13 side hustles you can start on Reddit in 2022

13 side hustles you can start on Reddit in 2022

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Reddit has been a gem for many users and it is no surprise that many people earning passive income from it using these 13 side hustles.

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion platform. The platform is a social media website that provides its users with a network of communities where they can quickly post news, stories, images, videos, and links. A user’s place in Reddit communities depends on the type of content they share online and how other users evaluate this content. The platform has online discussion forums on politics, entertainment, and other exciting topics.

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a means of making money alongside one’s primary form of employment or income. Apart from one’s main 9 to 5 in the corporate world; a side hustle serves as a way of earning an additional income. There are several sides hustles a person can make money from with social media. Reddit is an excellent example of a platform where a person can engage in several side hustle jobs. However, before you can make money from Reddit, there are some essential information, tips, and advice for anyone who is trying to start a side hustle from Reddit.

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Some advice from Reddit veterans about side hustles

  •  Do something you love: Side hustles don’t need to feel heavy and obligatory as a 9 to 5 day job; a side hustle should be something you’re passionate about doing and something you enjoy doing. A side hustle can help you cope with the stress from your regular job, especially if you find meaning and fulfillment in your side hustle. For instance, if you’re passionate about writing, a perfect side hustle would be something related to that field, such as a freelance writer.
  • Start small: Don’t expect to be successful right away if you start a side hustle. Nobody reaches success overnight and instantly turns their side hustles into a full-time job; instead, they know that you should start small and take it from there.
  • Embrace your strengths: You can only find the right side hustle by focusing on your strengths instead of building your weaknesses. You will need to reflect on the things you’re naturally good at rather than improving your weaknesses and flaws. Every person has their flaws, but you won’t get anywhere by focusing on them; instead, you can improve on them.
  • Determine your motivation behind starting a side hustle: You might have different motivates for starting a side hustle, like to improve your finance or if you are considering shifting careers. However, whatever reasons you have for starting a side hustle, you can measure your progress better and maybe even find the perfect side hustle aligned with that motivation. For instance, if your regular job is a corporate job and you’ve always been passionate about the creative industry, this can lead you to side hustle in graphic design or multimedia. The little details like motivation can determine choosing the right side hustle to ensure that you’re on the right path.
  • Practice good time-management skills: One of the best things about a side hustle is that it allows you to have complete control of your time. As the name implies, it is a side hustle and not something you treat as another day job that’s going to exhaust you. Know your priorities and learn how to balance your regular job, side hustle, and take time for yourself because otherwise, having a side hustle will be futile.
  • Be confident in your capabilities: As a beginner in your side hustle, it can be challenging to be insecure about what you’re charging clients and customers. But do not let these doubts define you; rather, be confident enough in what you know you can offer others. Believe in your strengths and stay grounded in your skills and talents, even when it’s easy to second-guess yourself constantly. Lastly, confidence is very attractive to clients and customers, and you won’t succeed in your side hustle if others see that you don’t believe in yourself.

How Reddit makes money

Reddit revenue from App Store and Google Play in 2019, 2020, 2021 - JD Squad
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While Reddit is a helpful platform to many users, its essential aim is to make money. Understanding how Reddit makes money will inform your use of the platform. If you are helping it make more money, it will reward you.

In concept, the website enables users to post the latest trends and breaking news and vote on content posted by other users. It has several forums, including its critical well-known ‘ask me anything’ format, a sort of Q and A format popular on Reddit where open and democratic conversation happens between Redditors and people with exciting lives or experiences.

Reddit makes money by selling advertising space and an optional premium membership plan that allows its user to turn off ads and enjoy other benefits. Also, it makes money by offering managed-ads campaigns and auction-based advertising to advertisers.

Ultimately, the more users that come to the platform on a daily or monthly basis, the more money it makes. If you bring more users to Reddit by way of engaging and popular content, the platform sees you as a good user and rewards you by putting your posts in front of more users. You get more popular!

What is Reddit Karma?

The term Reddit karma refers to a user’s score that gives the user’s total up-votes against their down-votes. A down-vote is an action that a user can take on the platform to signal disapproval or try to downgrade a post and its content. Reddit karma allows you to start your own subreddit and join exclusive communities; if your karma is high, your post and comments are well-liked, and you will have more authority within the community. However, if you have a low or negative karma score, it means your interactions upset people. You appeared like a bot, spammer, or a troll to most people.

Furthermore, Reddit karma is divided into post karma and comment karma. Both karmas are added together to get a user’s total karma. So to raise your karma, it is best to focus on comments or posts. You can also focus on both. Here are a few tips to help you raise your karma below;

  • Post between 6 a.m and 8 a.m ET on Sunday.
  • It will help if you ask open-ended questions in r/AskReddit
  • Stick with larger subreddits
  • Post good content
  • Engage and comment on new and rising posts
  • Keep your conversations going by always responding
  • Post and drop your comments at r/FreeKarma4U

How to get popular on Reddit

While you can make an extra buck from Reddit, you can also become instantly popular on the platform. Here is how to do that;

  • Keep your post relevant:  If you are a Reddit user, to get many traffic and users rating on the platform, you have to try and keep your post relevant to other users. The more you tailor your posts to the subreddit sections, the better. Your content has to target a specific audience. First, you have to select the niche you want to post about, research what they find interesting and what to learn about, and then post it. If your niche on the platform is to sell a product or get social media followers, then you need to carry out some customer development.
  • No double dripping: No double dripping means that when you post a comment or link on Reddit and a lot of people find it interesting, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to post another. Give it time.
  • Only post relevant content: Another way of getting popular on Reddit is by only posting your best and most attractive content; it has been studied that short and generic content does not perform quite well on the platform. It only reduces your accumulated karma points and valuable reputation. Post content that is in-depth, well-written, and reasoned on; unique and helpful content is also advisable.
  • Don’t let your first post or second post be a promotion: Before you decide to market your product on Reddit, make sure you engage and post-normal content. Your first and second posts shouldn’t be targeted at selling your products. If your first and second post is targeted toward marketing a product, Reddit users won’t find your post interesting and will downvote it, reducing your value.
  • Have fun: One of the best ways to be popular on Reddit is to be like a normal Reddit user. You can spend about 10-15 minutes posting about regular stuff and posting funny comments. This helps you disguise and also gives you extra positive points. Here are some tips on how you can generate traffic and become popular on Reddit platforms.
  1. Do not over-promote your products on the platform.
  2. Share your new posts with your friends.
  3. Comment and reply to everyone submissively or make a post that does not offend a user to downvote you.
  4. Advertise to promote your products.

If you have been following this article you likely understand that the key to succeeding financially on Reddit is through popularity. However, it is not the only way as there are other smart ways to earn on the platform as you will see in the next section.

How to make money on Reddit with these 13 side hustles

Earlier in this article, we talked about how the platform makes money. As a Reddit user, there’s no way to make money directly from the platform, but there are other ways to generate income from Reddit money-making ideas or side hustles. Below are a few options for making money from Reddit;

There is an area of interest called Subreddits on Reddit that users create. There is a current record of about 138,000 active subreddits since July 2018. Subreddit names begin with ‘r/’;, for instance, ‘r/science’. Each Subreddits has a particular topic it focuses on. It is from this Subreddit that users make money.

How to make money on Reddit with these 13 side hustles - JD Squad
Photo source: HerMoney.

1. Go on /r/BeerMoney

/r/BeerMoney is one popular subreddit that provides ways to make money online to gain additional income. The site is one of the most dependable sites and methods to make money from. It is often visited by users and has engaging activities. If you subscribe to the subreddit, you will get various recommendations to help you make more money online.

2. Go on /r/QMEE

This subreddit is minor, and you can earn money by performing standard online searches on Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, and eBay. You can also make money by partaking in surveys or cash incentive opportunities mentioned in the posts of other users. Lastly, the subreddit has a browser extension that allows you to make money while shopping or taking the paid survey online.

3. Increase your Reddit Karma

While Reddit karma isn’t monetizable, when you have a lot of karma, it gives you many followers. Also, subscribing to private subreddits is a strategy that helps.

4. Use Reddit to direct traffic to your site

You can use the platform to connect people to your website or blog if you have one. You can post links linking an article to your website or create a subreddit for your website and have people find interest in it.

5. Go on /r/SignupsforPay

This subreddit is where you can earn money by joining an affiliate link. You can use a few minutes of your time each day to search for new deals and make extra cool cash in exchange for your time and with little work. This subreddit also allows you to create your referral links and have people sign up through you.

6. Find work online on /r/forHire

/r/forHire is the subreddit for people looking for freelance jobs and opportunities. There’s another similar subreddit which is called /r/WorkOnline. On /r/WorkOnline, you can discover legitimate work online. You can get tutoring jobs and freelance writing contracts available. The subreddits also offer free advice on monetizing blogs and websites and identifying the best online platforms.

Reddit is very vast, and it’s not just about funny comments and pics or posts, but it is also a form of a side hustle for most people.

7. Go on /r/Freelance

You can use this subreddit platform that shares freelancing tips and techniques if you are a freelancer. You also get helpful information on how to build your career as a freelancer, whether you are just starting out or have been a freelancer for a long time. However, it should be known that you can’t market for work on this subreddit as it is not allowed.

8. Go on /r/WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets is a community where people who claim to have experience in investing offer stock and investment ideas. This community can have pretty aggressive investment tactics and sometimes be unconventional. Suppose you are new to investing or wish to get advice from the WallStreetBets community. In that case, you can join the community and always do your little research following any advice you receive from the community.

9. Take offers below the market rates

If you want to make money online, go to /r/SlaveLabour. The gig from the subreddit platform can only pay a few bucks, so it is advisable not to expect so much from this platform. While the pay may be less, most of the activities on this subreddit do not require highly specialized expertise. On /r/SlaveLabour, various jobs are available on the platform ranging from data entry to more freelance writing opportunities.

10. Go on /r/Startups

If you want to start your own business, there are subreddit platforms where you can locate a group of people who are willing to advise you on your path. /r/Startups is the ideal subreddit for anyone wishing to start up their own business. Users are willing to give advice, solutions, and tips to guide and help you start up your own business on this subreddit. If you promote your start-up on this subreddit, you must go through some rigorous guidelines. To prevent being banned or flagged from this platform, ensure to read and follow the rules and regulations of this subreddit.

11. Go on /r/Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most well-known freelance websites; while the subreddit on Fiverr isn’t nearly as popular, it still has a burgeoning following of about 5,000 freelancers. The subreddit serves as a perfect place to ask sellers and buyers for opinions about the platform. FiverrGigs is its smaller sister subreddit, where users can post links to specific jobs and listings.

12. Go to /r/FinancialIndependence

r/FinancialIndependence is a subreddit community for people who want to make a game plan so they can ideally retire early- a strategy known as FIRE-Financial Independence, Retire Early. These strategies are often coupled with career and business advice. Typical FIRE methods include landing a high-paying job in your early 20s or 30s, living well below your means to max out a 401 [k] and IRA, retiring by 40 or 50 years old, or switching to a low-stress job that brings you fulfillment.

13. Start a buy-sell business on Reddit market place

On Reddit, you can obtain products at a reduced cost and sell them on the platform for a much higher amount to make a profit. To do this, first research products that most Reddit users need. Study their wants and what they can use to do their daily activity.

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