MINGER Bright White LED Strip Light


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The MINGER brand is a tested and trusted brand name that is known for its high quality and standard LED Strip Lights. We discussed some of their awesome RGB LEDs in our last article. The brand is also known to produce some impressive monochrome color LED Strip Lights as well. The Minger bright white LED strip light is in a class of its own, as it is arguably one of the best in its category. It is also affordable making it a popular choice among users.

Features of MINGER Bright White LED Strip Lights

  • Designed specifically for versatile lighting with a 32.8ft/10m (2×16.4ft rolls) length, high and impressive flexibility; which means users can bend the strips to individual preference and watch as their kitchen, living room, wardrobe, or bookshelf comes to life.
  • The daylight white lights are long and bright enough to illuminate multiple areas with ease, thanks to 600-daylight white LEDs and bright 6500K lighting.
  • With the help of a control box, users can adjust the brightness level between 6 different levels. They can either choose to brighten the strip lights when performing delicate intricate tasks or dim the lights when relaxing such as having dinner with loved ones.
  • Setting up takes a few minutes and is as simple as sticking the lights to any clean, dry surface using the provided adhesive and 10 support clips, and you are ready to go. The cutting design also enables users to trim the strip via the cutting mark to suitable lengths. It should be noted that connectors are not included in the kit.
  • Powered by a 12V power source, the white LED strip lights emit low heat combined with a touchable design and built-in short circuit prevention, they are completely safe to use.