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Top 5 Single Color LED Strip Lights 2021 – A Review (Pros and Cons)

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This is the third part of our series on LED strip lights. In the first instalment, we provided a comprehensive guide on LED strip lights with information such as what to expect and what features to look out for when buying premium LED strip lights for your project. In the second instalment, we covered the top five RGB LED Strip lights available in today’s market, and the features that make them great. We mentioned a worthy few as well.

In this third and final piece, we shall consider the best five single color (monochrome) whiteLED Strip lights available to users. Single color LED strip lights are strip lights that emit just a single color of light. In most cases, they tend to be dimmable as that is the only property that can vary in them.

You might be wondering why you would need a single color LED rope light when you can benefit remarkably well from the multiple color changing abilities of the RGB LEDs. Well, the thing is that not every project requires the captivating effect of a color changing rope light. Accent lighting and workspace lighting require a much more comfortable light source to the eyes, hence one of the needs for single color LED strip lights.

Consider the headlamp lights of your car or truck. You would not use the bulb with a specification meant for the brake light in its position now, would you? The answer is NO, as they both perform the function of illumination but on different scales.

White LED Strip LightSingle color LED strip lights are ideal for adding illumination and accent lighting to a wide range of applications, including residential, retail, and display lighting. One major advantage of single color lighting LED strip light compared to an RGB LED stripe is that if you want warm white light, a single color LED strip with warm white LEDs produces a much more pleasant light than an RGB LED Strip.

While an RGB LED Strip can produce any color, the warm white light that such strips create is only an approximation. After all, an RGB LED consists of only three colors – a red, green and blue one. Real (warm) white light consists of a mixture of all possible colors, which an RGB LED simply cannot produce.

In the following section, we review five top single color LED strips after which we also mention three more that deserve to be noticed. Let’s get started.

1. Lepro LED Strip Light White

Lighting Ever, abbreviated to LE, is known for creating the best lighting experience for users worldwide. They are known for quality products, great customer service and warranty covers on their products range. Their 6000K dimmable white LED light strip is one of the best on the market and does not cost a fortune.

LePro White LED Strip Light

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Features of Lepro LED Strip Lights White

  • Created with 300 pieces of high brightness 2835 LEDs. Users can control them with a dimmer that is included in the kit. It is very convenient to adjust its brightness. They are also energy efficient.
  • Strong 3M Sticky Tape: Made with a strong 3M adhesive sticky tape with powerful stickiness. Users are assured of a firm grip on attached surfaces and do not need to worry about the strip falling.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly: By adopting a qualified FPC circuit board and LEDs, the strip has excellent heat dissipation capacity, making it much more durable. Also, the strip is known to emit low carbon with no radiation and causes no pollution to the environment or to humans.
  • Easy to Install: With double-sided tape on the reverse, they can be secured easily to the mounting surface. Users should ensure that they stick the light strip to a smooth, clean and dust-free surface.
  • Safe to Use: The working voltage is 12V, extremely low heat, which is safe to touch and is no cause to worry.

The Lepro LED Strip Light is available on Amazon.

2. ALITOVE LED Strip lights

ALITOVE LED Strip Light is an amazing product for the price range it commands.

  • Created with super quality high brightness SMD 2835 LEDs with high-density positioning of 120 LEDs/M, designed to make luminescence more even and natural.
  • It produces a Daylight White of color temperature range of 5700K~6200K translating to about 18lm/LED. It is also backed with an impressive color-rendering index (CRI) of more than 90.
  • Extra-long design with 10m continuous length and 24V DC input ensures that even if all the 1200LEDs are turned on full white, there is no visible voltage drop. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting decoration projects that require long LED strips.
  • Makes use of new generation 24V LED strips, which are safer and brighter than the old 12V LED strips. It is touchable to humans. The strip works on a 24V DC Power supply, which has to be purchased independently.
  • It has an IP rating of IP67, which means the strip is waterproof and is suitable for outdoor locations. Also, the strip is placed in a clear PVC tube, which offers great protection against water and dust, and makes it easy to clean. It has been tested to work well outdoors, even in extreme weather such as rainstorms.
  • Made from a soft and flexible circuit board, giving users the ability to cut and bend it into any shape or length to meet their personal requirements. It can be cut off at every 6 LED without damaging the strip.
Alitove single color LED Strip Light

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Note: One downside to this product is that some users complain about the included plugs, which used dangerously thin wiring. These can get pretty hot under a few minutes, therefore, it is advisable to take out these wirings and get another set if you intend to use the entire reel.

Check it out on Amazon

3. MINGER Bright White LED Strip Light

The MINGER brand is a tested and trusted brand name that is known for its high quality and standard LED Strip Lights. We discussed some of their awesome RGB LEDs in our last article. The brand is also known to produce some impressive monochrome color LED Strip Lights as well. The Minger bright white LED strip light is in a class of its own, as it is arguably one of the best in its category. It is also affordable making it a popular choice among users.

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Features of MINGER Bright White LED Strip Lights

  • Designed specifically for versatile lighting with a 32.8ft/10m (2×16.4ft rolls) length, high and impressive flexibility; which means users can bend the strips to individual preference and watch as their kitchen, living room, wardrobe, or bookshelf comes to life.
  • The daylight white lights are long and bright enough to illuminate multiple areas with ease, thanks to 600-daylight white LEDs and bright 6500K lighting.
  • With the help of a control box, users can adjust the brightness level between 6 different levels. They can either choose to brighten the strip lights when performing delicate intricate tasks or dim the lights when relaxing such as having dinner with loved ones.
  • Setting up takes a few minutes and is as simple as sticking the lights to any clean, dry surface using the provided adhesive and 10 support clips, and you are ready to go. The cutting design also enables users to trim the strip via the cutting mark to suitable lengths. It should be noted that connectors are not included in the kit.
  • Powered by a 12V power source, the white LED strip lights emit low heat combined with a touchable design and built-in short circuit prevention, they are completely safe to use.

4. Megulla Dimmable White LED Strip Light

Megulla LED strip lights can be used on large projects such as stage productions or smaller projects like backlighting television sets, monitors etc. With Megulla strip lights, users are assured of a long lasting durable light. The included RF remote allows users to control fully their light with a simple push of a button to adjust brightness, night light as well as to set the timer.

Features of the Megulla Dimmable White LED Strip Light

  • The Megulla Dimmable White LED Strip Light DIY kit comes with a 32.8ft/10m LED strip, an ETL-Listed power adaptor, an RF wireless remote and an on/off switch controller with dimmer.
  • It is backed with a one-year warranty from Megulla to certify the quality of their product. The brand also has an awesome customer service team available to render services to customers ranging from troubleshooting to replacement of any faulty part or for any questions about purchase or installation.
  • It features an RF Remote with Dimmer with a unique design and development for a simple controller, convenient to adjust brightness. The Megulla RF wireless remote allows you to control the light 360-degree and there is no need to target the sensor. It has a remote control distance of about 49-66ft (15-20m), which is a much better experience when compared against other IR remotes.
  • This LED strip light includes super bright LEDs and the working voltage is 12V, which produces extremely low heat and dissipates it excellently, making it much more durable. It is very suitable for living room, kitchen, under cabinet, dining room and bedroom. It is safe to touch.
  • Designed with impressive self-adhesive glue back with adhesive tape for safe and easy installation, users need not worry about falling off.

5. Govee White LED Strip Lights

When it comes to strip light technology, few names pop in the head like Govee. Govee is a popular brand name that is associated with excellent product designs as well as impeccable customer service. Its white light strip light is certainly no exception.

Govee daylight LED Strip Light

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Features of Govee White LED Strip Lights

  • Designed with 300 high-quality LEDs and a 6500K color temperature, users enjoy an incredibly bright illumination with improved color quality. Suitable for lighting up those dark spots at home or in your business environment.
  • Stretching to 16.4ft, the LED strip light is flexible enough to be mounted with ease in various locations such as rooms, cabinets, mirrors and corridors.
  • Its six levels of brightness allow users to adjust safely their LED strip light for various occasions. All you need to do is simply use the control box to dim or brighten LED lights to the desired level.
  • Super easy to install. Simply stick the strip light onto a dry, clean surface. Its impressively strong adhesives, coupled with the extra clips provider further ensure your light will not fall or hang.
  • Users can easily trim the strip light to desirable lengths to satisfy personal DIY home lighting needs.
  • Powered by a 12V working voltage, an ETL listed power adapter and a built-in short circuit prevention technology, the LED strip light emits low heat and is incredibly safe and touchable for users.

Check it out on Amazon.

Other Worthy Mentions

1. MYPLUS Warm White LED Strip Lights

Packed with 2 rolls of 16.4ft LED strip lights, MYPLUS Warm White LED Strip Lights are designed with 600 PCS SMD 2835 LEDs, creating a super bright 1640 lumen warm white light, which can easily illuminate dark areas. Easy to control with up to 10 levels of brightness (ranging from 10-100%) adjustment. Just long press the dimmer to switch brightness between maximum and minimum. The dimmer can stick on the wall. It also has status lights around the button, making it easy to find in the dark.

MYPLUS Warm White LED Strip Lights are fitted with strong 1mm thick self-adhesive, for easy installation on any clean, dry surface. The kit also includes 10 clips for extra protection of your installation. While this strip light is great for kitchen, bedroom, shelves and many other areas, it is non-waterproof. This means that it is not a great strip light for wet or outdoor locations.

MYPLUS warm white LED Strip light is powered by a 12V power adapter. It has a double-panel structure, good heat dissipation and SCS 800613 safety certification. 

my plus white led strip light

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MYPLUS warm white LED strip light is available on Amazon.

2. Novostella Dimmable LED Light Strip

This strip light comes mostly in 20ft length and is designed with 360 bright LEDs. It is powered by a working voltage of 12V with a UL listed Power Adaptor included in the kit pack. The strip is controlled by a switch dimmer, which is also provided in the kit, for easy and convenient adjustment of brightness.

The Novostella dimmable LED Strip Light is versatile and has excellent heat dissipation, making it much more durable. It is suitable for use in the living room, kitchen, under cabinet, dining room, bedroom and stairways. The strip is designed with a self-adhesive back, coated in adhesive tape for safe and easy installation. It is also safe to use and touch.

Its Standard Kit pack comes with 20ft LED strips, a UL Listed power adaptor, a dimmer and 6Pcs mounting brackets. The entire pack costs less than $16 on Amazon.


3. SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights

The SUPERNIGHT LED Strip Lights has 300 SMD 5050 LEDs fitted on a 16.4ft flexible PCB board creating high brightness, low attenuation with long lifetime and high reliability. The 5M length flexible strip has an IP65 rating. This means that the polyester resin material covering the PCB is only strong enough to protect LEDs against multi-directional, low-pressure water jets such as splash or spills and is not protected for full immersion. It is not suitable for outdoor locations where it may be exposed to rain.

The SUPERNIGHT strip can work with 12V 5A power supply/dimmer, sold separately. It is easy to install as it has a very strong adhesive back tape to aid with installation. Just ensure that the surface is smooth, clean and dry. Scissors marks are indicated on the strip to ease cutting for individual length required. Users can also use other strip tools to connect more strips.

SUPERNIGHT also has an incredible customer service support system to help customers facing any challenges with their product. 

Supernight led strip lighr (Blue)

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Check  it out on Amazon.

Final Words

LED Strip Lights are amazing, no doubt about that! But acquiring one sometimes can be tedious and the process is not always fun plus the fact that it is time consuming; time better spent on other important projects like hanging out with family, preparing a meal or even taking a walk with your loved ones.

At JDSQUAD, we have taken the time to sieve through the many amazing rope light products available in the market and have chosen this Top 5 LED Rope Light to help you eliminate the associated headache and narrow down your choice. All selected LED strip lights are readily available on Amazon and are below $100. You are assured of getting value for your money, so go ahead and click on the provided links to check any or even all of them out.

No matter your decision on what type of LED rope light to choose, either a single or a color-changing LED strip, one can do no wrong. Just keep in mind the basic properties and features associated with each type and the aesthetic result you want to create