-free forwarding service may be disabled if you are a Frontier customer. It can be for several reasons, but the most common is that your account gets flagged for abuse. Don’t worry, though – there are things you can do to get your service back up and running. In this article, we will discuss why your toll-free forwarding service might be disabled and how to get it re-enabled.

If you are a Frontier customer and your toll-free forwarding service has been disabled, you should first check your account to see if there is any indication of why this might be. If you see that your account gets flagged for abuse, this is likely the reason your service has been disabled. Abuse can include using your toll-free number for illegal or fraudulent activities or simply making too many calls to the same number in a short period. If you believe that your account is the instrument of abuse in error, you can contact Frontier customer service to have the flag removed.

If you cannot retrieve your toll-free forwarding service after trying everything possible, it may be time to consider alternatives.

5 alternatives to toll-free forwarding are as follows:

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs: What to Do If Toll-Free Forwarding Is Disabled by Frontier | 5 alternatives.
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It offers a modern work-from-home solution harnessed by the likes of entrepreneurs and people who are always on the move. It offers many choices to business communications systems.

It comprises features such as:

  • A modern feature set: this will equip your business as a big enterprise, creating room for you to enjoy video conferencing, texting, sophisticated call management, and more.
  • Web-based administration panel: You can add users here or make system changes from anywhere. You don’t have to be an expert in the area of telecom. gives numerous carrier options ensuring that calls reach their said destination. If there is an issue with one call, the call seamlessly routes to another.

2. Novita

It gives you a cloud business voice over internet protocol phone system to keep you more flexible and productive at the same time.

3. Line2

It provides a voice-over-internet protocol service that lets you add another phone number or a business phone system to your existing phone numbers. 

4. Unified communications

It gives an extensive library filled with tools and software to enable collaboration and communication of enterprises.

5. BT Cloud phone

It has personalized pricing plans to suit the requirements of your business. It is for small businesses that desire to have all the system’s features without going through the fuss of running one. It is a cloud-based service, which means that irrespective of whether you change location, your phone number won’t change as you can take it with you wherever you move.

There is no physical hardware to install, maintain or run upgrades. Upgrades are automatic. It is easy to change your voice-over-internet protocol system and add users using the online portal.

In conclusion, if your toll-free forwarding service is disabled, it could be due to someone using your number as a means to perpetuate an act you do not know. If this is the case, you should report it to your customer agent so that it is flagged and creates a new means to the toll-free service. If this does not work out, it may be time to go for alternatives to toll-free forwarding.

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