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What is CleverTap and what does it do

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What is CleverTap?

CleverTap is a SaaS-based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing company. The company is headquartered in Moutain View, California. Founded in May 2013, CleverTap provides mobile app analytics and user engagement products to more than 10,000 apps.  

CleverTap is a strong, united, combined, and inclusive platform. Its aim is to provide present interactive analytics engagement that brands can use to understand better and engage their users. CleverTap is used by leading global brands, including Dominos, Gojek, upGrad,, etc. 

CleverTap helps with things like a great actionable insight into users’ behaviors, their optimal KPIs, user preferences, and business objectives.

The software has analytics at its center and possesses marketing engagement that helps to influence user behavior while encouraging users to perform and carry out desired actions. CleverTap comes with a lot of tools that allow you to get up and run in no time.

The pre-built clever campaigns improve user retention and app engagement and enhance monetization right out of the box. With CleverTap, you can schedule your campaign so that your customers are provided value when the opportunity arises. With CleverTap With CleverTap, you can:

  • Create a uniform customer experience that retains your users
  • Convey remarkable user experiences added with 
  • Deliver incredible user experiences aided with hyper-personalized campaigns and individualization.
  • Create delightful and personalized omnichannel engagement campaigns.

CleverTap’s online signup allows businesses to signup online and integrates with CleverTap. This comes without connecting things such as sales and the success of customers.

The CleverTap platform can be purchased directly from the pricing page of the website. On the pricing page, the Growth and Advanced plans are available for up to 100K MAUs.

  • Get access to rue real-time engagement-with analytics and engagement tools in one platform. There’s no delay in syncing different systems.
  • Takes out the hassle and cost which comes with connecting and maintaining more than one platform with CleverTap’s helpful solution.
  • Register for the Growth Plan, which contains all the tools needed by a business to analyze and attract users who access the platform on the web and mobile.
  • Users can register for the Advanced Plan, which comes with features such as additional engagement channels, advanced customization, and advanced division tools to take users’ engagement strategy to the next level.
  • There is flexible billing available with monthly or annual options; a yearly subscription comes with a 20% discount.
  • Check out the software for 14 days. In addition, you can cancel anytime with the ability to export your data before exiting.
  • There’s the ability to access customer support directly on the dashboard immediately after the account is activated.
  • Access data for meaningful insights.
CleverTap dashboard

Benefits of CleverTap

1. The power and scalability of the CleverTap platform are now available via direct signup online for apps with up to 100K MAUs.

2. With CleverTap, you can acknowledge all individual users in a better way with the aid of rich user profiles, which contain geographical data, connections, transaction history, and user actions. Also, they’re the ability to integrate data from Social sources like Facebook and Google+ to construct a more detailed user profile.

 3. Schedule campaigns for optimum user targeting or automate your marketing with campaigns that allow specific marketing towards particular user groups based on activity and user behavior

 4. Launch various campaigns and assess the most effective with each aimed group with CleverTap’s A/B testing. Users can also run experiments with different versions of the same campaign using analytics which helps to highlight the best results based on your goals

5. There is the ability to watch as user profiles update in real-time based on completed actions and certain behaviors with user separation. This same user can be automatically grouped together based on how they interact with the app.

6. You can utilize CleverTap’s personalization API to build your CleverTap experience-import or export data and trigger backend workflows with ‘Webhooks’ without developing code.

7. The analytics suite of the CleverTap software allows you to monitor your users and identify areas where they drop off from your app. Analytics Shows how they interact within your app and assist you in determining how many of your new users come to your app and perform the actions you want them to. 

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Custom Dashboards on CleverTap

The CleverTap software has a set of default dashboards known as the Today View. The Today View can be used to analyze user activity on the platform. Custom Dashboards is a feature in the software that allows the capability to make and customize your own Board.

Each custom dashboard created includes cards that are widgets. These widgets can be pinned to the Board to track metrics that users are interested in. Users can pin cards that track activities like events, funnels, segments, trends, and cohorts.

For instance, if you want to create a custom dashboard that can be used to analyze App Launch events over the 30 days, you can include a line graph card that can be used to view the number of App Launch events and a bar graph to see the distribution between App Launched and Charged.

Next, after building your custom dashboard, it can be pinned to a custom board and can be shared with the other people in the organization.

How to build your first custom dashboard in CleverTap

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the left navigation menu, and select Boards
  2. To build a new board, select on + Board
  3. Give your Board a name, and select Create.

Pin a Card

After creating a new board, you automatically start with an empty board. Select any of the sections in the empty Board, e.g., Events, Funnel, etc. This will take you to a page in your CleverTap account.

Next select Segments. This takes you to the Segment page in your CleverTap account, where there’s a list of segments already created.

Select one of the segments that has been created. This will take you to the report page for that Segment.

Click on the pin icon

Name the card and choose an existing board or make a new board by choosing Pin to a new board.

Now completed, select Pin.

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Features of custom dashboards

The various features of Custom dashboards include boards, cards, workflows, and dashboard shareability.

1. Boards

With boards, you can view a board list page and how to edit a board, and more.

Board List Page

CleverTap users can view a list of all the boards created by them and all the public boards for users in their organization. Users can also do the following on the Board list page:

  • Arrange the boards by date.
  • Look for boards.
  • Duplicate a board.
  • Delete a board.

How to edit a Board

Take the following actions once you are on a board:

  • Make a default view.
  • Choose a favorite.
  • Make changes to the date range of all cards on the Board.
  • Revive the Board.
  • Share the Board.
  • Duplicate a board.
  • Edit a board name.
  • Take out a board.

2. Cards

This section on the dashboard shows how to pin, rename, edit, or delete a card.

How to Pin a Card

After you select a segment, you will find different card options to pin a board.

  1. Go to Segment> Segment.
  2. Choice a segment
  3. Select the pin icon to pin the report to an already existing new board.

How to Rename a Card

When you click on any card on a board, there’s the option to change the card’s name. 

  1. Select the pencil icon
  2. Change the card.
  3. Select the click mark to save

How to Delete, Edit, or Resize a Card

When you click on any card on a board, you will see an option to delete the card.

  1. Select the trash can icon.
  2. Select Delete

3. Workflows

Users of CleverTap can pin workflow from Events, Funnels, Segments, Find People, Trends, and Cohorts to their custom dashboard.

How to Pin workflows to a Custom Dashboard

  1. From the CleverTap dashboard, go to Analytics> Cohorts.
  2. Choose a segment from the For segment dropdown menu.
  3. Choose an event from the First event dropdown menu.
  4. Choose an event from the Return event dropdown menu.
  5. Choose the Compare to another segment checkbox and click a segment definition from the dropdown menu.
  6. From the Advanced options, choose a retention mode from the dropdown menu.
  7. Choose View Cohort.
  8. Now in the Cohort area, select the pin icon on the right.
  9. Put a card name and choose an existing board or create a new board by selecting Pin to a new board.
  10. Select Pin. A message will appear at the top of the screen, letting you know that the cohort workflow has been pinned to the custom board.
  11. Select the link and a new dashboard will be displayed.

4. CleverTap Dashboard Shareability

The CleverTap software provides very restricted dashboard access, which allows the owner of a dashboard to have control over the member that can access and contribute to the insights captured on the dashboard. In addition, the dashboard owner can add and remove certain members from the access list while also controlling access levels.

How to Share Custom Dashboard on CleverTap

  1. After creating a dashboard, a Share icon will appear in the list of options, though the icon can only be seen by the Board’s creator.
  2. Next, select the Share icon. The Share Board will appear with restricted permissions by default. CleverTap users can make use of the search box to access and add other users to this Board.
  3. Choose a user and select Send. An email will be sent out to the user in addition to a link to the Board. To include multiple users, choose as many users as needed before selecting Send.
  4. To change the default permissions, select the Change link on the Share Board.
  5. Choose new permission, and click Save.

How To Remove Users from shared Custom Dashboards

If you want to remove access to your shared dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Share icon.
  2. Select the permission from the list next to the name of the person.
  3. Select Remove.
  4. Click Save.

How to Edit Users’ Permissions

To edit user permissions on CleverTap, you can use the dropdown menu to edit the permissions of the user to either Viewer or Editor.

  1. Select the Share icon.
  2. Select the permission from the list next to the name of the person.
  3. Select Viewer or Editor
  4. Select Save

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CleverTap Access Controls

CleverTap access control varies depending on the user’s access level.

CleverTap Admin can:

  • Make a board
  • Delete a board
  • Delete boards that were created by creators’ admins
  • Admin can pin a card to their Board.
  • Admin can pin a card to any public board.
  • Admin can delete a pinned card from their Board.
  • Admin can delete any pinned cards from other public boards.

CleverTap Creator or Approver can:

  • Create aboard.
  • Creator or Approver can delete their Board.
  • They can pin a card to their Board.
  • They can pin a card to any public board.

CleverTap Members can:

  • Create a private board.
  • Members can delete their Board.
  • Members can pin a card to their Board.
  • Members cannot pin a card to any public board.

Some Problems That CleverTap Software Solve

1. Reduce App Uninstalls App uninstalls are one of the many pain points faced by app marketers and developers. It is essential to understand this and provide better user experiences. CleverTap does not only reduce app uninstall, it also helps customers in sending out automated email surveys to their app users in order to understand why the app was uninstalled. Ixigo, the Indian AI-based online travel portal, used Clever Campaigns to automatically reach out to users who had to uninstall their app, which generated a 12.5% response rate.

2. Real-Time Personalization Leverage advanced user behavioral insights to segment users so you can deliver timely personalized app management experiences to prospects and customers. Personalization has helped increase click-throughs for several marketing campaigns designed for customers. For instance, BlackFriday.FM increased their app engagement by 10% by sending offer their coupons based on the categorization of product viewed by their users, and during the time of the day, the Segment was very active in CleverTap’s app via its push notifications.

3. User Onboarding: The User onboarding process is quite critical to the progress of your mobile marketing strategy. The User onboarding sends in different notifications to retain the hard-earned users by assisting them in finding value and also increasing the likelihood of changing users to customers.

Top Fan used the CleverTap software pre-built Clever Campaigns to reach out to users who has installed the app and were inactive during the initial few days. With the help of this targeted campaign, it helped Top Fan increase their content read up to 73% 

What integrations are available for CleverTap?

  • Cordova
  • Segment
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Unity Parse
  • Magento

CleverTap Typical Customers

  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Mid-size businesses
  • Large enterprises

Platform Supported

  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad

Support options

  • Email/Help Desk
  • Chat
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 Live rep
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base

Training options

  • Webinars
  • In-Person
  • Live Online
  • Documentation

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