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Why Spotify has so many ads – understanding ads in ecommerce

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Spotify ads can be so annoying and interruptive but when you understand why they are so many, it helps put tings in perspective.

Spotify is a popular streaming service for music and podcasts, taking a significant portion of the market. Its primary competitor is Apple Music which has just about half its subscribers.

Its popularity results from a sleek user interface and an intelligent music discovery algorithm. Like every other service, the more significant part of its revenue is from its premium service that grants online and offline ad-free music and podcast to premium subscribers at a reasonable rate.

However, not every user has a premium subscription. This set of users contributes to the revenue attainable to Spotify through ads that occur in between songs.

In recent times, the free users complained that Spotify is forcefully making them have to listen to ads after each song.

Spotify has tried to play its part by acknowledging that it is being worked on by its developers and giving users the guarantee that there will be a solution soonest.

Why am I getting so many Spotify ads?

Money from Spotify goes from ads to the payroll of employees, artists, and record labels based on streaming. However, it plays. The premium subscribers pay these people from their monthly subscription fee.

Most of the ads on Spotify focus on advertising the premium subscription, emphasizing how it is ad-free, letting you enjoy your music without any interruption. You may not necessarily be interested in knowing all of this. You want the free version and do not wish to pay for more. These ads contribute to Spotify’s revenue from which they pay artists that upload their songs on Spotify.

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How often do you get ads on Spotify?

Subscribers can choose to disable notifications, with which Spotify then limits the number of ads that listeners will see. It could trim it down to one ad per day and probably two in a week.

Why do I suddenly get ads on Spotify?

If you experience ads while listening to podcasts, users who upload their podcasts to the app must have edited them with ads and uploaded them to the app. As a result, you can’t remove these ads.

Why am I getting ads after every song?

Not every active user on Spotify is a premium subscriber. This category of users contributes to the revenue attainable to Spotify by listening to ads that pop up in between songs.

Do you get Spotify ads if you pay?

Being a premium subscriber, you won’t receive ads from Spotify but third parties that the content creators endorse.

Can you block Spotify ads?

You can block Spotify ads by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while you are on Spotify listening to music. VPNs, Atlas VPN,  usually works for computers and mobile devices. You have to select a different server region on VPN and open Spotify to stream music.

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Can you listen to Spotify without ads for free?

Spotify offers free users more than thirty minutes of ad-free listening experience every once in a while. Despite this offer, there have been instances whereby you are interrupted by an ad within fifteen minutes.

Is it free to advertise on Spotify?

Spotify gives you free advertising options. In other words, there is something for you, irrespective of what your budget is. Advertisers can begin with $250 by going through Ad Studio’s self-service advertising platform. Spotify also gives script writing tips and free tools to enable you to create audio ads from scratch.

In conclusion, Spotify is a popular streaming application for music and podcasts that gets its revenue from premium subscribers that pay a monthly fee. To still earn income amidst free subscribers, they use ads on their platform to run at set intervals during the use of the app by these free subscribers.

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