Ways to Sell Things Online on Wix in 2022

Ways to Sell Things Online on Wix in 2022

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Wix is an Israeli software company listed publicly in the US that grants cloud-based web development services. It lets users create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using online drag and drop tools. Although headquartered in Israel, it also has offices in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States and Ukraine.

Social plugins like eCommerce, online marketing, contact forms, email marketing, and users can add community forums to their websites by using various Wix and third-party applications.

The Wix website builder stands on a business model called freemium, in which it gets its revenues through premium upgrades. About 2.3% of the top ten million websites utilizes Wix.

Do you want to sell things online but don’t know how? Wix is an excellent platform for online selling, and in this blog post, we will teach you the basics. We’ll go over setting up your shop, adding products, and taking payments. We’ll give you some tips on making your online store successful.

First, you’ll need to create a Wix account and choose the eCommerce plan. It will give you access to all the features you need to sell online. Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to start building your store.

You can use Wix’s ready-made templates or create your design from scratch. Whichever route you choose, make sure your website is easy to navigate and looks professional. First impressions are everything when selling online!

Once your website is running, it’s time to add products. You can create individual product pages or add them to a gallery page. Include high-quality photos and clear descriptions of each item and any relevant information such as size, colour, or materials.

When it comes to pricing, include shipping costs in your product prices. You don’t want to surprise your customers with hidden fees at checkout.

Wix stores allow you to sell downloadable digital products like music files, ebooks, images, etc., or physical effects such as clothes, cameras, or cosmetics.

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How to put products on Wix to start selling

Wix features

Step 1: Upload your digital file

Start to create your new digital product by uploading the digital file. Go with digital file formats that are supported.


– When selling images, we recommend that you add a watermark.

– Audio files must be stereo. They can’t be mono.

– Wix has your digital files stored in a secure library.

– It is not possible to stop the sharing of a digital file.

Uploading a digital file

  • Go to Products in your dashboard
  • Click on New Product
  • Select the Digital file
  • Click on Upload File

Note that the site owner must upload the file and not by a site contributor.

  • Select the type of digital file you wish to upload.

Note that you can upload one file per product or multiple files bundled together in a zip format.

  • Select the relevant file in the Digital Product Media Manager or click on Upload media to add a new file.
  • Click Add to Product.

How to increase sales on Wix.com in 2022

Step 2: Enter the basic information about the product

Add basic details like the name and the product description.

To do this:

  • Fill in the product name (maximum of 80 characters)
  • You can add a ribbon by typing the ribbon name. You can also select ribbons that you used initially from the list.
  • Fill in a description of the product in the description field (maximum of 8000 characters)

Step 3:Add a product image, GIF, or video

  • Add the product’s image, GIF, or video in the product gallery and on the product page to represent your digital product. Do not add the actual digital product that you want to sell.

To add product media:

  • Select an option:
  • Click on Add Images to images or GIFs.
  • Click on Add videos to add a video.
  • Based on your preference.
  • Make a selection of the relevant photos, GIFs or videos in the Media Manager or click on Upload Media to be able to add new media.
  • Click on Add to Page

Step 4: Add information sections

Although optional, you can add helpful information that customers can view on the product page.

To add an information section:

  • Click add and Info Section.
  • Fill in the title
  • Select an option
  • Add text: enter the relevant information and use the text editing toolbar to format the text.
  • Add a table: Click on the Table icon to add a table.
  • Click on OK.

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Step 5: Add pricing information

In the section for pricing, you can fill in the product price and add a sales price. You can also enter your cost of goods to calculate your profit margin.

  • Adding pricing information
  • Fill in the product price.
  • Add a sale to the product.
  • Enable the on sale toggle
  • Choose an option
  • Click the price icon and fill in the amount of the discount.
  • Click on the percentage icon and fill in the discount percentage.
  • Enter the sales price directly in the sales price field.
  • Fill in the price per unit to display, usually relevant for physical products.
  • Enable the show price per unit toggle
  • Under the Total Product quantity in units, select the relevant unit type from the dropdown.
  • Under the Total product quantity in units, fill in the total amount in units.
  • Under Base units, enter the team that you want to measure by.
  • Fill in the cost of the goods.

Note that the cost of the goods is the amount it costs for you to make or buy the product after entering the cost of goods, the profit and calculating the margin automatically. Customers do not get to see the price.

Step 6: Set inventory options

You can also use inventory options to add a stock-keeping unit to your product and set whether it is in stock.

To set inventory options:

  • You have to disable the Track inventory toggle.
  • From the dropdown, select the current inventory status for the product.

Step 7: Save your changes

  • Click on Save at the top or bottom right to save your changes and display the product in your store.
  • After a digital sale:
  • As soon as a customer completes online payment, you send a confirmation email containing a link to enable you to download the product. The link is said to be valid for 30 days.
  • In the Orders tab, you can resend the download link to your buyer from the order.

Note that tax regulations vary by location for digital goods. Check with your local tax authority.

Wix Online Store for Ceramic Planters
Selling on Wix

Customers who purchase only digital products don’t get prompted to enter their addresses during checkout.

Wix Made Easy: Professional Websites Created in Minutes (Digital Design Made Easy)

In conclusion, we can say that Wix is a leader in the cloud-based development platform having millions of users worldwide. They make it easy for people to have a beautiful professional web presence.

You can promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop, or test new ideas. The Wix website builder has everything needed to set up a fully personalized free website of high-quality standards.

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