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Best gaming affiliate programs you should join in 2022

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Gamers across regions crave the latest systems, the hottest games, and extra features to make them play better. The need for these markets is quite broad such that you can sell $20 games and $5,000 PCs for gaming from the same site. It is where gaming affiliate programs come in.

Gaming affiliate programs are as diverse as the market itself. It comprises a combination of video games, hardware, and sellers of accessories. Products and services can be promoted quickly on three or four affiliate programs simultaneously on your website. These same affiliate networks may manage some.

Some of these affiliate programs are as follows:

1. GameFly affiliate program

Gamefly affiliate

A gaming rental company operating on Netflix’s original model. Here, game lovers get to rent games sent to their home addresses on a subscription model.

Video games are available for most systems like Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, and 3DS. Subscribers can purchase games at the total price or a discount.

This service is in high demand because it has most top franchises like God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry. The price of games here is significantly lower than that of other retailers.

With this affiliate program, you can earn money based on several actions.

First, if a visitor to your site signs up to get a free trial or a paid subscription, you will get rewards with a base commission of $15. You can also direct visitors to purchase games on which you get 5% of the money they spend buying a new game.

This affiliate program is put in place by Commission Junction (or CJ) and handles most of its policies. They support affiliates that choose this program with banners, tested anchor text, and real-time reporting.

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 2. G2Deal affiliate program


It offers the lowest prices and prompt shipping, including delivery and commissions that range from 8% to 15%.

When you join the partner program by Bzfuture, they confirm your email, after which they will provide you with the Bzfuture partner program dashboard.

Go to Tools and click Add More to create your one-of-a-kind track link. When a visitor buys a product using your site or your referral link, you can track the interface and the sales on the site by their system.

It is suitable for new novice affiliate partners as it will help them learn about the gaming industry and its products.

3.Logitec affiliate program


Logitec is one of the leading companies in computer accessories. They are the originators of the laser mouse, the trackball, and many other technologies.

Today, they are designers and developers of hundreds of models across various brands. They deal in mice, keyboards, web cameras, headphones, speakers, and other products.

In recent times, they have focused on the niche of gaming accessories, making them a gaming affiliate program. Some models have a design that appeals to gamers looking for what is cool. They also have features to enhance gaming performance, like ten button mouse. They also create special controllers to aid flight and driving simulators. This program allows you to promote all other products to gamers with methods like text links.

4. Razer affiliate program


It is something between an accessory manufacturer and a lifestyle brand for gamers. Products are recognizable by a snake logo with three heads and green and black colors. You can find this signature on the company’s range of products for gamers, including mice, keyboards, and headsets. The company recently expanded into gaming with gaming laptops, PCs, and gaming chairs.

This affiliate program grants the chance for you to promote all of these products using banners or links. When you join the affiliate marketing program, you can access an interface that lets you track your affiliate campaign through daily reports. You will receive up-to-date figures on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales, and commissions.

5. Zygor guides affiliate program


It is a companion site for the famous World of Warcraft multiplayer game. They sell game guides that help gamers achieve a wide variety of tasks that include:

  • Claiming rear gear
  • Leveling up for efficiency
  • Earning points for reputation in-game factions
  • Earning gold
  • Claiming pets and mounts

Once purchased, the guides can all gain access to an interface that makes them appear in-game. The convenience can make these guides easy to sell to committed players.

Joining this affiliate program promotes the guides offered by the site. They are accessible through a subscription costing $9.99 per month.

You can earn a 50% commission for each one you sell. You get a recurring monthly commission for all Zygor guides’ monthly subscriptions.

6. affiliate program

It is the home of multiplayer games world of ships, and the world of tanks. The games known for genuine money marketplaces have helped the company come to a valuation of more than $1.5 billion, making it one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry.

You can gain from their success story by joining the program as it works on a SPA model where you earn rewards for new registrations and actions the gamers take in the games. The payout is as high as $10 per new registration, with the total output depending on the player’s country of origin. The good side is that the program is global, and you can have some commission level even if you don’t have the traffic coming from North America.

To join this program, 70% of your traffic should come from either USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

You will need a minimum number of 30,000unique visitors or 10,000 subscribers to qualify. The same goes for any affiliates you want to attract for Tier 2 commissions. If new affiliates sign up successfully through your link, you will receive 3% of their commissions.

7. Secret Lab Chairs

Secret Lab Chairs

It is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer of high-quality gaming chairs. It is one of the sub-niches in gaming that has had significant growth in the last couple of years. They deal in different models of office le chairs set apart by different frames and fabrics. They come with other characters and logos from well-known games and TV series.

8. NVIDIA affiliate program


It makes components for computers used for gaming. They are well known for their graphics cards. They have a demand for cryptocurrency that has caused orders to exceed supply for years running. Their request could present an opportunity for affiliates that can promote fast-moving products.

The Rakuten network manages this affiliate program. If you have approval from Rakuten, you may be able to access the program from your user menu. The network has the sole responsibility of setting most of the policies.

9. Fanatical affiliate program


It is a big marketplace of game keys that are licensed officially. These are codes that you can retrieve on several platforms that include team and Epic Games, attracting a significant amount of discounts on popular titles.

If you join this program, you can promote any games and get value on your commissions by pushing the full-price ones. You can earn up to 5% commission on each sale with products that range from $20 to $59.99

10. Mmoga affiliate program

mmoga gaming affiliate program

It mediates the comprehensive service for games online and virtual goods. Whatever your needs are, be rest assured that the right product is ready for you. You can get everything needed quickly, safely, and easily from one platform, offering the best prices. You can get your virtual goods from the market-leading mediation platform. Mmoga also deals in FIFA coins for the popular ultimate team mode of the football game, World of Warcraft, ranging from wow gold and Powerleveling to Gamecards and Keys and lots of other products for the most popular games.

11. Kinguin affiliate program

Kinguin gaming affiliate program

It is an EU-focused marketplace selling some of the latest games at discount prices. Unlike some other gaming affiliate programs, Kinguin allows you to promote fun for each significant games console. They comprise products for gaming PCs, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems.

This affiliate program lets you earn a commission for attracting people to make purchases on the platform. Commissions start at 5% but can go upwards depending on the number of sales made.

Affiliates may qualify to be on Kinguin Mafia pro, where the reward is as high as 10% of each purchase made by people you refer.

Asides from higher commissions, the Pro program provides affiliates with giveaway prizes, news on upcoming releases, and customized banners that appeal to gamers in the audience. It will give the needed assistance from a support team.

In conclusion, we can say that many gaming affiliate programs are available for gamers to make a choice. Gaming is a vast market served by most of these affiliate programs. Therefore, you should not restrict yourself to just one. People who buy these games also buy hardware accessories and software for streaming.

To know more about the top gaming affiliate programs or how you can thrive as an affiliate marketer, join the affiliated lab.

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