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Net@ddress: All you need to know and best alternatives in 2022

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If you’ve ever need to use a free online mailing service, then the Net@ddress (Netaddress) is a viable option for you to consider. This tool is a free web-based electronic mailing service that provides a worthy replacement for the conventional email address. You can rely on it to send emails to your contacts formally (for professional reasons) and casually (to family, friends, and loved ones).

Net@ddress is currently going through its Beta testing phase, where reviews are used to plan new features to improve its services. If this pricks your interest and has ideas on improving, you can reach the developers here. USA.NET provides the net@ddress service, and their services are top-rated because the company is a global electronic messaging service provider.

In this article, I will share all the need-to-know details about the Net@ddress tool. Also, I will provide you with suitable alternatives you can use to achieve similar or more results.

About Net@ddress (Netaddress)

As I stated earlier, Net@ddress is a mailing service that allows you to leverage advanced technology in combination with a wide range of tools and features. It offers a standard storage capacity of 1GB with an upgrade option. This helps the platform to provide more for you confidently. You can decide to upgrade your storage capacity from the standard to up to 8 GB storage capacity, with other packages in between.

No matter your needs, you are sure of getting a storage option that works for you. The platform is also known for its incredibly high standards when it comes to security. Regardless of what you do online, the chances are that security has to be a deal-breaker for you. And Net@ddress offers loads of security features. You are guaranteed protection on user data and against malicious activities such as viruses, spam, and hacks.

You can access the Net@ddress services via online and mobile apps as a user. With such diversification, you can access your accounts anywhere and anytime. It also gives you high-end email management tools such as auto-responders, email lists, and filters to assist you.

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Net@ddress employs the standard features of any emailing service and much more. You have access to signatures, address book, filter, and quick address; this list contains contacts from your address book within the list box. With this feature, you don’t have to memorize addresses.

The export feature allows you to move your mails for easier access and the static list feature enables you to design or decorate messages the way you see fit.

Net@ddress (Netaddress) signup, reset, large files, safety, alternatives - JD Squad
Use the best emailing services in 2022

Getting Started With Net@ddress

Net@ddress is available worldwide and the service is easy to use and requires you to understand how to send emails. To begin using this service, follow the steps below: 

  • On your browser, visit its sign-up page.
  • Choose your preferred language, either English, Espanyol (Spanish), Portuguese.
  • Fill in the required data at each field, such as email login name and password.
  • Click on the done button after filling in the required information, and wait for it to submit your data.
  • If you accidentally forget or lose your password, all you need to do is click on the “forgot password” button and follow o from there with the assistance it provides.


Net@ddress prides itself as a service that maintains a constant and consistent rate when it comes to speed. The platform remains worthy of use with excellent momentum as it provides a seamless experience like no other. The platform communicates steadily with its users, and you are sure to get a prompt whenever they run maintenance service on their server. You are up to date on happenings and ready for any service interruptions.

Netaddress Pricing

With so many fantastic features packed together, one will expect Net@ddress to cost a premium. Conversely, the service provides monthly, annually, and two-year subscription packages to cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. You can choose whichever package fits your budget.

The monthly subscription package costs $5.95, the annual plan $39.99, and the two-year plan $69.99. Its subscriptions are renewed automatically, with the new subscription plan starting the next day after the previous subscription ends.

Regarding subscription termination, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you want. All you have to do is contact customer service to terminate your subscription.

How secure are my emails on Net@ddress?

Mails sent and stored on netaddress are safe and can only be accessed by you. Your secret password protects your emails. And unless you share your password, no one but you can view your emails.

Net@ddress (Netaddress) Alternatives to Use In 2022

If, for any reason, you feel you need to use another mailing service order, do not worry as I have you covered. Below is a list of suitable alternatives you can consider for use in 2022:


This web-based mail service provider offers its users and clients multiple domains, online calendars, email storage, and webmail services. For over 20 years, has provided its customers with top-notch security services to help clients manage their online/digital needs.

It offers you access to secure emails, with its continued innovation to webmail systems and applications. The service provides cloud storage and online solutions for offices, freelancers, professionals, and small businesses. It also offers its clients an unparalleled range of over 250 email domains free of charge.

You can choose domains that fit your business structure, lifestyle, profession, or personality. And utilize them to create email addresses that express vividly who and what you do. also has a blog that provides its customers with advice and tips to help them in their email experience.

2. Hushmail

This webmail service provider allows you to send and receive important information through encrypted mailing systems and web forms that work together. With Hushmail, your account functions like the standard regular email account with advanced security features to keep your data safe. This service allows access to Outlook and private domain names. 

The wonder of Hushmail is the on-demand encryption feature; when you exchange messages with other Platform users, encryption happens automatically. When mailing non-users, on-demand encryption can be managed with just a switch. All you have to do is log in to your account, compose your mail, and enable the encryption so the mail can be sent securely.

Hushmail also supports third-party client mail apps like apple mail, outlook, and Gmail. You can access your account anytime by you, either from the web, android app, or the IOS version. Hushmail is a reliable choice alternative for net@ddress, with reasonable subscription plans.


Fepg stands for Free Email Providers Guide, FEPG.NET. This is a web source service with resources for free emails. This site dedicates its tools to help you find the free email service that suits your needs to the letter. The site has resources that will guide users if they wish to implement an email service; the Webmaster’s guide to email will direct users on the right path.

Feng uses services like FastMail.FM offers secure email services with one of the best spam security, and their system is highly reliable. They offer storage for your emails, and subscription prices are pocket-friendly.

4. Gmx

Gmx is a German web-based email service provider that provides webmail services to clients and users. They allow users to send safe emails to their list. The platform has an email seal that protects users against spam and phishing; this means your emails are verified and are safe to open at any time. It uses EU-wide data protection regulations to protect clients’ data; they place data protection at the top of their list.

Gmx offers three subscription packages. The GMX FreeMail: this comes with 1 GB email storage, 2GB cloud storage, ability to send 20Mb attachments. A second plan called the ProMail: 5 GB storage space for email, 7GB cloud storage, 50Mb attachments, Ad-free. and the third plan is TopMail: this package comes with 10 GB of email storage, 12GB of cloud storage, 100Mb attachments.

All in all, Gmx is a good webmail service and is a suitable alternative for net@ddress.

Does Net@ddress have a HELP tool?

Yes, an HELP button is located at the top of pages to direct you properly on how to use Net@ddress. Step-by-step instructions are available to aid your understanding of all features of the tool. 


In today’s world of internet communication, email services are essential and finding a reliable one can be tedious. With net@ddress, you can be sure of getting premium emailing services at an affordable rate. The platform packs an appreciable number of features that guarantee you top-notch delivery. Also, net@ddress (or netaddress) is a good webmail service, but on the offset that you need an alternative email service tool, I have listed four suitable replacements you can leverage. 

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