Philips Hue Light Strip Plus


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The Philips Hue Light Strip Plus has various useful features, from different shades of daylight to compatibility with Alexa, Google Home. It also works well alongside many other bulbs from the manufacturer. It is simple to trim as needed, thanks to the specified cut lines.

Features of the Philips Hue Rope Light Full Kit

  • Easy Connectivity: These smart light strips are Bluetooth-enabled and simple to connect, giving users the ability to control up to 50 smart lights on one Hue Hub without clogging up your WiFi network.
  • Optimal Design: The coating around the light strip helps to create a single, bright and vibrant colored light across the entire strip for a more aesthetically pleasing Smart Home.
  • Compatibility: Philips Hue light strips are not compatible with non-Bluetooth light strip extensions. To extend this strip, users need to ensure to use the Bluetooth extension. Expand with any voice or a smart home assistant such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Cortana, SmartThings and IFTTT.
  • Ultimate Entertainment Experience: Sync your Hue Light Strip Plus with gaming, music and movies using your PC via the Hue Sync app.
  • Warranty: it has a warranty of up to 2 years alongside an efficient customer service system.

Cons of the Philips Hue Rope Light Full Kit

The Philip Hue LED light strip can be a confusing product as seen in most reviews by customers. Additional information is scanty and it requires many hours scouting through the internet or various online forums to source for information.

The difference in versions can also confuse, as it is not immediately evident to buyers when they decided to extend primarily. This is because Philips makes no mention that if you have previous light strips, the new ones will likely not work. Therefore, users will need a Hue Bridge to use all the Hue options.

However, the general functionality and features of the Philips Hue strip light are awesome and worth every dollar spent. It is powerful enough to create efficient lighting and its compatibility with many smart home kits makes it a top choice.

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