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Y2mate Downloader: How to Use it And 9 Best Alternatives in 2022

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The chances are that you’ve been interrupted by ads when streaming a video from YouTube, or you want to re-watch a favorite scene without consuming more data; how do you achieve this? Turn your gaze towards YouTube video downloader, more specifically, y2mate com.

In today’s world of the ever-growing need for media content, the average internet user finds solace in videos. This need has seen the rise of popular video sharing platform YouTube soar continuously. To put things in perspective, the YouTube platform alone has well over 10 billion downloads, surpassing the current world population!

Y2mate Downloader: How to Use it And 9 Best Alternatives in 2022

In its user agreement, YouTube states that downloading video content for personal use is not illegal, although it discourages the practice. This is essential since it relies on views and clicks on ads to make earnings. For this reason, the video downloader for the platform isn’t present on the Google Play Store

In this article, I will be walking you through how to use the popular Y2mate downloader. I will also discuss the ten best alternative YouTube video downloaders to use. The Y2mate YouTube downloader allows users to convert and download any video content from several social media platforms, with the most notable being YouTube.

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Y2mate Downloader

One factor that has helped YouTube stand out is its user-friendly interface. This has seen it become the second-largest search engine after Google. Besides its growing popularity, its video contents are easy to share, leading to a massive digital audience. So naturally, the audience will see it as a good source of saving their beloved content.

Many often regard Y2mate Com as an unauthorized website explicitly designed to allow users to download video content from YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. This video downloader supports various video formats, ranging from MP4, HD to SD, and many others. It also allows users to extract audio from the video file and download it separately.

YouTube video downloader y2mate removes every form of restrictions as to the size or format of the videos, thereby supporting just about any device. This excellent website also allows you to download movies and TV shows from HBO max, Amazon Prime, and Dailymotion. Y2mate is free, safe, and easy to use when getting video content from the internet.

Just as mentioned above, this online downloader supports conversion into MP3, MP4, WEBM, WMV, FLV, and HD quality video content. It certainly is an excellent option for anyone looking to avoid paying for premium subscriptions. In addition to the free video downloads, y2mate also offers many exciting features.

One such exciting feature is its ability to analyze all the different types of resolutions, making it possible for users to select from 360p, 720p, 1080p, SD, and HD. Users can easily extract video files in a blink of an eye while downloading large video files in a few seconds. Also, there are no restrictions on the length of the video content that a user can download.  

How to Use Y2mate Downloader

I’ve spoken so much on the simplicity and ease of use of the online YouTube video downloader, y2mate. Let’s get down to how the website works. To convert a YouTube video into just about any format in preparation for download, you must perform these four simple and quick steps:

  • Navigate to the YouTube video that you would like to download. Head over to the URL bar and copy the video link from there.
  • Next up, open the y2mate website on a new tab and paste the copied video link in the search box provided by the online downloader.
  • Wait for the site to load the link and then click on download.
  • Before proceeding to download, select the format, size, and quality you want for the video and save the file.

I think it’s safe to assume you weren’t expecting the process to be this simple! Well, as I have rightly pointed out, y2mate com is as simple as it gets. The above four steps will have your favorite YouTube videos saved in no time to your device.

9 best Alternatives to Y2mate Downloader

Y2mate Downloader: How to Use it And 9 Best Alternatives in 2022

There is a chance you might find y2mate com off-putting. That said, there are loads of online video downloaders that a user can turn to. Below is a list of the ten most suitable alternatives to y2mate.

In no particular order:

1. noTube

noTube is another impressive YouTube video downloader that can replace y2mate. The online video downloader software supports various formats, giving users enough options to select from. It has a simple-to-use interface, and the steps in downloading video from any website are accessible.

The platform doesn’t rely on ads for revenue, so users do not need to worry about intrusive adverts or redirects to malicious web pages. It has an average of over a 7.5million users monthly, making it one of the most popular downloaders. There’s no need to signup, simply enter the URL link and start downloading.

2. U2Convert

One suitable alternative to y2mate com is U2convert. This platform has a user-friendly interface and is void of any pop-up advertisements. It boasts similar features and has a quick conversion alongside steady performance. U2convert is increasingly becoming popular among online video downloaders. It certainly gives y2mate a run in standings among the best online video downloaders.

A noticeable downside with this platform, however, is that users who wish to download videos in resolutions greater than 720p must make payments. The same goes for music in the highest 320kbps quality.

3. Y2meta is another exciting online YouTube video converter/downloader that can replace y2mate com. The platform allows for the downloading of videos online through several options. It has a multilingual option to serve the needs of those who don’t speak English. This has seen the platform receive well over 24.42million viewers per month.

Its working principle is similar to y2mate and requires the user to input the URL link to the video they wish to download. As with its competitor, y2meta relies on ads, and users often get redirected to third-party sites.


The FLVTO platform is another online service that allows users to save YouTube videos to any device of their choice. The platform supports various formats and is usable with a wide range of video-sharing websites. FLVTO YouTube video converter makes conversion easier with its simple-to-use interface and high-quality download.

Over the years, the platform has seen a decent increase in monthly users, which currently stands at over 5million. The site remains one of the most versatile and compatible with just about any browser.


When searching for a credible alternative to y2mate, the platform shouldn’t be far off. Y2mate info also provides similar services while offering downloads on a simple and reliable platform.

One leverage it holds over its counterpart is that it offers users a powerful search engine. With its advanced search engine, users can search for and view any YouTube videos on the site directly. You don’t have to worry about manually copying URLs from YouTube. You will agree this saves time, thereby making the download process much easier.

Users still have to worry about ads appearing on’s interface as well. However, there are no pop-ups during the download process.

6. YouTubNow

Still not interested in using y2mate com; why not try out YouTubNow. This platform can serve as a credible alternative to the popular y2mate. YouTubNow prides itself as a simple online video downloading service for saving any video from YouTube.

The platform offers a variety of download choices for keeping films offline, so users aren’t restricted. Users don’t need to worry about pop-up adverts that may try to disturb their viewing experience. This online downloader is very similar to in search tool properties. The user has to simply type in some keywords relating to the video, and the platform does the rest.

7. Video Grabber

Video Grabber makes it onto this list due to the impressive features it packs. Asides from providing an easy-to-use online video downloader, this tool comes loaded. Users are thrilled with exciting tools such as an in-built online video editor, video converter, and an online screen recorder. All these packages make VideoGrabber an exciting YouTube downloader to use.

8. Yt5s

Yt5s ranks high among the most used online video downloaders for YouTube in terms of monthly visitors and usage. The platform has seen well above 20million users per month in recent times and is often considered a suitable alternative to y2mate.

A downside to this tool is that it has a terrible trust rank on the net. Many users have complained of the forceful installation of ads, leading to negative reviews online. That said, if you are an avid user of video downloaders, then you should know your way around this platform.

9. SaveFrom

This is arguably one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders. The website is designed to help users download video content from various video-sharing websites, with YouTube taking the lead. As with many on this list, the SaveFrom website offers users no restriction in the type, format, size, and quality of content they can download.

A downside is that it also relies on ads and pop-ups, leading to malicious web pages. Asides from this, it remains one of the best alternatives to y2mate.


With millions of videos being uploaded daily on YouTube, keeping track of your favorite videos might prove difficult. This is further compounded if the user has a weak or non-existent internet connection. These are some reasons anyone might consider using an online video downloader.

Y2mate provides the essential tools to get your videos offline from several platforms. For any reason, you might not want to use the y2mate downloader; I have also provided ten suitable alternatives that can get the job done. Notwithstanding, the internet is a rich, never-ending source of free-to-use YouTube downloader apps capable of saving videos in different formats.

There you have it, guys, all you need to know about how to use the y2mate downloader and the ten best alternatives in 2022. Hop on to the comment section and drop your comments, questions, or thoughts about this piece. You can check out other awesome pro-tips here!

Note: Please remember that rogue YouTube video downloaders often promote malicious pages. In many cases, users are unknowingly lured into allowing such services to deliver untrustworthy adverts and web pages. In extreme cases, these ads can stealthily install harmful software.