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Is Survey Club Legit? How to Earn Money with Surveys

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Making findings into customers’ purchasing habits is the bedrock for any company gearing to succeed in the busy world we have today. Brands need to have a good grasp of the capability of their prospects.

Companies sometimes come across volunteers who are willing to participate in research to leave a mark. More often than not, an offer needs to be made of a small incentive to reach out to a larger audience. It is the part where market research companies come up with survey panels like Survey Club. We also come in here as users willing to trade their opinions to receive some form of reimbursement.

Survey Club started in 2005, making it one of the older market research companies. They often carry out online surveys and sometimes look at focus groups and reward participants by giving them cash or Amazon gift cards.

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is one of many market research companies that pay people to fill out online surveys. These surveys assist in clinical research studies and other social evaluations. With lots of members scattered all over the six continents, it is one of the largest market research companies.

Filling out surveys looks relatively easy to earn money on the side and receive rewards with amazon gift cards at times like this. More people are looking for ways to make extra income from home, and filling out surveys on survey sites is a fast way to do it.

Joining the survey club is free, which makes it attractive. They gather information concerning your favorite products and services, your opinion on some peculiar topics, and your beliefs in general. People that go on to want to complete surveys for Survey Club get redirected to another website to finish up.

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How the survey club works

All legit survey panels are free to join. There is no charge to join. The process of signing up is straightforward and quick. After filling out your basic information, you will get a prompt to complete your profile with information on employment and income. There is also a short questionnaire about your health and lifestyle.

The third step shows you that the survey is not independent in its operations. Instead, it depends on third-party survey sites to get consistent supply. If you wish to raise your earning potential, you should sign up with more survey panels like opinion Outpost, national Consumer Panel, and E Poll.

They will go a long way to help you earn income on the side. It is not obligatory to join them. If, however, you don’t do it, your earning potential will reduce to the lowest paying general opinion and consumer opinion surveys.

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Is the survey club legit?

Survey Club is a legitimate company. The only challenge is that it is not that easy to fill out a couple of surveys and get a quick cash deposit. Customers often get redirected to other survey panels where they need to sign up for their site.

The survey club acts as a middleman site by sending customers to other survey companies. They don’t grant a survey-only service like some other companies. If you decide to work with Survey Club, get ready to sign up and become a member of several other sites.

Is Survey Club Safe?

Survey Club is a company that pays its customers on time and thoroughly. In other words, they don’t delay paying their customers, and they don’t deduct the money paid to them as well. If you have spare time and won’t mind trying it out, you can be confident that you will get the money due to you for your efforts.

You should know that filling out surveys for Survey Club makes your personal information available for other companies that may decide to use them as they please. To sign up on the Survey Club, you need to disclose your address and date of birth, and other sensitive information to receive paid surveys to complete.

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Is Survey Club one to trust?

When something is too good to be true, most of the time, it usually is. It is not the case here. You can trust the survey club one hundred percent to pay you for your work for them.

Do not expect to start swimming in cash after you fill out a handful of surveys, as not many of them offer a high pay rate. It would be best not to rely on Survey Club sending regular surveys your way, thereby making the income you get from it a hit and miss.

How do I get my money?

Once you complete a survey, Survey club will go on to deposit it directly into your personal Survey Club rewards account. You can retrieve rewards by making a transfer to an amazon gift card.


There are lots of survey companies all around that are reliable and legitimate. If you do not wish to join Survey Cub, other companies you can sign up with are also trustworthy.

They are as follows:

1. LifePoints

It is one of the most accessible companies to qualify with, and every recruit stands a chance of receiving a good amount of surveys early on. LifePoint pays customers through PayPal, which you can now transfer to your bank account.

2. Swagbucks

Are you a lover of a little bit of online therapy? Do you wish to be paid for it as well? Swagbucks will pay you to shop online with certain retailers, watch videos, and complete surveys.

If you spend most of your time on web surfing, you can earn money by using the Swagbucks search engine for your browsing. Swagbucks has the classic points payment system.

3. InboxDollars

It has a mobile app and a website that lets you make money on the side. It is one of the companies leading in market research, with a track record that dates back to its inception in 2000.

You can earn a fair amount of money through InboxDollars as there is a minimum payment threshold of $30, one of the highest in the industry. Although it is time-consuming compared to other companies to work with, it pays off.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie makes use of the points system payment method. Here, you fill in online surveys in exchange for points that you can retrieve for cash or gift cards.

The most beautiful thing about Survey Junkie is that you can answer all the questions anonymously. It is a great advantage and a good alternative for those that don’t wish to give out their personal information.

Get Money Online For Surveys; see how.

Can you make money with the survey club?

Compared to most of their competitors, the survey club does not offer a massive reimbursement. On average, you will cash out with $5 per survey. The longer the survey, the more it pays you. However, you will rarely get longer surveys. Therefore, you should not expect to make enough to foot your bills from the platform.

In focus groups, they are rare and the most attractive earning opportunities. In most cases, you get to earn some dollars for them.

The threshold to cash out is $25, which doesn’t sound much. However, it is hard to amass. You will need to do as many surveys as possible to earn as much.


  • Rewards comprise cash and Amazon gift cards and are the most attractive.
  • Focus groups pay well. There is a possibility to earn as much as $200 for a focus group that lasts an hour.
  • It is a legitimate survey site. The contact information is visible on their website.


  • This panel is just a mediator that only works as a traffic hub earning from the commission they get from reputable survey sites like Inbox Dollars when someone uses their link. Users find it strange to sign up with a survey panel that redirects to other panels. They term this an unnecessary hassle.
  • It is hard to qualify for their surveys. Although they seem short and straightforward, it is hard, making them unsuitable.
  • Their surveys generally pay low. If somehow you can scale the eligibility wall, it won’t be worthwhile as it wastes time and energy.
  • Prepare to be bombarded with lots of junk emails. It is even advisable to register an email address that does not serve any other purpose.

In conclusion, this panel is legit, but most of its time won’t be worth it. To find a level playing ground, sign up on it but don’t give too much attention to these surveys. You can automatically establish an email filter to send emails from them with the word “survey.”  Survey, therefore, is an excellent way to help you earn money on the side.

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