How to Use the X Mouse Button Control: The Ultimate Guide   

How to Use the X Mouse Button Control: The Ultimate Guide   

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X Mouse Button Control is an application on Windows for remapping your mouse buttons. It does not serve as a driver for pointing devices. Instead, it works in conjunction with the already installed drivers. It supports mouse buttons to aid an individual process and lets you bind specific window elements. Apart from mapping, it has various navigation customizations available.

The X Mouse Button Control application lets you change the way your mouse works and allows you to assign various actions to mouse buttons. You can set it up with this application by right-clicking to launch the browser. You can give a variety of activities to all your mouse buttons and the scroll wheel.

To begin with the X Mouse Button Control, you have to download an installation file of 4.0MB on your PC. Run this file to install this application.

A setup wizard will guide you through the installation process, and once it takes place, it will open your browser and take you to a “thank you for installing” web page.

While you have the X Mouse Button Control running, you will encounter a mouse icon in the system tray. The number at the top of the icon signifies the currently selected layer. To access the application’s setup window, you need to double click the system tray icon or right-click and choose setup.

When you begin to use the X Mouse Button Control, you have just one profile known as the default profile, for which you have five layers to define. You can create profiles and come up with window-specific mouse mappings. You can make five layers that define the mouse button’s function. The profiles will be activated when you place the mouse over the application or window.

With the X Mouse Button Control, you can set it so that when you right-click, your browser launches. There are many functions to choose from and assign to your mouse buttons.

Is X Mouse Button Control Safe?

M Mouse Button Control is a safe program for windows. It is virus-free and is compatible with Windows 10. There are versions available for older operating systems. Initially, it was made to run on the 64-bit version of windows but is also compatible with 32-bit versions.

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Is X Mouse button control available for Mac computers?

It is not available for Mac computers. The control alternatives are: 

  • Mouse Speed Selector 
  • Remote Mouse
  • AutoHotKey

There is also a portable version of it, the X Mouse Button Control Portable.

How do you change the button on your mouse?

To change the button on your mouse, launch the mouse properties by clicking the Start button, then click the Control Panel. Click on the buttons tab and carry out this: To switch functions of the left and right mouse buttons, from the area of the Button Settings, choose the swap primary and secondary controls, check the box, then click OK.

Mouse buttons X1 and X2

The mouse on most operating systems can use five buttons on the left, right, and center (wheel click).

How to Use the X Mouse Button Control: The Ultimate Guide.

Using Advanced Windows Scrolling

The advanced Windows settings let you scroll to windows that usually don’t respond to the scroll wheel, such as the old Windows applications. Currently, there are five methods for you to make your choice. Usually, you can only use these settings for a particular windows profile, for those windows that do not behave as you expect when using the scroll wheel, rather than an application profile.

The five methods are as follows:

  • Scroll message
  • Scroll info
  • Left/Right keys
  • Wheel Message
  • WPF scroll Message

Using Simulated Keystrokes Button Mapping

You can see the simulated keystroke window when choosing “simulated keystrokes” to do a particular button mapping. It lets you assign any keystrokes or mouse actions to your mouse buttons.

You can do this by typing a single key or several keys. You can also use unique function tags described in the text field at the bottom of the window.

There are nine methods for assigning keystrokes.

These methods are as follows:

  • Pressed: It sends the keys when you press the mouse button.
  • Released: It sends the keys when the mouse button is released
  • During: It holds the keys while you press the mouse button.
  • Threaded Press: Same as 1*
  • Threaded Release: Same as 2*
  • Repeatedly: It continuously sends keys with the mouse button held down
  • Sticky Repeat: It is a repeated toggle
  • Pressed and Released: It is a combination of press and release.

In conclusion, the X Mouse button helps to remap your mouse buttons by working together with the already installed drivers. It allows you to change how your mouse works by assigning several functions to the various buttons to achieve optimal performance.

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