These websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022

These websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022

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These two websites — TimeBucks and Picoworkers — will pay you to watch videos online in 2022, here is how to use them to start making money from home.

Making money online from the comfort of your home and at your pace is probably everyone’s goal, and here are two websites that will pay you to do just that. GPT (Get-Paid-To) platforms allow individuals to earn money by completing simple tasks. Thankfully, there are hundreds of such platforms that you can utilize. 

In this article, I will be walking you through how to use two trusted platforms that will pay you money for using them. First up is TimeBucks and then Picoworkers. I will also highlight the various ways these platforms can help you make some extra cash online.

Make money online with these websites in 2022


These websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022
Timebuck websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022

The TimeBucks online platform rewards you for completing several small activities on it. Created in 2014 by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, it has maintained its presence as one of the most efficient GPT platforms available. I have tested the platform and made money from it.

It is legit, and you can find this out with several positive reviews online. As someone who has tried it out firsthand, I know for sure that it’s safe, and that it pays. In fact, the Trust Pilot score for TimeBucks is impressive, and as of the time of writing this piece, it had over 1,000 reviews, with a 91% positive rating.

That said, keep in mind that not every online side gig might be right for you, but if you want the extra cash rewards, you can try this one out. I love this website because it constantly looks for ways to develop and add new earning methods. This means they also remove strategies that they deem not working.

How much can I earn with TimeBucks?

If you are looking to make a large amount of cash, then TimeBucks isn’t for you. As an avid user of the platform, I have earned around $10-$20 per day. As with any GTP platform, what you make is dependent on how much time you invest. Also, your country of residency significantly influences how much you earn. The United States and some European countries have a higher earning margin than other countries.

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Getting started with TimeBucks

Using the TimeBucks website is relatively easy. First, you are required to register and there are two modes of registration are available. Select that which works for you best and you can link to your Facebook account or supply personal information. After this, you will receive a verification email; click this to verify your account, and you can start earning on the website.

As I mentioned earlier, TimeBucks has a variety of ways for you to make money on it. Below are some of the tasks you can accomplish to earn:

1. Paid Surveys

One method of earning on the platform is via paid surveys. The platform has a decent amount of these, and you can take surveys from different providers. As you accomplish the survey task, your TimeBucks balance increases.

Most of the surveys are available through survey routers or offers walls. Regardless of the country you stay in; chances are you will get a lot of surveys to complete. Although it can take quite a bit of time to find the surveys you qualify for, in the end, you will find one.

2. Content

The content section is one feature of the TimeBucks platform that you need to pay much attention. This section has various means of earning by accomplishing multiple tasks. Here are some of such means:

  • Clicks

This option allows you to get paid for viewing a concise ad. It often contains numerous ads per day, and you have the choice of selecting any you wish to watch. Upon clicking, it redirects you to an interactive menu where you can watch each ad until a specified time has elapsed. While clicks are readily available, the monetary reward attached to each ad is small. To make any appreciable amount, you need to watch a handful of ads.

  • Slide Show

The slide show feature is another beautiful way of earning money on the TimeBucks website. It’s pretty simple to use and has specific requirements for payment. Upon meeting this requirement, you will be rewarded instantly. On the slide show, you get to view particular amounts of pages.

  • Captcha

Solving captchas is another way of earning on the platform. I am sure you are familiar with captchas by now, and for solving each one, you get paid. TimeBucks has a variety of captchas, and you might get to solve digit or text captcha. Whichever way, ensure you follow instructions closely and complete each task successfully.

  • Nightfall News

The difference between this task and the slide show is that the tasks present here are much broader than your regular slideshow. To get paid, you need to complete each task. The Nightfall news task redirects to a third-party website where you will receive instructions. These instructions will contain the requirement for completing each task and the amount of money you get.

  • Push Clicks

On TimeBucks, push notifications are one of the various features you can use to earn cash. The platform pays you to allow websites to deliver push messages. The earning potential of this feature is limitless and more messages are available every day. A downside to Push notifications is that you are unaware of the value of each message. This means you won’t know how much you’ve earned until 24 hours later before being added to your balance.

  • Videos

This has to be the most popular means of earning money on TimeBucks. You earn money by watching videos. Each video has a unique requirement, and you should take time to read and understand what you are watching. You will need to prove that you performed the task in most cases—the more complex the job, the higher the reward value attached.

3. Micro-tasks

Besides the exciting features in the content section, TimeBucks has a section it simply calls “Tasks .”Here, you earn money for doing different tasks such as downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, visiting certain websites, or following people on social media. Each job is usually for a few seconds, so the reward is small. Also, take care to understand what each task needs before jumping right into it.

4. Get Cash Back When Shopping Online

Many will find this option attractive, and if you are an active online shopper, you can get a reward for doing just that. Cashback options allow you to get a fraction of what you spent purchasing from a specific store back as a bonus. TimeBucks has this feature, and you can use it to save cash when shopping online. This doesn’t work with every store, but AliExpress is one of the stores that offer cashback with TimeBucks.

5. Referral Revenue

Everyone loves a referral program, and TimeBucks has this option to help you make more money. The platform has five levels of payment which mean you get paid anytime your referrals refer others. The more you invite, the more you earn, and the more your invitees refer, the more you still make. Talk of a truly passive income source!

6. TimeBucks Weekly Sweepstake

You can also partake in TimeBucks weekly sweepstakes to earn more from the platform. Entering the sweepstake is easy as you will get entries for being active on the site. You get 100 entries every day you log in to the platform. Also, you will get one entry per $0.001 earnings for any task you perform completely. There are also 200 entries per person you invite to join the platform.

If you get lucky and win a prize with this feature, you will see a boost in your earnings. TimeBucks sweepstakes remain one of the best sweepstakes options available on any GPT site.

7. Earn Money with OfferWalls

The TimeBucks website also provides you with access to various deals on its Offerwall section. On the Offerwall, you get tasks such as downloading applications, signing up for a website, or even free product testing. This section provides a handful of offers, each containing several deals.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from TimeBucks

As with the diverse ways of earning on TimeBucks, so are the ways of withdrawing your earnings. The website pays you automatically every week you meet the payout threshold. You can request payment using any of these methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • Bank transfer
  • AirTM
  • Neteller
  • Paypal

The payment threshold is currently set at $10, making it easy for you to get your money as soon as possible. It eliminates the need to wait to accumulate a significant amount of money.

Pros of using TimeBucks   

  • The TimeBucks website provides a variety of ways for you to earn money.
  • It runs a unique and limitless multi-level referral program.
  • The platform also offers numerous ways of collecting your earnings.
  • The payout threshold is easily attainable as its set at $10.
  • You get a reward of 15% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings.

Cons of using TimeBucks

  • Although TimeBucks has various earning means, most tasks have a little reward value.
  • You can’t withdraw until you meet the payout threshold of $10.
  • limitation on earning options for users outside the United States and European countries. 
  • TimeBucks lack any mobile app, which would have made using the platform more flexible.


These websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022
Picoworkers websites will pay you to watch videos online in 2022

The next website that pays money online that I will be discussing is also quite popular, and you might have heard of it. Picoworkers is a small-scale working platform that allows you to perform tasks online in return for earning cash. Getting on the platform is easy and takes just a few steps. To sign up, fill out the form and provide correct details such as Full name, email, password, nickname, country of residence and provide an answer to any of the security questions. When signing up on Picoworkers, select which role you want to play. There are two roles:

  • Sign up as an employer: as an employer, you will provide tasks that need completion. Employers may post as many new jobs as possible, which will require workers to finish. Upon completion, workers have to submit them for review. It is the job of the employers to review such submissions and verify that the task has been completed.
  • Sign up as a worker: workers are freelancers searching for tasks to complete. This is where you want to sign up since you want to make money online. As a worker, you work on small jobs or projects that you pick by yourself. Upon completion, you submit for review and get paid the value attached to the task.

How Does Picoworkers Work?

As I mentioned earlier, Picoworkers has two sections; employer and worker sections. You can only make money from the platform as a worker, so be sure to sign up as one. Some of the tasks available to you as a worker include signing up for websites, watching YouTube videos, liking Facebook pages, or following social media accounts.

I love the Picoworkers platform because there are no shortages of tasks available to you as a worker. This means earning potentials are limitless and depend on the amount of time you invest working. To be truthful, you will expect to make money from a large number of tasks, but in reality, a lot of the tasks are not high-paying. Rewards attached to tasks range from $0.02 to $0.20. To earn, click on any job of your choice, read through the requirements, fulfill the needs and provide proof of completion.

Pico worker has a ranking formula for workers, and as a new worker, this restricts you to small “starter” tasks. To improve your rankings, you need to complete smaller tasks successfully. The more you complete, the more your success rate score improves. Once you attain a certain level of score, your “worker level” increases, this essentially puts you in the big leagues, and you can work on better-paying tasks.

Getting Paid on Picoworkers

You will undoubtedly make money on this website as it is generous with the number of tasks available to you. The more task you complete, the more earnings you make. The platform has a minimum payout threshold of $7.00 which means you can withdraw your money regularly.

The process of requesting payment on Picoworkers can be very tedious. The platform employs various stop-gap measures to prevent fraud and, as such, makes the whole process time-consuming. First, you have to verify your photo, confirm your full name, and answer your security question before submitting a withdrawal request.

Another downside to withdrawing on Picoworkers is that the platform charges a processing fee, regardless of the amount you wish to withdraw. If you withdraw 20 times a month, Picoworkers will take its fees 20 times from your money. I found this off-putting. More annoyingly, these fees vary and range from 3% to 8% of the withdrawal amount.

These factors aside, the websites provide a decent number of ways to get your money. You can withdraw your money via US bank checks, Amazon gift cards, PayPal, Payza, or CryptoCurrency.

Pros of using Picoworkers

  • Picoworkers is a free platform to join, and there are no restrictions on membership; you can become a member from any part of the world.
  • Upon completing registration, you will receive a sign-up bonus. Don’t expect this to be much, but it gets you off your mark.
  • As someone who has used this platform, I can assure you that there is a task for you to complete at every given time. The jobs are easy and won’t take much of your time.
  • There are multiple payment options, and you can receive our payment in whichever one works best with you.
  • Picoworkers also runs an affiliate program to help you make more money. Its referral program will pay you 5% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings as well as 5% of every deposit your referrals make.

Cons of using Picoworkers

  • The withdrawal process on this platform is tedious and complicated.
  • Picoworkers charges a hefty transaction fee on every withdrawal transaction you make.
  • If you want to make huge money, then Picoworkers isn’t for you. The income potential is shallow as most tasks pay around 2 cents on completion.
  • Many users have complained of not receiving payments months after withdrawal was made.
  • Picoworkers has a very weak support structure. Seeking help on this platform could take weeks, and worst still, it might not come.

Is Picoworkers Legit?

Yes! Picoworkers is a safe and legitimate online platform that will pay you to perform tasks on it. The website offers real opportunities to earn cash online.


When it comes to making money online in 2022, Get-Paid-To websites can help you make that extra bucks you need. The duo of TimeBucks and Picoworkers are two websites that I have tried. Both require you to complete simple tasks and earn a fraction of a dollar for your efforts. Also, they both have tons of jobs, so there is no shortage or limits to what you can earn. You can also withdraw your earnings in a variety of ways. Please jump on the comment section and let me know your thoughts, questions, or opinions about these two platforms!

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