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Trust Badges And How To Add Them To Your Shopify Store

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The business landscape has changed dramatically in this digital age, and most businesses are now operating online. With that, the e-commerce space has been booming, and it’s estimated that there are 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide. Unfortunately, with the many benefits e-commerce has brought, there are bound to be some cons, including increased security risks, credit card fraud, and scams. 

These concerns have resulted in customers craving assurance of safety and security when shopping online. At this point, trust badges come in handy in proving to your customers that you are legitimate, giving them the confidence to shop with you, which reduces cart abandonment rates and increases sales.

What are Trust Badges?

Trust Badges
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A trust badge is a seal or symbol you can place on your website to instill trust in your customers. They are usually placed on checkout pages, but some businesses include guarantees or review certifications throughout their website to boost credibility. 

Trust badges also come from a third-party check that attests to a safety agreement between a vendor and a shopper. These icons are mainly visual and make the checkout operation safe and the trustworthy company that clients buy from.

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The Benefits of Using Trust Badges

  • Trust Badges Reassure Shoppers

As the name suggests, one of the main functions of trust badges is to increase customers’ trust. The goal is to help shoppers feel reassured that your store is legitimate and will get what they paid for.
It is no surprise that customers are skeptical about buying online, especially from independent or first-time retailers.

Plenty of online scams and commercial crimes lead consumers to feel concerned about giving out personal information and credit card details online – especially if they are purchasing a product that needs to be shipped.

Therefore, it is the shop’s responsibility to help customers feel secure in making purchases. There are various methods to achieve this, such as reviews, testimonials, and a good brand reputation. However, the only effective way is using trust badges. Carefully selecting appropriate icons is a simple way of building confidence in new users.

  • Trust Badges Increases Conversion Rates

The goal of any online store is to sell products or services; therefore, increasing the conversion rate is essential.

Interestingly, trust badges can help increase conversion rates on Shopify. HulkApps ran a study where they had one form without a trust badge or secure payment badge and another with a Verisign Secured trust badge. The form with the trust badge or specific checkout badges led to a 42% increase in conversions.

4 Types of Trust Badges Shopify Can Use For a Store

Shopify Trust badges have arguably become one of the biggest eCommerce trends. First of all, there are indispensable icons and recommended ones. Here are some essential ones:

1. Shopify SSL Trust Badges

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One must-have badges is the SSL Certificate {Secure Socket Layer Badge}, a segment of the entire TLS protocol {Transport Layer Security}.

Typically, any online cart plugin should include an SSL certificate badge. Without this certificate, the purchase is not entirely safe and might fail. But with an SSL certificate, one can safely enter personal and sensitive information like serial numbers or credit card details.

Shopify has an integrated SSL trust badge, so the customer’s data is encrypted by default. The client has access to this information. When he proceeds to check out, a lock-up appears in the web address, confirming the safety of the transaction.

2. Third-Parties Badges

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A brand’s approval from third parties adds even more credibility to the online purchase. Among others, you may use Google Trusted Store or VeriSign as go-betweens. That mediator validates the safety of the transactions that occur through your online store.

3. Money-Back Badges

More and more online stores end their offers with one of the market’s most reliable trust badges; Shopify’s money-back guarantee badge.

Some customers like seeing this type of trust badge alongside a product they are about to try. It’s a brilliant way for a company to take responsibility for the quality of its services or products.

Money-Back Badges
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4. Free Shipping Badges

Like free return badges, free and fast shipping badges are also great tools to increase your customers’ satisfaction and your brand’s reliability.

Again, some customers will probably close a deal with the online shop offering this advantage. Any purchaser appreciates any extras that add to the safety and reliability of a transaction.

Anyone who prefers to sit at home, order online, and has benefited from a free-of-charge delivery will look for a similar option.

Do not overthink it; trust badges. Shopify is a powerful tool that converts.

How to insert a Trust Badges to your Shopify Store

How to insert Trust badges on a product page on Shopify

If you want to manually add a trust badge to a product page on Shopify, first, you have to edit the product page and add a trust badge image.

How to add a trust badge on a product page using code

Adding a trust badge to the product page with code is a great method if you want to input a trust badge to each product and wish not to add it manually.

The code method to add trust badges requires editing your theme’s code. Follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, you will need to go to the Settings Page
  • Next, press the “Files” button
  • Upload the trust badge by clicking the “Upload Files” button at the right top corner.
  • Next, copy the trust badge URL or any other image you want to use.
  • Go to the theme page by going to Online Store> Themes
  • Next, press on Actions and Edit code button.
  • Navigate to your product page code, and you can most likely find this under Sections>product-template.liquid.
  • Edit the code. And Copy this code and edit it with the URL you copied earlier.

How to insert trust badges on the cart page on Shopify

There are different ways you can add trust badges on the cart page on Shopify.

First, you can do it with the theme you have available, or you can edit the code on the cart page.

To add trust badges to the cart page with Shopify themes, follow these steps:

  • Go to the theme customization and find your cart page
  • Go to the cart page settings, and select the “Cart page” section on the left or anything similar.
  • Scroll down you see an option to change the images
  • Upload the trust badges

To add trust badges to the cart page with code, do this:

  • First off, go to your Settings Page.
  • Select the “Files” button
  • Upload the trust badge by clicking on the “Upload Files” button at the right top corner. Next, copy the trust badge URL or any other image you want to use.
  • Go to your theme and select ‘edit code.’ Next, go to your theme page from Online Store>Themes.
  • Press on the Actions and Edit code button.
  • Go to your cart. Find this in Templates > cart.liquid. Or you can find it in Sections> cart-template. liquid.
  • Edit the code. Copy the code and edit it with the URL that was copied earlier

Trust badges on the checkout page

The last page where you can add trust badges is on the checkout page. Apply these step-by-step below to do that:

  • Go to the setting page.
  • Go to the checkout settings. Press on the “Customize checkout” button.
  • Navigate to the customize checkout. Once there, you will need to go to the checkout page.
  • Next, click “Select image” on the Logo section.
  • Next, you will have the option to upload the trust badge that you want.
  • Check your checkout page. There will be a trust badge at the top of your checkout page.

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