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What Is Facebook Touch and Is It Worth Using?

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Facebook Touch is a login app created as an updated alternative to the original mobile version with more user-friendly features and support for slow internet connectivity.

Facebook has always been innovative and constantly comes up with ways to improve itself, with Facebook Touch being an excellent example. Thankfully, its innovation has always spanned both mobile and PC platforms, ensuring you enjoy the best version of the platform, regardless of whatever device you are using.

The platform remains one of the biggest social media networks today, with an estimated 3 billion active monthly users. With such an amount of users, it’s no surprise that the platform keeps creating several different ways to interact with it.

Facebook Touch is a login app different from the well-known Facebook lite app. In this article, I will be giving you a walk down on all the juicy details about the new Facebook login app. Read on to know more!


The Facebook Touch is an updated alternative to the original mobile version of the Facebook app. The social media giant soon figured that if it developed a more user-friendly interface, it could cater to individuals with slow internet connectivity. Touch works exactly like the Facebook mobile app but has the better audiovisual quality and is far more intuitive.

This version was specifically designed for smartphones with touch screens as a more user-friendly and sophisticated version of the social media site. Regardless of your device choice, you can still find and use the Facebook platform with reasonable functionality.

While many have hinted at Facebook simply duplicating itself, one cannot possibly deny that its variety of login methods has allowed it to remain popular among internet users.

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Getting Started With Facebook Touch

Do you fancy a new approach to log in to Facebook? Or are you just simply excited about trying something different? If the Facebook Touch appeals to you, then trying it out might not be such a bad idea after all. Thankfully, this new approach is readily available and easy to download. Let me quickly say that this version has a different download approach than the regular application download process.

So how do you get to use the new Facebook login? Simply follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Go to settings on your device and allow installation from an unidentified source.
  • On your preferred internet browser, search for the Facebook Touch APK file and download it. 
  • Install the Facebook Touch app file.
  • Allow permissions that are needed to start the application.
  • Install the app on your choice of device.
  • Enjoy Facebook touch at its best.

Features of Facebook Touch

While Facebook Touch might seem like just another application, this tool packs a collection of amazing features. Asides from the fact that it differs from the more popular Facebook mobile app, it also ensures the best experience for you.

Here are just a sneak peek at some of the impressive features it offers:

  • The new login offers you smooth and seamless experiences, even with slow internet connections without compromising video and image quality.
  • The algorithm offers you relevant profiles and content that match your online activity.
  • Simplicity is the hallmark of this tool as it is easy and simple to use.
  • Cutting-edge user interface and user experience.
  • Facebook Touch offers you a seamless chatting experience. Some have hinted at this being better than the Facebook lite app.
  • This version of Facebook login is compatible with IOS and Android.

Pros of Facebook Touch

1. Efficiency

Facebook Touch has the essential features of the regular social media platform. With few exceptions, it can efficiently perform the same function (even better than Facebook lite). The new login is recommendable for those who enjoy faster performance, quality images, and videos.

2. High Cinematic Quality

As with regular apps, the Facebook lite app often needs a decent amount of energy to run on. To have this, it often compensates for smooth running and non-lag issues with low-quality images and videos. This new version differs from this as it requires minimal energy without loss in the quality of audiovisuals. This allows you to maintain perfect quality while using Touch, even with slow internet connections.

3. Less Battery and Space Consumption

One of the Facebook Touch admirable features is that it consumes less energy. Getting the best out of your smartphone is what you most likely want, and apps drain your battery. Also, the Touch version of Facebook is minimal on space, and it’s a fraction compared with other login approaches.

Cons of Facebook Touch

This new Facebook login tool comes with its downside as well. Here are some to keep in mind:

1. Security

The new login approach has been criticized heavily for its lack of an encrypted protocol. When Touch debuted, it wasn’t implemented with enough security protocols. This is a significant flaw to the use of Facebook Touch. It lacks an SSL encryption feature, making it unsafe to navigate. In today’s online world, security protocols are a must as it safeguards against potential malicious activities. Also, Touch cannot be utilized for bigger display screens and is most suitable for small screens.

2. Insufficient Content Filtering

Many users of the new Facebook login have complained about its inability to filter contents sufficiently. Even after setting it to filter, many still experienced adult content on their feeds. So if you have an aversion to adult content, chances are you might not favor using this new login feature.

Is The New Login Worth Using Today?

My experience with the new Facebook login has been an impressive one. I personally found it to be a useful tool, especially when used on mobile. It saved space battery life and still delivered high-quality graphics. It wasn’t a total win when you consider its cons, and security is a big issue for me.

Also, other users who don’t seem to have any issues using the regular Facebook app won’t see the need for the new login. If you fall in this category, then you probably are right. Is Facebook Touch worth using? The answer to this comes down to personal preference. But if you are up for trying new things, I will say you should give it a go!


Facebook Touch is simply another portable version of Facebook itself. It provides you with a more sophisticated experience. You get to enjoy fast content loading, superior video and image quality, and sophisticated content targeting specifically to you.

There you go, guys, the full details about all you need to know about the new Facebook login -Facebook Touch. Drop your thoughts, opinions, and questions about Facebook Touch in the comment section, and I will respond!

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