Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan


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The Amacool Stroller Clip-on Fan has been a present force in the top ranks of clip fans. In terms of customer satisfaction and ease of use, the Amacool Stroller Clip-on fan wins for many users. Many of those who bought the Amacool Stroller Clip-on fan would not buy anything else although it offers very limited features with its specifications. So, if you are considering purchasing a clip-on fan for strollers, this fan deserves some attention.

Features of the Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

  • This mini fan with a flexible tripod is versatile and easy to clip on most strollers, cribs, wheelchairs and carriages in any position
  • The fan’s head can adjust vertically and horizontally to any direction, creating the perfect cooling breeze stream
  • It is designed with three speeds for different purposes, powerful wind yet whispers while working
  • The Amacool stroller clip-on fan comes with a 2,600mAh battery and lasts for 2.5-6 hours depending on the wind speed selected. It also supports USB charging via a power bank, laptop and any power source with USB output
  • This clip-on fan cover is specifically designed to protect little inquisitive baby fingers
  • It comes with LED lights of three settings, lights up the night, keeps your baby feeling safe and is convenient for the elderly in darkness
  • The tripod is designed with flexible knobs making the legs strong enough to be bent over and over; to present you with a cool and worry-free summer
  • Amacool offers a 12-month replacement warranty for this product

Cons of the Amacool Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan

  • Not many will use this as a desk fan as it is not protected or clamped against impact force.
  • The battery life might be insufficient for prolonged use.

The Amacool Stroller Fan Flexible Tripod Clip-on Fan has flexible tripod stands, which mean that it is easy to wrap around tight areas like car headrests. Hence, it is why it is also rated as one of the best car-friendly clip-on fans.

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What to consider when buying a clip-on fan

At JDSquad, we researched and streamlined important features and functionalities to look out for when planning to purchase a clip-on fan. The following streamlined points would help you to choose the best fan for your needs.

  1. Power: Clip-on fans can be battery-operated, electrical powered or USB charged. Make sure you choose a unit that operates using the power source available to you. If you want to clip the fan on a stroller, it needs to be already charged or else must be a battery-operated stroller clip-on fan. In the car, you can use a USB-powered fan. Most offices are connected to electricity; therefore, it is easy to use the electricity-powered fan in such scenarios
  1. Portability and Durability: For a clip-on fan attached to the baby’s car seat or stroller, the weight should be lightweight to avoid causing imbalance or adding more weight to your stroller. Also, since you want a fan you can use and carry anywhere, anytime, you need one that can keep you cool even when traveling. The fans are available in various sizes. Some are big, others are small; choose the fan that fits your needs. The construction material (plastic, metal, ceramics or alloys) used in making the fan, largely, will determine its durability. It is important to get a unit made with a long lasting material
  1. Safety: Get a unit that is safe for your child and pet to touch. Avoid one with materials that can choke your baby
  2. The Grip of the Fan and Fan Blade: The grip of the fan should be sturdy and hold securely to prevent falling. The fan blade is mostly made of plastic and metal. The plastic blade can break more easily compared with metal in case it falls or is hit by something. The metal blade can also cause injury to a baby or kid who is curious and touches everything. A baby can also force his or her fingers through the fan slot, risking injury. When choosing a stroller clip fan, make sure the blade is cased to reduce the risk of injury
  1. Noise Level: All fans produce some sort of rumor noise. The noise should be reasonably quiet or at a level you are comfortable with to avoid distracting your sleeping baby or concentration at work or study. The noise level should be easy to adjust from high to low since it correlates with fan speed
  2. Added Features: A clip-on fan that has an aroma diffuser tank for adding essential oils and repellent liquid such as mosquito repellents may be preferable in some cases. If you are going on holiday to areas that are hot and have mosquitoes, this can be the best design to choose, as it will help repel mosquitoes and regulate the temperature
  1. Price: Of course, the price of the fan will majorly determine if a buyer can afford it or not