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Payoneer affiliate program: all you need to know to make money

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When it comes to picking affiliate programs, there are thousands of choices to choose. This often creates a challenge as you get flooded with varieties that can confuse you. In such instances, guides like this can prove helpful in selecting the best affiliate program to sign up and use. Thankfully, Payoneer Affiliate Program is one of such programs you can leverage to make a decent earning online.

Payoneer is one of the world’s leading payment solutions providers to business merchants globally. With Payoneer, you receive a free virtual US bank account number as well as a free MasterCard prepaid debit card to help transact your business online. The platform is widely accepted, and if you are an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, or working with Google AdSense, you can leverage it to receive payment. Over the years, I have been an avid user of Payoneer services to withdraw my online earnings from several platforms.

Once you receive funds into your Payoneer account, you can withdraw them through your Payoneer Master card. You can also transfer your funds from the platform into your local Bank accounts. The platform allows its users to participate in its affiliate program to make itself further attractive. With this feature, you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of cash, so long as you continue to refer new users via your affiliate link. For each new user, you get a reward of $25.

What is Payoneer?

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As I mentioned earlier, Payoneer is a merchant services provider you can use to send and receive money. Businesses and e-commerce giants are some of the users who prefer this platform. Payoneer is usable with platforms such as Airbnb, Upwork, and many others. And you can compare its mode of operation with that of PayPal. It is a popular option for freelancers and international businesses, and users of significant e-commerce marketplaces.

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If you do not wish to accept credit card payments, then Payoneer is a reliable option for you to use. It comes with loads of excellent features ranging from a prepaid debit card to tax tools, all to help you improve your business. The platform has positive reviews and rankings from its users. 

Earning money with Payoneer

Aside from receiving your payments on Payoneer, the platform allows you to make some money from using it. Majorly, you can earn on it via its affiliate program or through its referral feature. Are you feeling confused? Don’t be! While both methods appear and operate similarly, they do differ. Let me explain!

One significant difference is that the affiliate (which is you) doesn’t need to know the prospective customer personally in its affiliate program. Using this method means there is nearly no contact or connection with whoever uses your link to register on the Payoneer platform. Generally, affiliate marketers earn by simply suggesting products/ services to an audience you don’t know in person solely to earn a commission.

With the referral option, chances are you have some form of connection or relation with anyone who uses your link. With a referral, you probably aren’t driven by the prospect of profit instead by genuine recommendation. This means you probably want to share your experience with them and improve their own online payment experience.

What Is the Payoneer affiliates program?

payoneer affiliate program

You don’t need to go racking your head for what this is! As with several affiliate programs, the Payoneer affiliates are basically an agreement in which the platform rewards affiliates (you) with a commission for getting quality referees to the platform. Although to this particular program, a catch is that referees have to earn at least $1,000 in payments before you make a commission.

If you are already using the Payoneer platform, then this is an excellent avenue you can leverage to make extra money by just getting new users to join the platform. You are presented with a unique affiliate link to help you get new users onto the platform. Simply put, the Payoneer affiliate program is an effortless way to make money online.

It’s worthy to note that some users of Payoneer have raised security concerns over the years. Also, there is the controversial Payoneer’s account inactivity fee. A few have complained about how long it takes to get documentation approval before releasing payments. The platform has 4.4 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot and a B on Better Business Bureau despite the challenges.

How to join Payoneer affiliate program

Signing Up

Starting up with Payoneer Affiliate Program is pretty much straightforward. To begin, follow the steps below:

  • If you don’t have an account with Payoneer, go to the website and sign up.
  • After getting your account set up, visit Payoneer Affiliate sign-up page and input the requested information to submit your application.
  • The application process usually takes a couple of days to be reviewed. Upon completing the review process, you will notice that effect.
  • Once you get approval for your account, it becomes active, and you can log into it.

You should now have a Payoneer account and an affiliate account with the above steps. Your next focus should be on promoting your link to get in more referrals and make more money.

Affiliate Dashboard

Features of Payoneer Affiliates Program

  • Unique tracking links allow you to direct potential referrals to the Payoneer platform and get credited for your efforts. 
  • Marketing tools to maximize conversion: Payoneer provides excellent materials to aid your marketing tactics. You are able to choose between different promotional contents to match with whichever platform you want to use. 
  • Automated dashboard to help you grow: The Payoneer platform enables you to reduce the workload to focus on promotional activities. Its automated dashboard keeps you updated on your performance.
  • Dedicated account management services: You can also rely on its reliable account management service to help you through any issues that might arise.

Promoting Payoneer Affiliate Link

affiliate offer page on Payoneer

Promoting your affiliate links has to be the most critical step if you desire to make any money at all. After all, affiliate marketing relies on promotional content to help affiliates make money. But just before you head off to promote your affiliate link, an important rule is always to read and understand the Payooner T&Cs. Why? You don’t want to promote only for you to run afoul of the rules, making you lose all your hard work.

When you are sure you’ve gotten a handle on the rules that applies, log in to your account and navigate to the “offer” section. In this section, click on “live offers” and go through the available list of offers. Remember, there are different types of offers, and what you choose will eventually determine the rate at which you earn. Select an offer and get your unique Affiliate Link to use for promotional purposes on blogs, social media, forums, and groups.

Tips on Promotion

If you want to make big bucks with your Payoneer affiliate link, you need to promote on as many possible platforms as you can get. Here are some tips I’ve used, and I believe they can work for you. So try them out:

Promoting Via Blogs, Social Medias, Forums and Groups

affiliate result

Promoting your Payoneer affiliate links with a blog is most likely your best option of getting more from your affiliate program. In affiliate marketing, you need a community that has been built over time and is willing to take your recommendations. With your blog, you can naturally focus your efforts on building a community of audience.

In other words, build trust and authority. With your depth of knowledge, you will be able to create an audience that confides in your suggestions and takes your recommendations.

Create Quality Content

In the online world, content is king! Creating content is an essential aspect of your responsibilities if you are looking to earn with your Payoneer affiliate effort. To succeed, you have to make the most engaging and valuable contents get to attract the audience. 

You can leverage your creativity and credibility to help your content quality. Another hack is to utilize quality audiovisuals in your content creation process to entice the audience further. All in all, offer significantly more certifiable and genuine encounter-based content. This way audience can connect with your persona more and drive up commitment. Quality content has proven to help pull in a massive audience and expand commitment.

Use concise #Hashtags

Hashtags can be an incredible way of improving the visibility and reach of your unique content on Social media, forums, or groups. Take, for instance, you can use as many as 30 hashtags to help convey your message on Instagram. While this sounds a lot, I have since found that using around ten hashtags seems to be the optimum spot. Also, keep in mind that the numbers of hashtags used do you no good if they fail to be concise and relevant to your copy.

Understandably, getting the right mix of hashtags can be quite challenging, especially if you lack insight into how they work. But today, it’s easy to search for useful hashtags with the aid of third-party services. These services will filter through any social platform to help you generate a list of useable hashtags that are relevant to your affiliate promotion. HashtagsForLikes is one of such awesome services, and it’s popular among users.

Remember never to use arbitrary hashtags, as this can lead your content astray in the large volume of similar content. All you have to do as an affiliate is match your content with the relevant hashtags. This will help get your copy to the right audience and improve your conversion rate.

Be Reliable

If you wish to make quality progress with your Payoneer affiliate program, you will need to be consistent. Making one quality post might get you a decent result, but if you want your numbers to increase, you will need a regular flow of content. Any form of inconsistency in creating and engaging with your audience will undoubtedly affect your affiliate earnings.

Tailwind’s research suggests a positive connection between the consistency of posting and engagement rates. Also, the more content you create on your social media platform, the greater your chance of growing your audience and consequently promoting to more people.

You can use a proper posting plan to maintain consistency on social media. Also, third-party apps can help you achieve this.

Keeping Up With Promotional Result

Many of your promotional tactics will have self-tracking enabled, and you can rely on them to check up on the results you are getting from your efforts. Most social media have advanced analytics tools or use third-party services.

That said, at the onset of promoting your unique affiliate link, you can log into your affiliate account to check if anyone has registered via your link. You get to see the number of approved referrals you’ve had on the affiliate account dashboard. Also, you can view get to see how many of your referrals have attained the minimum requirement of having received a $1000 payment. Still, you can view the total commission you’ve earned on the dashboard.

Can I use the Payoneer affiliates program?

Yes, you can use this Payoneer feature to make money, and just about anyone else can. Ideally, experienced affiliate marketers, sellers, bloggers, social media influencers, consultants, and anyone with a large enough audience will find this quite profitable.

Requirement to join Payoneer affiliate program?

Yes! Before you can apply for the Payoneer Affiliates program, you have to refer at least 10 users via the “Refer A Friend” feature. This means you need to have a record of at minimum ten people you have successfully brought on to the Payoneer platform via the RAF program. Not just that alone, your referrals must also have received a minimum of $1,000 in payments via Payoneer. Thankfully the platform has exceptional customer service to attend to any of your questions or concerns.


With Payoneer, you can receive payments online from anywhere in the world. While doing this, you can also make some extra cash by referring people to the platform. Payoneer offers you two ways to achieve this; it’s the “Refer A Friend” feature or its “Affiliate Program.” With the affiliate program, you get to earn more for each referral. The platform provides you with the necessary tools to even help you make more. No doubt Payoneer’s affiliate program is fantastic! Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about using Payoneer’s affiliate program? Drop them off in the comment section, and I’ll be sure to respond. 

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