ALITOVE LED Strip Light is an amazing product for the price range it commands.

  • Created with super quality high brightness SMD 2835 LEDs with high-density positioning of 120 LEDs/M, designed to make luminescence more even and natural.
  • It produces a Daylight White of color temperature range of 5700K~6200K translating to about 18lm/LED. It is also backed with an impressive color-rendering index (CRI) of more than 90.
  • Extra-long design with 10m continuous length and 24V DC input ensures that even if all the 1200LEDs are turned on full white, there is no visible voltage drop. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting decoration projects that require long LED strips.
  • Makes use of new generation 24V LED strips, which are safer and brighter than the old 12V LED strips. It is touchable to humans. The strip works on a 24V DC Power supply, which has to be purchased independently.
  • It has an IP rating of IP67, which means the strip is waterproof and is suitable for outdoor locations. Also, the strip is placed in a clear PVC tube, which offers great protection against water and dust, and makes it easy to clean. It has been tested to work well outdoors, even in extreme weather such as rainstorms.
  • Made from a soft and flexible circuit board, giving users the ability to cut and bend it into any shape or length to meet their personal requirements. It can be cut off at every 6 LED without damaging the strip.

Note: One downside to this product is that some users complain about the included plugs, which used dangerously thin wiring. These can get pretty hot under a few minutes, therefore, it is advisable to take out these wirings and get another set if you intend to use the entire reel.

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