How to Download Spigot plugins for Apex Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Download Spigot plugins for Apex Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you looking to install Spigot on your apex hosting account? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will show you how to do just that. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and provide some helpful tips. So whether you’re a seasoned apex hosting user or a total beginner, you’ll be able to get Spigot up and running in no time!

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your apex hosting account. Once logged in, head over to the “My Services” tab and click on the “Spigot” service. You should see the button “Install Spigot.” Go ahead, click that, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

What is Apex Hosting?

Apex is a database that hosts the Minecraft server. It is very secure and safe to use. Hosting a Minecraft server does not come free, as it requires expensive hardware, bandwidth, and professional staff that can carry out superior services and customer assistance.

One primary concern for server owners is a lag, which could have a variety of causes, whether from resources you add to your server or the hardware your server runs on. However, if you host with Apex, hardware is less of an issue.

Spigot and plugins

Spigot is a heavily modified version of CraftBukkit with improvements and modifications. The plugins compatible with CraftBukkit are also compatible with Spigot, and it gives even more plugins to make your choice. Being the most popular server software used, it provides a reason that we recommend and offer Spigot for a server with plugins.

However, we cannot talk about apex hosting without referring to Minecraft plugins.

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Minecraft plugins

Just as extensions are to browsers, plugins are to Minecraft. Third-party developers use this to write additional code and plug it into the server. There is a limit to what they can do. It also means that they only need to be installed on the server’s side. There are no modifications necessary in your game files to get them working.

Plugins give a variety of functionalities and do not have any purpose in mind. They can grant a multitude of extra commands better to manage the server and ad fun and valuable mechanics. Such as the ability to set who has access and particular built-in areas, add prefixes and suffixes to names, create different ranks with access to various commands, add RPG elements, add virtual economies and many more.

There are many plugins available on the Spigot repositories that you can choose from to add spice to your server. However, most of these plugins are from separate developers, which means that incompatibility issues and bugs can surface with more than many plugins installed. It is best to stick with the most popular plugins, as they have been in development for quite some time and are far more stable and known to have fewer compatibility issues with other plugins.

Installing a plugin is quite simple using Minecraft server hosting services. Regarding managing your server, we provide the multicraft control panel that comes with an easy to use plugin installer feature called BukGet. With this feature, you can browse through plugins from multiple repositories, find more information on them, and install any of the available versions.

What are the best plugins?

You may have in mind the question when first getting plugins. The answer to this question depends on the type of server you want to have, which is the beauty of adding plugins to your server. The possibilities are endless.

Installing plugins through the plugin list

There is a list of plugins from Bukkit and Spigot at apex hosting that you can directly integrate into your panel. You can install these plugins by doing the following:

  • Login to your Apex Hosting Panel and choose the server you want to install the plugins.
  • Select the plugin list seen on the left side of the panel.
  • You can choose either Bukkit or Spigot as your source. The only difference may be from the results you get. Both of these plugins should work on the server.
  • You can now search for specific names of plugins or check by category. Once you find a plugin you wish to install, click on it.
  • At the top of the page, check to see a compatible version for your server version.

Once you check to see a compatible version, you can select it from the server dropdown menu. Then click to install to the right. Check to see if the process takes place by checking your server console.

Once the process takes place, restart your server so that the plugin loads.

Installing plugins through FTP

Sometimes, what you are looking for may not be on the plugin list. In that case, you may need to go online to search for a direct download of a plugin. There are some popular sources to get plugins, such as the DevBukkit site, the SpigotMC site, and directly from the developer’s GitHub pages or websites. Generally, the best way to find a plugin online is by typing on the google search engine the name or keywords of the plugin.

  • Download the plugin jar file from its online source.
  • Head to the FTP File Access tab on your panel and login
  • Once you log in, locate and click the plugins folder.
  • Once inside the plugins folder, click on upload to the left and drag in your jar file.
  • Once the file gets to 100%, you can go back to the main page, the panel page.
  • Restart the server so that the plugin loads.

Peculiar issues with plugins

– Plugins Not Loading

Sometimes after restarting, the server plugins may still not load. You can check if a plugin is loaded by running plugins in-game. If you see it green, then it must have loaded. If it is red or not on the list, there may be an issue. Please verify that the plugin is compatible with your server version and check its plugin page to ensure that it has no needed dependency plugins. Sometimes, if you restart the server and look at the console output, you may be able to tell what the exact error is or what plugin is missing for it to work.

– Plugin list download failure

If you attempt to download a plugin from the plugin list on your panel, but there are errors, then there is an issue with the source site of the plugin. If this happens, we recommend that you manually install the plugin to the server.

– No plugins folder

Suppose you try to install plugins to the server manually but cannot find the plugins folder. It is either your server does not accept them, or you may have forgotten to restart after changing versions. Verify that you have a compatible server by checking the selected version in the Jar File dropdown on your panel.

Some plugins, however, are:

  • Essentials: It is a plugin that you find on almost all servers. It offers over a hundred commands and features to enjoy better and customize your server. If you want to set a warp point for your home, a sign shop, a virtual economy, or several administrative commands for your server> all of that and more are in Essentials.
  • Multiverse: This plugin gives room to the creation and usage of multiple worlds of different types, seeds, the ability to restrict which animals and mobs spawn on each planet, and even a custom generator to apply custom world templates to your worlds.

In conclusion, we can say that installing Spigot on your Apex web hosting account is not as complex as you may perceive it to be, as the steps to it are pretty straightforward. You also need to install plugins as well.

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